wild beauties…

Wild Beauties
Dena and I ventured into the Serengeti National Park and the amount of animals is tremendous ~ located in Tanzania is one of the oldest national parks and is home to such a variety of animals like you see here ~ from the mighty Lions, African Leopards, Bush Elephants are just among the variety that resides in the Serengeti ~ looks like they came to check us out with both of us dressed in gorgeous gowns by [Sexy Princess] that btw is only 75L each if you belong to the group ♥  As we are surrounded by some of the amazing animals it always touches my heart to see countries all around keeping these animals safe and well protected ♥  One thing that was on my wishlist for quite some time was a National Geographic Wildlife Safari yet no one I asked really could envision themselves doing it and as adventurous as I was could not see myself making this trip alone…to see a giraffe or any of those animals in their natural habitat must be simply amazing…truly must be an experience of a lifetime ♥ Even zoos are moving away from keeping animals in cages and creating environments that are more to where they came from with mixing various species together along with creating desert, rainforest and other landscapes ~ I truly applaud those zoos…now while this adventure was fun Dena and I are now wearing a covering of dust and sweat as the temps get blasting hot mixed with that humidity ~ till next time please remember to take a moment for yourself ♥♥

Shot at my home using a Serengeti image for the backdrop and the following animals that were not harmed at all in the making of this blog post ~poses by LumiPro

Elephant, Jaguar, Monkey, Lion, Lioness, Zebra are all by Just Animals/Marketplace only, *alirium* ItchyGrass [Gold], African Acacia Tree by Lunaria, Giraffe by Lil’Bug

Dena and I wearing are wearing basically the same Catwa heads, shapes are our own, she has on DeeTalez and I am wearing Pumec ~ the gown is by [Sexy Princess]




We have whaaat…

That is what I asked myself when I came to sit in the gazebo after a long day ~ as I walked up the cobblestone pathway suddenly stopping as I gazed at all the animals that had wandered over ~ turning in a circle I was amazed to see an elephant, then a giraffe and oh my a wallaby along with a Mother wolf with her cubs playing ~ gulping and not sure what to do entirely because the elephant could stomp my little oasis to bits and the wolf could surely make me their dinner so I stood silently and just watched ~ then a peace came over me as I watched this magnificent sunset as it all made for a picture postcard that I must share with you ~ dream or not, fantasy or not I just pinched myself to enjoy this moment as I hope you will as well ♥♥

Nature at its best 

Till next time am not sure what it will bring but always an adventure now ~ take care and please enjoy ♥

Props used:

~LVS~ Rusty Bike Cream Roses
Hannah Kozlowski – Elephant Standing *m*
Hannah Kozlowski – Giraffe *m*
Kittann -Agile wallaby *m*
Lunaria Queensland Bottle Tree *m*
Lunaria Joshua Tree *m*
{what next} House Plant – Agave (stand)
{what next} Boathouse Cottage Planter #3
{what next} House Plant – Eucalyptus
{what next} House Plant – Rubber Tree
{what next} Boathouse Cottage Wellies
{what next} Boathouse Cottage Hanging Sign
Construct – Mesh Bathtub Planter –
N4RS Leaning Surfboard – DECOR
Jinx : Mother Wolf (Special Hidden Chapter)
Jinx : Wolf Pup (Special Hidden Chapter)
~/AG/~ Garden Luminary
*Funky*Junk* Willa Gazebo
Walkway – Cobblestone *c* Eric Linden
*HEXtraordinary* The Cat’s Favourite Tree
lacrime dell’anima Dream table set – White
Raindale ~ Meadow grass ~ dry
Hayabusa Design – Square Field Mischantus Giganteus