Foggy start…

Waking up and seeing fog makes me smile ~ yes I am aware that most are not fans of fog but its the weekend am not going anywhere except to grab my cup of coffee and head outdoors to read a couple of chapters in the book am reading ~ must confess though that in all honesty it would not be a book am grabbing but my “Kindle Paperwhite” ~ just cannot imagine how far technology has come that my small Kindle has over 400 books inside it ~ that is amazing…plus reason I got not just a Kindle but a Paperwhite was the fact you can read outdoors without a glare like most tablets you are unable to use outside…I absolutely love that fact especially during summer sitting outside enjoying the sun and reading some of my favorite authors like James Patterson or John Grisham or even discovering new mystery writers as in  Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke who wrote “The Good Widow” woah that was a page turner ~ was one of my Unlimited books from Amazon that I just finished reading ~ here is LINK if you like to check it out ~


Enjoying Coffee & Book

Oh did you notice am wearing one of Finale Coutures outfits Tyra that is at Designer Showcase this month ~ love such a great pair of jeans ~ as you can see on the knees they are shredded ~ its always nice to find Designers that pay attention to details ~ let me stand up to show you the rest of the outfit since the fog is rolling in pretty heavy ~


Close up of Tyra outfit 

The cropped sleeveless knitted sweater with the cutout pattern really makes this outfit such a keeper ~ and then you notice the belt as well another detail the designer has remembered ~


Bum view 

Turning around so you can also see the features on my bum from the design on the back pockets that she had to known my RL jeans look exactly like that ~ as well as the give in the fabric on the top so it does not stretch out when moving ~ 7 different color options to choose from beside the one I am wearing all in pastel colors ~ fitting my Maitreya like a second skin the way you just want your jeans to fit ~ plus making my bum look good too always helps ~ not fan of a saggy pants on my azz *giggling*


Tyra Outfit in Lilac

I would stick around but this fog is getting pretty heavy that am barely able to see in front of me as clumsy as I am no need to fall and break something ~ but you need to grab my TAXI and check this outfit Tyra by Finale Couture ~ month is halfway and you should not miss out on this and the price ~ till next time I send you each hugzz ~ peace out♥

Credits ~ My thanks to Kay from Image Essentials with this cute prop “Coffee Sophisticate” that gives you coffee and a book if wanted ~ also to Finale Couture for giving me the opportunity to show off your clothes again ~ thank you so much ~

Am Wearing:

Adored Sheen Shadows ~ tropical babe Edition PP May
Amara Catwa Skin Applier :Amaria
Izzie’s Catwa Glittery Lipstick PP May
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring (r)
**RE** Dolce Belly Piercing – Maitreya
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
Finale Couture Tyra Top – Lilac
Finale Couture Tyra Jeans – Lilac Maitreya
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
VOLTHAIR- MANDY Bang -(W/resizer)
*ys&ys catwa shape tweaked

Shot at my residence usings various poses from  Body Shot Series by Image Essentials ~ 

We are posh…

Dena and I decided to ramp up our wardrobe ~ take a stroll as we were walking the avenue we saw this interesting set of framed models so each of us took turns posing in front of them striking very “Vogue” style poses ~ the dress that I am wearing is chic, its classy and oh yes very sexy without well ok just will say it looking slutty ~ yes I know but it is true you can show off your leg, even one thigh without anyone thinking you are ya know trolling for lindens  LOL ~ let me show you what I mean


The Greatest Dress by Entice

I think the creator got the name exactly right as this is a great dress ~ from the wrapped portion that is gathering on the side that really exposes your left thigh as it gives your girls that attention as well and the I like the bow ties on each shoulder holding the dress together ~ yes it truly is a great dress that Entice has for you this month at Designer Showcase ~ need that side view dontcha okie dokie here ya go…


Side View

Oh yes you have hmmm the word I wanna use is thighage you know like cleavage  yes silly me trying to make up new words *giggling* but you do see it exposes some very nice thigh ~ and you can see the that I also put on earrings and a gorgeous onyx and diamond necklace from J&W Jeweler also at Designer Showcase ~ yes yes close up as well…


Jhamin Collection

Stunning piece is it not and I agree with the V shape that is drawing your eyes to it and the nice drop earrings carrying the same style has added that added factor to the entire look being very “Posh”  ~ so grabbing Dena and standing side by side for you I would say yes we are looking as she quotes “Posh” ~


