Did you get…

Oh yes did you get that invite ~ the one that possibly came in your inbox ~ the one that invites you to this years little House of Horrors ~ possibly it is a good thing you did not receive one as this invite is one I would be wary of ~ the house itself or at least the front porch does not look like one I would like to even go up to ~ shuddering now as I look at it..


Little House of Horror

Invitees might be rude people that you know the ones, bullies that tend to pick on whoever, mean people ~ but you get the drift on who is getting these invites ~ cause once you go in you might never come back out again ~ seems a lesson is taught and those that never learn welp as I shrug my shoulders not sure what happens to those but might be Freddie takes care of those later *winks* so did ya get your invite…if not just be very thankful ♥

Props used ~ mostly were found on Marketplace ~ a virtual store of goodies for under 10L~ (c) denotes and gives credit to the creator **M** -found on Marketplace

Pilot Fall Garden ~ (c)kaz nayar
Pilot Plastic Jack-O-Lantern Black (c)kaz nayar
Skull&Books table ~ (c) Armando Woodland
Morf’s Mesh Jack-o-pumpkin ~ (c) morf galaxy **M**
*HEXtraordinary Halloween Jack O – (c) corwin Lacourte
Fresh Meat Dish ~ (c)grandmaster rexen **M**
Grave Keeper (c)Piper Patrucci
Skeleton – (c)Raya Jonson **M**
*Just BECAUSE* Pumpkins (c)Annie Melson
MOoH! Witch black cat ~ (c)Dalriada Delwood
PFC Jack o’lantern (c)Pucca Firecaster *gift
BGC Horror Clown – (c) Krikket Blackheart
alien monster -(c)Jackhammerhp Strom **M**
XSD Spooky Ghost Girl – (c)xena scarmon **M**
RO The Doll Maker Bloody Mary (c)axisisthorn
[blissiere] gacha life group gift zombie ghost
(:amuse:) Witches Brew -(c) amuse bouche
D-Lab Puppet witch – (c) dazai Voom
Dead Rat ~ Acme Grune ~(c) Rudee Voom **M**
BGC Deadly Bear ~ (c)Krikket Blackheart
Xstar Brain ~ (c) Zombie Xstar **M**
Graveyard Shift ~ Deadpool ~(c) Kunt aviatikmorane
Wreath Stand – Jian (c) Kalia Firelyte
L&P Halloween Lantern ~ (c) Sangi Phaeton
Ax #2 ~ (c)Rubystarlight Writer ~ part of pose
Serenity Style Welcome Rain Kit (c) Hans Inshuan Serenity
FD Spider Web (c) aimy rayna
DRD Series 01 Blood drops, splatters & smudges (c) deathrowdesigns
Bloody knife ~ (c) allyson Dwyer-Applewhyte
Ghost Companion ~ The Artist Shed (c) MargeKinson
Arana/Spider Capulina (c) roudoudou hirons **M**
Body Bag (c) Dawntay Darkrose **M**
Hell bike II (c) Odessa Soyer
Trompe Loeil Geonna Hanging Lantern (c) cory edo
*Funky*Junk* SheShed (c) Ulaa Coronet
Action Autumn Leaves (c) Maz Pixel **M**
Stepping Stones (c) Eric Linden **M**

Autumn is almost…

Yes Autumn is almost here according to the Farmer’s Almanac and according to Wikipedia it happens approximately the same time every year September 22 ~ where daylight will get shorter, temps will get cooler xcept those places that never cool off…and the leaves start changing into those beautiful fall colors that I so enjoy ~ where I grew up on the East Coast there would be a rush to visit Skyline Drive every year to see the majestic trees bearing their proud red and gold leaves ~ truly a sight that everyone wanted to see and the traffic jams were legendary ~ in SL I always make a point to travel to Calas to check out the fall landscaping ~ at my home am just starting to gear up to decorate ~


Setting out pumpkins

From fall leaves, pumpkins, and chairs with blankets it is a fun time for landscaping ~ I even pulled out a pair of tights to slip on under this rather short but cute mini dress ~ along with slipping on a pair of boots ~


