all about gifts…

All About gifts
Everyone loves receiving/getting gifts especially in Second Life where so many groups offer monthly gifts to their members in return for a group fee…Bestie and I have spoken about this various times we are not the type that gets our panties all in a twist if the creator has not put out a group gift right at the first of the month ♥  Dena and myself do have our favorite groups that we have been loyal members for years and the biggest reason is fantastic customer service…The designers/creators respond to questions in a timely manner, they have competent staff that knows the items and usually can solve the issue and if not they make sure the store owner is aware of any problems so they can relay an answer or even a refund if necessary ~ designers/owners also let their staff know how to contact them as well even putting on their profile contact information plus designers/owners are really good at keeping their members informed as to sales, new items and even a very important thing to excellent customer service is to send out a notice to reflect if the owner will be on vacation, or an RL emergency came up that will take them away from SL for possibly months at a time ~ when store owners disappear for over months and months members do get concerned and wonder if the store closing, there is no mention of gifts at all but members are curious if they see nothing new has been added in over a 6 month time period what is going on…what is also disheartening is when in a group chat someone asks those questions and is berated for that ~ being called selfish, bullied to the point why ask such a question as yes I agree RL will always come first yet when absense is stretched into months on end with the owner never sending out a notice to let her customers and group members be aware that possibly it might be a year or so and to be patient and thank everyone for waiting♥  It is called firstly good manners and great customer service ~ speaking of group gifts what Dena and I are wearing is a group gift from Scandalize that comes in pairs and a hud that will let you change the belt color…thats it for now ~ please let me say how much I appreciate all those that read my blog and those that send me compliments and comments as they truly make me smile ~ thanks to bestie for jumping in and being a part of this blog ♥  hugzz

Shot at my home using the pose found on MarketplaceBest Friends” by Lolla Marais, the dog and bird are by Just Animals 

Both are wearing

Skin-DeeTalez ~ Dena
Skin-Pumec ~ mine
Shape-our Own
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Promise-Dena
IKON Odyssey-Mine
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Scandalize. Caitli. Maitreya-Group Gift
Scandalize. Graci . Maitreya-G Gift
Scandalize.Vivian.SHIRT. Maitreya-G Gift

Sax Girl…

Wish I could play the sax like Kenny G or John Coltrane except I cannot play any type of instrument at all ~ my grandma taught me to read notes and play piano and the only song that I could semi play by reading music is “Can’t Help Falling in Love” sung by Elvis ~ that was my fave song growing up as was Elvis and I would practice over and over and over till my father would yell “choose another song” LOL today am lucky if I could play chopsticks hehehe ~ forget singing as I could not sing on tune at all…guess that just was not my niche…if you are wondering where I got this pose all this month the pose fair has come …If you join the Pose Group there are a lot of pose gifts this one is included from Artis ~ hubby is like me and loves finding new poses for us to try out, take pics and just have fun with them ♥  will find out what he thinks of this one as he didn’t see me unbox all the gifts last night ~  bloggers and photographers you really need to check out The Pose Fair ~ lot of great single poses, couples, and props along with all those free gifts too♥ Here is YOUR RIDE ~ till next time am wishing you a healthy start to the new year ~ hugzz