Looking Posh

In my full attire I also slipped on heels from KC Couture that I mentioned in an earlier post ~ The dress you will have to choose what color BUT it is so so affordable you might just grab a couple of different colors too ~ oh gosh did you think I was going to forget my infamous TAXI to take you to Designer Showcase ~ absolutely not…that is it for now and so I leave you saying BE A PINEAPPLE…peace out ♥


Izzie’s Glitter Eyeliner Catwa applier from Powderpack May
Glitter lippy also from Izzie’s from Powder Pack May
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
.::Crown::. Donna hair
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
Entice – The Greatest Dress Maitreya
IKON Hope Eyes – Starfall
J&W Jewelers Jhamin Collection onyx and diamonds
J&W Jewelers Jhamin Collection onyx and diamonds necklace
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
{ wren’s nest } Lucienne tweaked by moi
Insol: ST04 ‘Copper’Daria

Shot on Location of the Backdrop Area at Image Essentials
using poses from the Vogue series that is exclusive for The Jersey Shore

You know what…

It’s that time again ~ Monthly Midnight Madness where lines form and people set their alarms because it all starts at the stroke of SL Midnight come Friday but actually for me it is later as in 4am the next morning on the Saturday as I am on the East Coast, USA ~ OMG and wanna know a secret hehehe I have some how some way waken up then and logged in got all the goodies and crawled back into my nice cozy bed ~ YES I did lol ~ am honored to be able to show you what Wicca is setting out for all you Midnight maniacs lol just kidding not really maniacs umm ok will hush ~ these items don’t go together like horse and carriage or peanut butter & jam BUT….You won’t wanna miss her items ~


Stretching to Wake up

Alright so I needed my coffee first ~ sorry but am one that cannot exist without caffeine and thank gawd for my Keurig ~ love that …anyway so you can see the backside of this adorable sundress ~ well you can almost see … ok ok let me get closer for you


Closer view Iris Dress by Wicca’s Wardrobe

Cute right…yup very comfy and size wise its perfect ~ one moment let me run in grab my coffee and be right out with a front view for you…hold on pleaseeee…


Front View of Iris Dress 

Really nice detail with the lace around the waist and just love the soft summery color as it reminds me of a cute sundress I had when I was oh so younger in RL *very oh so younger btw*  Now Wicca is also providing add on pack for you to buy which will have some xtra colors in there AND am going to show you just one of those colors as a teaser because that is just how I am *giggling*


One of the pretty colors from the Add on Pack

So details on this are this dress are that it will be first up right at stroke of Midnight ~ that is SL midnight starting on Friday and continue to the next round on 12 noon Saturday again SLT….Next up Wicca’s noon time item is……


Carlas Boots also by Wicca’s Wardrobe 

Yes these boots are made for walking and how gorgeous are these….from the side zippers to the straps with buttons am loving them ~ oooh yes she has not forgotten about the add on packs for the boots either so will show just one color for ya…


Add on color for Boots 

Wow they look sharp huh?  Really love the detail and please let me say the fit is like wearing a pair of cashmere slippers ~ perfect ~ so this is for NOON 12 SLT ~ not one minute before but right when the clock strikes 12 will this be available…Any other details that you might get a preview to here is the LINK to check it out ~ clock is ticking as you can see 1 days 18 hours 33 minutes till its TIME ~ YAY ~


Izzie’s Catwa Applier Glittery Lipsticks PowderPack May
Under Eye Glitter Izzies PowderPack May
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes (left) – Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Clara Booties [MMM Edition 2017]
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Iris Dress [MMM June 2017] Maitreya
{ wren’s nest } Lucienne tweaked by moi
Insol: ST04 ‘Copper’Daria


Boot poses by Baxe_shoes Dress pose by Anna by Image Essentials
{ wren’s nest } Lucienne tweaked by Moi Coffee Cup prop by North Moon
Shot on location of Image Essentials Backdrop Area


Still Looking…

As I walk out on my balcony looking into the vast Kingdom am still wondering when my Prince will come ~ another new gown showed up on my doorstep with a cute note “my lovely Princess you will see me soon but this gown was made for your beauty ~ always loyal Prince S~ the gown is just another gorgeous creation that I am positive he picked up at the much talked about Medieval Faire ~ take a look and see if you do not agree…


