all about groups…

Gorgeous gown isn’t it? It is one of Virtual Diva’s Group Gifts...and that is what am going to talk about today groups and group fees ~ remember this is strictly my own opinion though I have asked others how they feel and some defended a store’s right to put whatever amount for their group, others felt that anything above 300L was excessive…am not going to point out any excessive group fee as it has always been said if you do not like the group fee you are not obliged to join ~ just expressing my dismay to see group fee’s raised to triple their amount during Advent and wondering seriously why…several years ago I encountered that dilemma with a group fee and just shrugged my shoulders that yes I should have possibly joined the group earlier yet I was not about to pay 1,000 group fee to receive possibly a few unique gifts that I could wait and make note to buy in the store at a later time…it is the store owner’s right to set whatever amount of group fee they want either to become exclusive or keep out the spammers ♥ I do understand that as others agreed ~ am not sure how some feel paying a fee with absolutely no benefits at all ~ most groups are very generous with the gifts and worth each linden ~ then some groups have no group fee and their gifts are also top notch like Virtual Diva, for example, looking over at my 60 groups for the most part the group fees do flucuate from high to free ~ and for some of the groups there are no fee’s, no gifts just to inform where sales or where events will be held ♥  just a reminder if you do quit a group that has a fee either accidently like I have done on a couple of ocassions hehehe you will have to pay the group fee again no excuses ♥  that can get costly so be very cautious in leaving a group, which is another reason some store owners will put on a hefty group fee to prevent people just joining during the Advent season and leaving and that makes sense to a point for me just not upping the group fee to such an extreme it makes you wonder is it truly worth your lindens to even join…am curious what you all think on the subject of group fees ~ yesterday the topic got a really nice comment that will share in part because it was so well written:

“No, a designer doesn’t owe us staying in Second Life. They don’t owe us in-depth details of their personal life or why they are stepping back – we all have had to step back for a bit to concentrate on real life. No one gets upset at that and we applaud them for the decision to re-prioritize…But they do owe their customers respect – especially those that have been with them for a long time. If it was reality people would rightly feel burned to not know that it was even in the future…”

Thank you for taking the time to send me comments as I do read all of them, and sent back a response♥ For me today will be spent still opening boxes from Advents and sorting them out in folders ~ hugzz to each of you and remember you are special♥♥

Taken at Backdrop City and Graceful Elegance pose by Image Essentials  

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
TRUTH / Halona Updo
TRUTH / Bangs
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
OXIDE Danii Necklace V2 Shop&Hop gift
Vanity Gown Snow ~ group gift
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Engagement Ring
Shape ~ Mine
Skin by Pumec Marcella in May tone ~Cosmo Tuesday special

Hawaii Bound……

Yes am off to explore the islands of Hawaii ~ where the water is so blue, and crystal clear you can just feel like you are in a slice of heaven…the bright blue cloudless sky, palm trees swaying in the breeze and a taste of those luscious coconut drinks that you know some bartender will have waiting for you ~ are you ready to visit a couple of the islands I found…lets gooooo

First up is the Fruit Islands that is for public with Surfing and Kayaking ~ little note if it had of gone well you would of seen a pic of me paddling around in this cute kayak…needless to say that was a complete bust ~ waves over took me and I managed to save myself from drowning …….sheesh but let me show you the before my little adventure..

Summer Beach outfit by Rir 

As I study those immense waves thinking to myself I can do this gripping that paddle tightly and showing you this cute 1 piece outfit complete with a really nice Hud with a variety of 6 colors including the one I am wearing…

Front View and see the Kayak…

Well the waters looked fairly calm guess they do not warn you about those umm vicious surfing waves that do not care you are in this little boat…I like the design of this swimsuit ~ since not all bathing suits need to show all ~ its cute and try the white if you get it as am not showing it LOL yes being bratty and showing just one color…ha ha make ya go see Rir at the Fair…thanks to Relitha Byron  for letting me show this adorable beach suit off…oh before I leave you really should check Fruit Islands out ~ gorgeous beach, surfing for those that surf and some great photo ops as well…off to next Island as did you know that Hawaii is made up of over 100 islands but is really only know for 8 of them and out of those 8 only 7 are inhabited ~ still on my bucket list to visit Hawaii some day ~ from friends telling me the orchids are gorgeous, the birds are colorful and food is on the pricey side since a lot of their meat and other items are flown in daily…


Dress Flamingo by {Mishchino}

.As we land on the Island of Kona Beach ~ home of the huge Surfing Waves…Saying on this dress is so adorable ~ and another reason why I just love doing events it gets designers names out like this store {Mishchino} ~ a name that I have never heard about but after today I will make it my goal to go and check out their store as I love the items they have for this event…btw let me show you a close up of this so you can read it LOL

