Mr & Mrs…

Yes, I did it ~ today got married to my best friend Brutus in a very small intimate wedding at his favorite place Calas’s Midnight Clear *the Christmas sim that sadly is now closed for another year…with the snow falling and fireworks in the background Brutus and I were pronounced Husband & Wife…am glad my Bestie Dena Teardrop, Gypsy Mactavish and Rhi Milena along with some of the Calas staff Romie Vella, Alicia Underby and owners of Calas Ty & Truck who were so gracious in giving us the opportunity to have our wedding at one of our favorite spots♥  Huge thanks to Lizzy Stonefall owner of Serendipity Weddings who truly gave us exactly the look we wanted ~ simple yet elegant and absolutely nothing over the top as Brutus and I decided to opt out of the traditional bridesmaids and groomsmen keeping it truly simple ♥  Was magical for both of us and we are both very happy ♥  huge thank you to all those that wished us well yet were unable to attend due to RL circumstances ♥♥ This was one of the best days in SL for me ♥

now partnered and married to Brutus Lionheart