Ten Reasons 

As I try to express ten reasons why I love Autumn let me just say the #1 reason is cooler weather ~ am so not a hot weather fan at all and the only time I enjoy summer is with ocean waves washing over me and sitting at the beach ~ I absolutely love fall and winter my 2 favorites seasons ~


Thumbs up 

Giving a thumbs up to this cute outfit as it is still warm enough during the day to wear this absolutely adorable top by Belle Epoque called “Maddie” that was from a past Forest subscription box ~ oh and have to bring attention to this cute “Counting Hands Hud” that Kay Weston of Image Essentials has created ~ yes there are 10 different finger poses counting 1 thru 10 ~ The below pic will show you ~


Counting Hands Hud

Guessing I should get back to landscaping and working on inventory as I never do keep seasonal clothing unless it is very specific as I giggle that I did find a top that will be sporting come Christmas time that a certain prop maker made ~ till next time please be kind to each other ~ life is just way too short to be mean ~ hugzz ♥

Credits go to Kay from Image Essentials for giving me the opportunity to blog her items and thanks to all my readers, supporters and followers it honestly makes me smile when I see a comment or a like…thank you

Am Wearing:

Belle Epoque { Maddie } Ivory ~ The Forest August – no longer available 
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[BREATHE]-Kenzie Boots-(M) ~ Forest Sub Box ~ December
*ys&ys catwa shape ~ tweaked 
amara beauty catwa skin applier Brooke ~ PP March

Shot at my Residence using poses from Counting Hands Hud from Image Essentials and LumiPro2017 with the following credits to the props **{what next} Oslo Chair (autumn) FrankLee Anatra
*Just BECAUSE* – Autumn Arrangement – Orange creator Annie Melson
*Funky*Junk* She Shed ~ Ulaa Coronet Action Autumn Leaves ~ Maz Pixel (marilynmonroe.munro

Social Media

Social media has come such a long way don’t you think? We are now able to chat with friends and relatives all around the world and it brings them so much closer to us~ we are able to make new friends on forums such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instachat  and see each other on app programs like Skype is what I use to take the time to call friends and chat ~ This what what I’m doing right here today at *Whimberly*


On Skype with friends 

Such a lovely place to sit and relax with its calming waters and stunning views~As you can see I have bought my tablet with me so I can take some time out of my busy day to chat or just scan through news Items… You will love this place as it has so many photo op’s too and is set out to make the most of its beautiful setting~with cute little buildings scattered here and there am sure you will love it~while I am here thought I would show you another of my closet finds that is very casual and comfy~


Natali Hair by Fabia

My hair <Natali> is from Fabia and this one I picked up in a hunt but still on Marketplace  as well as in store for you to try with demo’s also~ love this style the way it frames my face and falls in soft lengths over one shoulder~ good variety of colors to choose from the main Fabia store ~ as you can see that gorgeous Boho top is is from Hilly Haalan and is called *Margot Boho Top* and as always you wont be disappointed with the sizing or the textures on this as it has a color hud of 30 textures for the top and the sleeves which, I might add you can wear or not for another different look with its floaty frill to the bottom and its puffy sleeves its a must of the up and coming warmer weather~


Jen Capri Pants from Just Because 

My capri pants are from *Just Because*  the detail on these from the pretty beading on the end of the string belt to the little keyhole ties on the sides of the leg makes this a fave for me~ Capris are so versatile you can wear them with a jacket or long cardigan to make a smarter look or with a t-shirt or as I have a loose top and you get a hud that allows you to change the colors of the belt and also the beads so you will be able to match these to other items you are wearing~


Sneakers by *ROC*

To finish off my look today thought I would slip on a pair of comfy sneakers and these just fit the bill from *ROC* with sizes for Slink, TMP, Belleza and my Maitreya feet think they have got it covered in more ways than one don’t you? Just right for wandering around here in SL and chilling out with a hud with 7 pastel colors too ~So don’t for get to check out all these and other up and coming items I will be showing you~Hope your enjoying seeing what I like to wear when I find it in my closet ‘giggling’
Till next time be safe ~ Dena ♥