Shot at Backdrop City using Artis pose gift “Sax Girl

Hair is from No.Match NO.CHAINS ~ Body is Maitreya ~ Skin is PUMEC 



On the eve before one of the bigger American holidays Thanksgiving, I feel very thankful for so many things ~ the biggest one is am happy here in SL and RL again… it has been a year since I moved to a new place in RL and am truly blessed to be among such caring friends with the added plus of making genuine friends, and started a small dog sitting venture that is keeping me busy…as far as SL yes I will admit that I unpartnered for reasons that I just was not happy and haven’t been for almost a year and a half…having a partner for me was very special as I would have someone to go exploring, go dancing, making couple pics with ~ sadly it just didn’t work out that way and I kept on coasting through debating if I should move on but in a way I was afraid to hurt this person…my RL girlfriend told me that I have to put myself first and start thinking of me instead of always putting myself last ~ now she was not thinking or commenting on Second Life as firstly she is clueless about SL and doesn’t get the attraction, which is fine but her words just resonated with me regarding SL and then I knew it was time to let go, move forward and seek what makes me happy ~ so yes I unpartnered not for any other reason but the fact that I was tired of being unhappy…there is always a little bit of sadness when you unpartner or break up with someone and all I can say is if you are not happy in a relationship you have to make the decision if you want to be happy ~ I did and honestly am thankful I did ♥  My wish is for all my friends that are sharing in this holiday tomorrow may you all have a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving ~ thank you again to all those that take time to read and follow my blog posts as it truly truly makes me so happy to hear someone say “I follow your blog” ♥ till next time take care of YOU♥


Happy Birthday Second Life!!!!


Can you believe that SL has been around for 13 years ~ how amazing as I only knew of its existence 9 years ago when a good friend kept telling me about this new virtual platform that was even better than SIMS…I dug my heels in about this knowing I would become addicted like I had to SIMS and quit cuz it was taking over my life ~ for almost a year I just kept saying no no no even after the pics she shared with me, the stories she told of what it was like did I FINALLY say ok I will try it and the rest was history for me ~ now I really wonder how back in the beginning of SL 13 years ago how limited everything was ~ have spoke with many and it is remarkable they are still here ~ rare but still what can I say that am still here almost 8 years now and I do not have any regrets ~ but this year seems EPIC in so many ways ~ “slices of cake” from all over and not just at the gift areas but from events the vendors are setting out slices for anyone to pick up and enjoy…and the goodies are IMMENSE with being very high quality and have opened only one or two so far but that will be another post ~ yet this started June 19 and goes to June 26 so there is not time to procrastinate about travelling to the event…first let me introduce the builder who created the Welcome Area

Catboy Qunhua 

Creator the the Welcome Ship where you first land ~ click HERE but let me back up just a little and show off the magnificent ship

SLB13 greeter_002
Welcome Center 

Really grand looking isn’t it ~ going to copy/paste my interview so I won’t miss a word…was so nice for him to give me a few minutes of his time to speak ~ so I do thank him ~

 ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): hi can I speak with you
 Catboy Qunhua: Sure
 ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): first congrats on a great build for this years celebration
 ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): love the build can you tell me a little about it
Catboy Qunhua: It started when the event organizers announced they were open to design submissions and I made a drawing
 Catboy Qunhua: see image below 
Catboy Qunhua: When they asked me to elaborate on the drawing I made a small model, which you can see over by the fountain
Catboy Qunhua: After the model was accepted I started work on a full sim layout, which I have never done before
 ღ™ (starr.ghost): was there a specific theme behind the boat
 Catboy Qunhua: I remember what they said “Shared adventure” which led my to think about ships. In order to sail a tall ship, you need a whole crew of people
 ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): i like that
 Catboy Qunhua: And with adventure as the theme, a flying ship sounded like one heck of an adventure
ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): yes remembers me back to Peter Pan and Capt Hook
Catboy Qunhua: Bingo, exactly, Hook and Disney’s Peter Pan are some of my favourite movies
 ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): mine too especially some of the updated ones
 ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): Well again kudo’s for this I really think you nailed it and now I see why you were chosen
 ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time
 Catboy Qunhua: no problem 🙂 Enjoy the exhibition!

