showing off…

Always like helping a fellow blogger especially one that is just starting out as Gypsy Mactavish is…She was accepted as a Designer Showcase blogger where I first started out so am very excited to see her journey ~ plus it gave me another chance to wear the gorgeous gown Isabelle by Tori’s Stylez who is at Designer Showcase for the short month of February…this gown comes with a fantastic hud all you have to choose is which color to purchase as she is giving you 20 different ones ~ yikes that is a whole lot of choices♥ Gypsy and I chose the rich royal satin colors in my shot ~ when you click on the link to her blog post you will see both of us in the pastel colors ~ as well you will have to option to either have the sleeves off like shown above or on like the image on Gypsy’s blog…as a former Designer Showcase blogger I still love going there to do some of my shopping as Aisha Convair owner of Designer Showcase always has chosen some fantastic designers…ooh one last comment the hair is brand new from Truth for the VIP’s ~ gorgeous right♥  Again I do hope each of you will take time to look at Gypsy’s blog post…take care and remember to be kind to yourself and others ♥♥

Shot at my home using poses from LumiPro ~

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
TRUTH Kaijah *newest VIP gift
TS-Isabelle@Designer Showcase
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Womens Wedding Band
Shape ~ mine
Skin ~ Pumec *Marcelle/May

heading out…

Brutus and I are heading out to Calas so we can listen to one of our favorite SL Singers Samm Qendra who’s voice has been described as angelic…we have listened to her at Calas for years and her performances are always fantastic ~ Always love the talent that Ty and Truck showcase at their nightclub OZ ~ to me they are some of the best live singers in Second Life…the gorgeous gown am wearing is compliments of Tori’s Stylez who always makes me look gorgeous with the fit like a dream gown Isabelle that is at Designer Showcase starting tomorrow…Tori has given you some nice options with either the sleeves off or on, satin or lace skirt, and for a bonus black sheer ♥  PLUS it fits everybody from Maitreya that I am wearing to Slink, Belleza, Tonic and Altamura…just remember to try on a demo for fitting purposes ♥ Designer Showcase opens their doors tomorrow and you won’t want to miss trying and selecting all the colors Tori has created for you ♥ Btw doesn’t my sexy husband look very handsome in his gorgeous tux ~ he always knows how to dress for the occasion and we truly look the gorgeous couple…always thank him for his assistance with my blog post and to all my fellow readers, followers and those that leave me such nice compliments I thank you as well…till next time to quote Ellen “be kind to one another” ♥♥

Shot at our home using a pose by Glamrus White Christmas 

Brutus is wearing:
A&D Clothing – Suit -Manhattan- GIANNI
A&D Shoes -Milano- Mesh GIANNI
Calas white moth orchid boutineer
CATWA HEAD Daniel v3.2
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Mens Wedding Band
[Deadwool] Slicked back hair
[Signature] Gianni Body – Body – v4.6
Skin *Birth* ‘Blaze’ Tone 03
Poetic Colors gift – Rain Tree – medium dark

am wearing:
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
**Dirty Princess** Diamonds Forever Princess
American Beauty ‘O’ Diamond Necklace
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
e.marie // COFFIN
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
TS-Isabelle – at Designer Showcase
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Womens Wedding Band
Shape ~ Mine
Skin ~ Pumec *Marcella/May

Bestie and Bride…

When planning our wedding we truly wanted to keep it very simple, which we had made the decision no best man or maid of honor ~ still I wanted a pic of my bestie and me together as she has been there for me…plus I just had to show off our gowns again as how many times will I ever wear this wedding dress again ~ as we all know if you do go to weddings only the bride wears white SL or RL the protocol is you never want to outshine the bride…the dress Dena is wearing a Christmas gift from Scandalize as well as her necklace that did come as a gift from Lindens Shop & Hop event…

Here is a portrait in beauty as Dena shows off her bouquet and dress by herself ~ even though we had no bridal party she was my honorary maid of honor and just love the bouquet that matched mine…I love the rich color of her dress it was such a compliment to the wedding color we chose Christmas Red as we all know the protocol of never wearing white to someone’s wedding as you never want to outshine the bride on her special day…BTW I will admit that I am a tad behind on my blogging since this should have been posted right after the wedding and I got it mixed up with my Sax girl post so please have patience while I do catch up ~ RL has kept me busy for a chance I am having a social life LOL ~ take care & will be back very soon ~ hugzz ♥♥

This was shot at our home using poses from LumiPro

Dena is wearing:
Shape- my own
Necklace-[Cynful] Fluff-Shop & Hop Gift
Mimikri-Fur Shrug-MarketPlace find
Scandalize-AYESA Dress Christmas Gift
Truth Hair-Gwen
Reign Heels- Michelle

Am wearing:
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
!EE Moon De Soul High heels Maitreya Lara
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
Chop Zuey Gloriana Diamond Bracelet
Chop Zuey Gloriana Diamond Earrings
Chop Zuey Gloriana Diamond Necklace
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Prism Lisette Fur Stole Silver
Chop Zeuy Willow Love Rings



This stunning gown called “Shannon” by Tori’s Stylez is simply stated a pure classic ~ absolutely think this gown beside being a classic is truly stunning and you will like me want this hanging in your closet ~ you can almost hear that gorgeous sounds of swishing when you walk ~  each gown has 2 versions satin and brocade with all the colors of a pastel rainbow…from the detail of this gorgeous gown I will turn around to show you the back…