JB* Jen Capris – Belt – Lara
*JB* Jen Capris – White – Lara
-FABIA- Mesh Hair <Natali> Multicolored Tones
::ROC:: Sneaker! Pastel_Maitreya
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
IKON Hope Eyes (right) – Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[hh] Margot Sleeves MAITREYA
[hh] Margot Top MAITREYA
NAKED CATYA Shape Tweaked

Make-up:Livia Brooke for Catwa

Shot on location of Whimberly usings sit poses from their furniture and LumiPro 2017

Monthly Midnight Madness

Oh My Goodness ~ If you have not heard of this pay attention please….on the first Friday of every month there is to the delight of myself and soo soo many others a group of designers will have a midnight board out *FREE* ~ downside is remember it starts at midnight SLT and for me that means 3am ~ sorry unless they are giving away Lindens and a whole lot of them my sexy body will be asleep but…for the most part when I did come in was able to hit quite a number of them ~ the organizers along with all the designers have really outdid themselves for the March MM ~ for the most part both rounds midnight at Friday and noon on Saturday went smooth ~ my only comment and this has nothing to do with the creators or organizers it has to do with the people that stand around after they got their gift especially ones at the landing points ~ not sure why they kept waiting around especially have the board had reached their numbers ~ honestly I think it was uber cool they even had an xtra round on Saturday ~ the second round for me was flawless and those that I missed from the first I picked up at the second ~ but that is part of the Midnight boards anyway ~ once they are locked down its too late and I respect that am not sitting waiting and waiting and waiting hoping that whatever store changes its mind ~ not being rude but seriously the amount of work first that goes into this is am sure a lot on top of the designers creating not one but two outfits that they are GIVING you ~ my heartfelt thanks goes out to each and here is some of the stuff I received…


[we’re closed] set out this cute wood lounger that once my hubby saw it decided to try it out immediate and we loved it ~ will be taking it down to our home and putting it on our deck…has a great menu for couples and singles ~ thank you bunches WERECLOSED and need a LM to their store ~ they have marketplace here and the inworld store here   ~~~ next to it from DaD Design is the adorable green vase with butterflies ~ OMG I simply love butterflies and this just became my fave as it too will be taken downstairs to our home and I know just the perfect spot for it ~ thank YOU  sheerpetal Roussel ~ I know after looking at your Marketplace store here  and will also go to your inworld store as well…


OOOh this cute “Jodi Jumper from Apple May is a keeper ~ thank you so much for this ~ lot of different sizes and also sizes for different mesh bodies as well ~ now I will check out her inworld store here   ~ notice the swing next to me another fab MM gift from Revival that gave you 2 options short or long rope thingys *I know probably not the right word but my brain shorted out ~ also have a place for it on our deck and when you touch the pillows a menu allows you to change the color of them…great sits also for couples and singles…very nice so thank you  Momentous ~ I can see by their Marketplace that I will be spending more of my $$ there as well as going back to the inworld store and taking a closer look


And lastly am showing off the skirt from Dead Dollz Amalia Skirt” as I did miss out on the first round but still am happy I got to get the second offering…along with Just Because with their second round I was lucky with the Sophia Shirt as well ……combined they look pretty good ~ thank you both Kiddo Oh from DD and Annie Melson from Just Because…also the headset am wearing was from Vinyl ~ guess I could wear it when hubby gives me a lecture ha ha ha ……but thank you sukoshitosuto for them… oh yes the cute flowerbox from Jian that also has a really nice menu to change the textures of the Darlington Planter and you can also hide the stand…thank you JianSL 

There were others that are not shown like Salt & Pepper with that great dress, and Caboodle with another gorgeous outfit  ~ but to all the designers from this March offering a huge thank you ~ each of you outdid yourself…..HUGZZ