Catboy drawing
Catboys Original Drawing 

I can see how he won this as the build is so impressive that please be sure to take the LM to the Welcome Center walk around ~ now he did the build but it was decorated by Treacle Darlandes so kudo’s to him for the awesome props and decor…

Now when I did land I spoke with 2 of the greeters that were on hand ~ Nafika and Snazzy Zepp who informed me both have been working at these birthday celebrations for 4 years and absolutely love being a greeter…they were kind, friendly and very knowledgeable about the entire event and if a question that they were not sure of they went directly to the source to provide the information ~ let me show you the two fabulous greeters

Nafika & Snazzy Zepp

I thank them both as I did take up probably a lot of time asking way to many questions but they didn’t make me feel rushed as we had a very nice chat ~ if you do see them when you land please be kind and say hello as this is a volunteer position ~ hugzz to you both and thank you again Nakifa & Snazzy you both made my day by your kindness…

Me as an Official Press Person 

Months ago I had signed up to be a member of the Press for this Celebration even got an official press pass and all ~ grinning at myself looking pretty jazzy with my top hat and press pass…There is soo much I wanna show you in the coming days ~ but here are some LM’s for the events that also have SLB13 gifts for you ~ just touch the slice of cake and enjoy

Kustom 9 ~ Tres Chic ~ Collarbor88 ~ The Fantasy Collective ~ Hairology ~ The Mens Department ~ We Love Role Play ~ Whimsical 

Each of those events have exclusive SLB13 gifts just look for the cake and right click and you will be amazed at the gifts ~ so huge huge thank you’s and kudo’s to ALL the designers that participated this year with your fantastic gifts ~ please take time to send them a NC if you liked or used their gift am sure they will appreciate that little gesture…

Do you support your friends….

Probably odd title for a post but maybe once you keep reading you will see why I put the title as is ~ we all have friends or know of friends that create or design and have set up a little shop or Marketplace store but the question is do you support them ~ SL is over saturated with clothing stores and lot of times the little guy gets lost without the support of friends ~ which is why I love doing hunts to find out what new stores are out there and so many of them have great items yet just need a little push to get others to come and look around ~ this being the case of my longtime friend ~ we met couple years ago when I made the decision to try something different and become a “dancer” in a theater production… did it and I loved it so much that when the producer said he was producing a 2nd production I was there as many of the original members as well including my friend Beeze ~ even though I stopped doing theater we remained friends ~ he told me that he has taken his love of costumes and clothes to another level and starting creating, which a clothes lover am like alrighty let me see ~ and that is why am introducing you to a new little shoppe called “Starling Designs”


Starling Designs just recently opened up ~ a very cute clothing shoppe located on the grounds of the “Oval Theater” ~ he has also started putting a few things on Marketplace as well ~ Beeze is hard at work getting new designs for both men and women as in his theater group comprised of mostly men Beeze and others do take on the roles of females and hey at time they look better than a lot of females *giggling* so let me show you just a few items he does have in his shoppe for sale ~


Looking to become that Prince Charming to your Cinderella ~ as you can see by the pic above there are couple different outfits to choose from to make that fantasy come to life at least in apparel ~


Aaaah I love wearing a nice men’s tux that looks good and yet very affordable for myself since it is not something I would wear each nite out but men or women looking for a great bargain that looks well Beeze has several to choose from am just partial to this off pink color ~


For those that are looking for gowns also Beeze has several in stock and working diligently to create more ~ and this sleek, sexy gown was my first choice ~ loved the nice long slit in the side to show some leg ~ color and texture are excellent and he also has some other great colors as well along with couple different style gowns to choose from…

I have used the word shoppe because when I walked in that is how it felt like to me one of those cute little shoppes you see in magazines that decorate either the French Rivera or line the streets of Paris ~ small yet chic and very personable ~ along with affordable prices you should find something formal to wear ~ speaking with him he wants to keep his creations more formal and I agree the gowns will be worn by those wanting to look their best when attending grand openings or headed out to a night of entertainment at the Oval Theater…


This is the owner and creator of Starling Designs so if you see him lurking about on the grounds or inside his shop please say hello and wish him well and good fortune with his newly opened store…am sure I have peaked your interest so let me give you a ride to his store Starling Designs so you can see for yourself ~ for me I will take this time to personally wish Beeze good luck and much success on his newest venture…hugzz