Back view of “Shannon” by Tori’s Stylez

You also get a better look at the brocade as well ~ really nice detailing on this gown as the designer put a lot of thought into creating this gown ♥  You can also see how this fits on my Maitreya body too as always with any size concerns please try a demo on…The only place this gorgeous gown Shannon will be is at Designer Showcase all month ~ Rides below ~ you must at least try this on to just see how truly gorgeous you will look in this♥

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk…. In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” —Mark Zuckerberg

Shot at Backdrop City using one of Image Essentials classic poses “Graceful Elegance” ~ Rides to 7 Deadly s[K]ins, Designer Showcase, “”D!va””, and Tori’s Style

7 Deadly s[K]ins Jolyn in Pineapple
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
“”D!va”” Hair “Lisa” (Fantasies)
Celtic Myst”Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Hope Eyes- Fjord
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
TS- Pearl Necklace
TS-Pearl Bracelet White 
TS-Shannon-Mint Pastel
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
Shape ~ Mine


With the temps being in the record-breaking numbers this is a perfect bikini by Tori’s Stylez to be wearing right now ~ uber sexy with a great hud ~ and very exclusive to Designer Showcase all this month starting July 5th…and let me just turn around and show you how the bum view looks ~

look at that bum 

Absolutely love the different textures and colors that come with each suit ~ you get 5 different ones in each suit and all you have to do is pick one or if you can’t then hey get the Fatpack ~ either way this is a win/win for you ~ looks uber sexy so write this down on your list to get when those doors open at Designer Showcase on the 5th. thats it for me now am getting ready for tomorrow to celebrate the 4th of July ~ hugzz ♥

Credits to Tori owner/creator of Tori’s Stylez for giving me the opportunity to show off this uber sexy suit ~ shot at my house using the Prop/Pose from [Focus Poses] Ladder that I grabbed at Cosmopolitan this month.  Here is the ride to Cosmopolitan and to Tori’s main store Tori’s Stylez go check out both ~ till next time remember be kind to yourself and others ♥

7 Deadly s[K]ins Merci Browless/Butter
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
Celtic Myst”Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Odyssey Eyes (right) – Dew
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
tram H0531 hair
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
*YS&YS Illy shape tweaked

umm I can…

how do I explain

welp, looks like there was a huge party here and how do I explain the gator and that snake… maybe by taking hubby’s attention away by this very sexy bikini “Bailey” by Tori’s Stylez…hmmm yeah he will love this bikini with the wrap around ties and the tiny small bottom…plus coming with a great hud ~

Bailey bikini by Tori’s Stylez

and think hubby will like the fact that I could wear that top with a pair of denim shorts or a cute mini too, still just not sure how to explain the gator cuz even I have no clue how it got here or that gawd awful snake that is staring at me.  Gator could have crawled up from the water so that makes sense but who the hell brings a snake in a cocktail glass…eww that is just wrong. Anyway, I will try to get rid of the snake and nudge the gator back into the water…so let’s just let this be between you and me okay?  Rides to Designer Showcase & Tor’s main store are below…stick around cuz who knows what will come up next ~ now I just gotta figure out how not to get bit ♥♥

Credits ~ thanks to Tori owner/creator of Tori’s Stylez for the great bikini, thanks to Kay Weston of Image Essentials for the great pose series “Kawaii” that is available at Designer Circle till the 12th and to all the Designers at Designer Showcase this month…

Props used:
Knot&co. Summertime Drinks // Pineapple
Le CactusBeware Blue Drinks after Midnight
i-Reckon Beer Cup
{what next} Large Beer
VerocityMy Pet Gator
[Bad Unicorn] Blues Rum Bar

7 Deadly s[K]ins ~ Bali Browless/Butter
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
Celtic Myst”Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
.Shi : Eirene / Her
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Odyssey Eyes (right) – Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
*YS&YS ILLY catya shape tweaked

dapper & sexy…

wearing Tori’s Stylez Viper

I wanted to reshow this fabulous suit that Sten my sexy hubby is wearing in pinstripe~ and this is just all about him for a change as I did not wanna take away the spotlight ~ really do love how well this suit looks and fits on him as it is always nice for the creator to take time to fit other types of bodies so that is a huge plus for the Men but remember to try a demo ~

Same suit in Satin

Tori really paid attention to detail that am giving you a close-up and like how the upper part of the tie and that teeny bit of skin showing right where the two collars met that gives it nice neck room that most men do complain about when their tie is fitted…Let me say if you are truly looking for one good suit this would be the one I and hubby recommend to you and where is this at ~ right now to the end of the month it will be at Designer Showcase so take your boyfriend, your partner and truly let them try this on as I think they will not be disappointed in how it fits and looks ~ there are so many colors to choose from with the shirt/tie and vest as the suit itself will be a nice rich black ~ as well you will get the options of changing the texture to weave, silk, and satin and do have the option of grabbing the fatpack so you can be as versatile as you want…

Designer Showcase1

Credits go to Tori of Tori’s Stylez for giving my hubby the opportunity to truly show this off ~ thank you BUNCHES ♥ Shot at Backdrop City uses poses from Everglow ~ also huge thanks to hubby for waking up early so we could reshoot this ~ love you lotz ♥ Here is your RIDE to Designer Showcase 

Sten is wearing:
Celtic Myst “Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring 
.:EMO-tions:. * ROBBIE*2
CATWA HEAD Daniel v3.0
CATWA Tongue piercing
NX-Nardcotix David Mesh Body
-Labyrinth- Tylar Catwa [Daniel] Bento Shape tweaked