HHVET Victorina – Victory Gown 

It is the Event that everyone will be attending ~ all the Kings, Queens and their Royal Court are making their way ~ why you ask because the Royals from far and wide know this is one event “Unmasking the Cure” that is dedicated to finding a cure for Cancer ~ as well as all the great shoppes the Merchants have brought the best of the best ~ weapons, clothes, and so much more will be laid out for anyone to walk around and purchase ~ strumming musicians and wanderers will be walking around to entertain along with the huge stage that will hold some of the finest entertainment around the Kingdom.  If that was not enough jousting, horse racing and other activities that even the Knights are standing in line to impress their fair maidens…My my lost my train of thought thinking of what attractions are there that I needed to show you the dress fully…


Dress fit for a Princess 

From the rich royal color to the cinched waist this will be a very captivating gown to behold and smiles as I think of the looks I will receive walking around the faire…My prince even sent this necklace for me to wear also ~


Peaceful Harvest Necklace by HHVET

I know you need my trusty STEED to take you to this fantastic Faire ~ just remember enjoy and if cancer has touched any part of your life you might want to let others know about “Unmasking the Cure” and get them involved….Again I want to thank all the Designers who have graciously donated items to the “Relay for Life” where all proceeds go to The American Cancer Society ~ be good to yourself and others ~ till next time ~ Peace out ♥


Brows by Lurid
Amara Beauty ~ Powder Pack May Katie catwa appliers
Lashes by DeeTaleZ Dramatic Lashes from May’s Powder Pack
Izzie’s Catway Under Eye Glitter ~ PP May
Beauty Mark by Just Magnetized ~ Set #01 PP May
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
HHVET Victoriana – Peaceful Harvest Necklace ~ found at UAC Medieval Faire
HHVET Victorina – Victory Gown RFL found at UAC Medieval Faire
IKON Hope Eyes- Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[DUE] Mizuhara // 
{ wren’s nest } Lucienne Shape Tweaked by Moi

Rapunzel Pose &  Prop by Nantra

Gown created by Ivy Delacrux (Snakelady Melody)

2017 UACMF_official_poster.png


Cat approves…

Yes I actually caught the cat staring at my very cute dress by Purple Moon that is being featured at Designer Showcase this month ~ a dress for all occasions ~ its chic, its fun, and really shows off your legs ~ walking around Netherwood this cat just couldn’t resist looking up at me as you will see in the below pics…


Amberly by Purple Moon

This is just one of the choices as there are 8 different ones that do come with a belt hud that you know me I just love huds ~ great fitting as the creator gives different sizes and I am wearing the one for Maitreya that gives me a perfect fit ~ now the best news for the bargain hunters is this is so reasonably priced at 79L maybe grab 2 of them or go for the fatpack…either way its a keeper for me…I paired it also with this to die for jewelry ensemble by Chop Zuey who never fails to create stunning pieces as you can look below to see a close up ~


The Dark Dweller of Braj

What a stunning and unique set ~ from the fringe to the styling this set will get your noticed and a huge compliment to whatever piece of clothing you wear ~ the set includes the necklace, earrings, and bracelets ~ simply stunning as any piece from Chop Zuey is…to finish off my ensemble I also chose to slip my feet into Pixie Heels by Lindy that again is part of the Designer Showcase as well…


Pixie Heels in Black – Silver

These heels by Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes compliment by outfit and really look smart and chic ~ from the stiletto heels to the striping across the toes ~ there are 6 different choices as well as a demo for sizing and look to try on ~  Lindy always provides classic look to their shoes that you cannot go wrong in grabbing a pair of these shoes for your wardrobe…Am gonna finish my walk around Netherwood and let the cat go back to napping ~ am sure you want to get over to Designer Showcase right away so here is the TAXI ride for you ~ enjoy and ~ hugzz to all ~ more to come so please stick around and I sincerely appreciate you taking time to read my blog ~ peace out ♥


Izzie’s – Glitter Liptint gold
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics 
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring 
:: PM :: Amberly Dress -all- MAITREYA ~ Found at Designer Showcase 
Aibeat *Romeo* blond
CATWA HEAD Catya  v2.10
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Triumph Eyes  Evening
Lindy PixieS Black-Silver ~ Found at Designer Showcase 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2.4
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands  Casual
Chop Zuey ~ The Dark Dweller of Braj – Bracelet ~ Found at Designer Showcase 
Chop Zuey ~ The Dark Dweller of Braj – Earrings~ Found at Designer Showcase 
Chop Zuey ~ The Dark Dweller of Braj – Fringe Necklace~ Found at Designer Showcase 
Clef de Peau.Clara Eyebrows Catwa Bento Shape
Pink Fuel Catwa Lipstick Applier Strawberry Powder Pack Feb
Bold & Beauty Classic Lash Raquel #5 Powder Pack Feb
Clef de Peau.Clara Applier Cappuccino 
Shot on Location at Netherwood using  Gaga Poses by  R.icielli 