Be A flamingo in a flock of pigeons 

Is that a fantastic saying ~ go for it and stand out ~ little story that will throw in about myself in the umm real world that it ok am gonna date myself but it is probably over eons lets just say that and I wanted something different so front half my bangs to just back of my ears was blonde and the rest was a light brown…2 tone and OMG the looks, the stares, the nudges I got from this as again it was just not done back then…but it was me for a long long time till I started seeing more and more people copying me that am like was not unique so I just let my hair go back to all blonde ~ true true story so I love that saying …

Alena Outfit w/Hippie Print 

Yes standing in front of couple long boards as well as short ones…no time to do some surfing and hey that I can do fairly well ~ my first bf back in 2008 was a surfing fanatic and I had so much fun learning all about the sport ~ RL not so much ~ tried it a couple times, ended up losing a top half of suit in the waves along with getting more sand in my places you just do not want sand ~ took forever to get it out of my hair ~ but in SL no worries about all the umm sand *giggling* Anyway this outfit is a cute, comfy and looks great on…Mish Copphen owner/creator of all these great items…a great variety of sizes and an even better selection of choices like these dresses I have showed you …

Pretty Dolphins Necklace ~

This interesting necklace that I just really am intrigued by comes from !IT! ~ there are first a variety of different sets to choose from and also each set comes with Earrings and Necklace as well as a Hud to change it even more ~ the one am showing off is from Set 3 ~ as also the creator has included a very cute hair adornment in the shape of a starfish that no again can’t give everything away to you ~ just will have to travel to see *giggling ~ Two of the popular Hawaiian Islands that I will be going back more and more to explore and grab a surfboard this time do some surfing…Have you enjoyed seeing all that Aloha Fair has to offer ~ am having so much fun trying things off then going off to find a place to show them to you ~ hugzz till next time when Dena and I are doing the Stuff Hunt and well I have some words on that *chucking* till then be good to one another as life is way too short to hate…..Here is your TAXI to Aloha Fair 

Credits are Body ~ Maitreya, Hands & Feet by Slink, Hair today Victoria Special by Virtual Diva, all shot on various locations that gave you the LM’s ~ thank you to the creators from !IT, {Mishchino}, Rir ~ and to all my readers, followers,bestie and every sexy hubby that supports and encourages me.…..HUGZ!!!


Showing off Stuff Hunt gifts

I just have to keep repeating myself about this hunt and how fantastic all the creators are as I open box after box and finding the fabulous gifts inside ~ now it is my turn to show you the first of many from this hunt ~

Store #146

This outfit is from Ashmoot ~ if you are just picking and choosing ~ really nice draping in the front, which shows off either a nice long necklace or your very sexy decolletage and love the color of this dress and the fit is absolutely perfect… make sure you get this one..

Store # 147 ROA

Oh my what can I say about Rock of Ages Fashion except THANK YOU for giving us not one, not two but 3 gifts each one as fabulous as the next ~ this outfit is called Monique Autumn Spice very aptly named due to the rich color and texture of this ~ also with those gorgeous matching ankle boots that are mesh just love love the total look ~ another must have store that you cannot pass by…here is your direct ride to the ROA ~ remember there are 3 gifts to look for ~

Stores #92, 100 & 21 

Final outfit is a combination of a couple of stores ~ so will start at the top with Ambient Fashion and Assan Jacket ~ really nice fitting jacket and also is one piece with the undershirt as well ~ moving down to the pin-striped pants from Winterwood  and they are one of the exclusives for this hunt ~ love love these pants ~ they fit well and the detailing is spot on ~ lastly the heels that are the gift from Chic & Shoes called Weekend Heels but for me these will not just be for the weekend ~ also comes with a hud so you get a nice variety of color changes…

To my readers and followers thank you and it is very appreciated all the likes that I have received ~ to the creators/designers of the stores again my sincerest thank you for your gifts and I so appreciate each and every one…stick around lotz more to come

Added Xtra from Cucu

Dena had mentioned earlier that so many times you will either send a note to a creator asking about hair or skin and they are so nice to oblige well this creator went overboard for me and I needed to make sure as I promised that I would blog this outfit…the store Cucu Clothes is in the Womens Stuff Hunt and lot of times when we land we also take a look around to see if there is anything else that we want to come back and take a better look ~ but we both spotted this outfit called “Harley” and immediately loved both the outfit and also the hair ~ so am thinking why not ask the creator about the hair ~ for me am upfront about peoples clothes and yes looking around the store am wanting more and more and making notes to pick up this and that especially that outfit…so sent off a nice notecard asking the creator Loraine Broome if she would share the name of the hair the model is wearing plus I did take a moment to thank her for the gift and let her know that I am loving the clothes, which I have never stepped in this store before and you can bet I will be coming back in or maybe hubby *hint hint can get me something too *giggling…Anyway back to my story I get this IM from Loraine telling me the name of the hair and that she has also sent me the outfit “Harley” OMG I am completely floored and jumping up and down trying to spout out what just took place…what a fabulous gesture that was ~ so to keep my word to you Loraine am wearing the outfit which I absolutely LOVE!!!!  and here is what it looks on …..THANK YOU again ! 


Look at the Rebel Chain Boots  to start with ~ they are mesh so slink wearers just take your feet off and they will fit perfectly…then you have those ripped jeans that am crushing on ….wooo hoo can make these my go to jeans ~ up next is a fur vest and belt that I love the texture on both and to top it off or rather underneath is a zipped Bullet Proof neck top ~ and remember all these are separate so you have some great combinations to work with…her store is #117 in the hunt and her item that I will be showing shortly is an exclusive just for this event…Wanna go and grab this outfit too well I got your ride right here  oh and you will love her prize as well……thank you again Loraine…
alaskametro<3 “Creme Brown” lipstick – Cashew
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring #Firestorm LSL Bridge v2.9
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
CCD – Nose Piercing
CCD – Piercing – Beauty Mark 
Virtual Diva Cleopatra Hair 
CuCu! Bullet Proof Neck Top 
CuCu! Fur Vest & Belt 
CuCu! Rebel Chain Boots 
CuCu! Ripped Jeans 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Slink Hands  Casual
Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica 09 D
IKON Lucid Eyes – Spearmint 

Womenstuff Hunt ~ days to come

Waves hello to everyone ~ first let me say if you were looking that in 62 days straight I just needed a brain break so Dena and I headed out to conquer the Womenstuff Hunt ~ all 150 stores ~ and yes we finished it in record timing ~ my reactions to this 2016 hunt is LOVE, LOVE, and LOVE this hunt ~ clues were fantastic so thank you to all those that provided them ~ there were only a couple glitches that for me the clue didn’t match where we found the prize ~ and YES the prizes wow some of the creators just put out such great stuff that I will be sending shout outs and personal thank yous to those that I just absolutely LOVED…already started opening boxes and boxes and doing some sorting but between Dena and myself we got lots and lots to show you ~ now the hunt that is a huge undertaking in itself getting it organized I will thank those staff members of the Stuff ~ big kudo’s to you ~ so let us start by showing you some of the great prizes we acquired so grab a seat and a drink and enjoy!

Dena modeling catsuit from Blasphemic *108 Exclusive 
Back of catsuit 

You know what is so good about doing the hunts in SL is you get to visit some places you might never have found…it is exciting looking for the items and looking around new stores and seeing what is being offered…so many stores are very helpful like if you see a image of a model wearing a specific hair you can write the creator which most are so helpful in letting you know ~ This catsuit “Cora” is an exclusive of the WSH from Blasphemic ~ love the detailing of the back ~ want to find it *grinning well the clue is “It’s Out” ~ signs..ooops I mean sighs *giggling and winks as I just might of thrown you another clue…matching it with a hair from Virtual Diva called *Cleopatra and tada you have a very high fashion look…

!Smesh ~ Store # 81
Back of top and jeans 

Waves as I show off the outfit from !Smesh that consisted of a top and high waisted jeans that look really nice on ~ both are mesh and do fit well with “Lara body” ~ also had to show you the back as well that I do love the cutout feature and how the belts from the jeans also wrap around ~ since both pieces are separate you can do some mix/matching which I always love doing …looking to grab this one hmmm can I give you a hint off the clue of closets, which might just mean something like drawers since maybe there are other names for those storage spaces * giggling *

Alright stay tuned as Dena and I keep opening up all these boxes that are now piled high in my studio ~ bet hubby is gonna love that LOL …. oh stick around I do have some xtra outfits to show off as well ~ till then hugzz and details are below


.: vive nine :. Maliah Smoke Shadows 
**RE** ReVoX BloodHeart Necklace 
Virtual Diva Cleopatra Hair 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
REIGN.- Oakley Heels 
Slink  Feet High 
Slink Hands – Casual
[eStyle] Eyelashes
Blasphemic Cora 
Lumae :: Adore : 5 – Amber :: Bare 
( DP ) Eyes – Light Green


alaskametro<3 “Creme Brown” lipstick – Cashew
!!smesh ~ HW Jeans 
!!smesh ~ Teal Crop 
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring 
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper 
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
Bens Boutique – Danger High Heels 
CCD – Nose Piercing
CCD – Piercing – Beauty Mark 
Emo-tions ~ Carine
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Slink  Hands – Casual
Slink Female Feet – High
~Misha J.~ Belly Ring Heart 
Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica 
IKON Lucid Eyes – Spearmint