Its Party Time…

Its party time for the holidays and wondering what to wear for those holiday parties ~ course for me I always want to look my best and Designer Showcase this month has some great dresses like the one from KIB Designs called Coryta ~ sexy yet still chic and stylish at the same time ~ yes why am I still talking and not showing umm not sure ~ but ok here is the dress….


Cortya by KIB Designs

If you look close you can see handwriting that is part of the texture that makes the dress a fave of mine ~ as the slice taken out of the dress giving you a little peek of skin ~ now I did pair it with another designer’s boots that are also at Designer Showcase ~ these thigh high boots are from [Muse] and as you can tell are 100% latex for those that just love latex…as your eyes drift upwards you can tell I accessorized with a gorgeous necklace from J&W Jewelers Collection ~


Pamela Collection ~ Purple Jasper

This is an interesting piece that will have people vying for a closer look at the necklace itself and commenting on the unusual design…For those latex lovers here is a closer look at those boots…


Boots by [Muse]

They have that nice sharp stiletto heel with a platform shoe base as they hug your legs all the way up to your thighs…a holiday design to keep in the spirit for all those partying you will be doing  ~

Yes KIB has 5 color choices for you and 2 different patterns ~ one like the first pic and the 2nd like the one below


2nd pattern included

Very nice diamond pattern and you can see how the slice is carried onto the back as well giving more exposure of skin ~  and also see the 2nd different boot from [Muse] in a darker color along with another different holiday pattern…


[Muse] Boots in Black

KIB Designs and [Muse] are both at Designer Showcase with demo’s for you to try on for size and Santa is there that is giving out gifts when you take a seat on his lap ~ for now am running around RL doing stuff and trying to keep showing you lotz more ~ my thanks go to all the Designers of Designer Showcase and to all my readers, followers & supporters of my blog ~ am so appreciative and thankful its hard at time to express to each of you this that all my hard work is helping…till then please remember Peace and Goodwill especially this month…♥

Izzie’s – Glitter Liptint gold
::DS:: Marrakesh Soodah Eyeshadow
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes  – Sky
J&W Jewelers Collection Pamela Collection Turq
J&W Jewelers Pamela Collection bracelet purple jasper
KiB Designs – Coryta Dress Maitreya
Magika – Drive
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2.4
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 – R – Casual
[MUSE] Latex Thigh High Boots – MAITREYA
Glam Affair – Amberly – India

All shots were taken at my Residence using poses from Noya Female Series


Something Wicked is here …

That wickedness is the Winter Hollow’s Fair ~ where it is a little touch of gloom has settled over the event…in a different but very interesting way ~  not all sparkle and bright and you will be introduced to a smaller yet very select group of designers for the Winters Hollow ~ from the sim that I showed you earlier it is unique and makes me smile as I walk down the dirt paths viewing all the vendors ~ there is a tree that from now to Christmas will have gifts under it that some designers have graciously put there for you ~ let me show you


Gwendolyn by QE Designs

Exactly what am wearing is all included in this item along with a really great Hud that I will be telling you in a moment ~ but from the choker, armbands, harness and boots this dress will turn heads ~ you can dance the night away keeping cool as you heat everyone else up ~ what I just love about this dress well ummm everything LOL…first I love the design of the choker



Great design with the 3 belt buckles and the thin straps that will surround your neck not too too tightly just nuff to let you know you are wearing it ~ oh btw I do keep forgetting to change my lipstick ~ ever do that ~ but honestly I am not a lipstick wearer in RL never have been little bit of gloss or something very muted but this lippy I like and yes you will see me wearing just a gloss on my lips or if the outfit calls for something dark and dramatic I will go with a deep red ~ not a pink or any other  colors just for me its not my style ~ thought I would mention that as I am sure you look at my lips and are going “gee does she ever change that lipstick” answer is probably not LOL…



The armbands are also made of leather and good designing of the criss cross where the studs meet ~ plus they fit well ~ and you can see the nice belt that is yes part of the dress and cannot be removed …but the harness can as am about to show you with it off…


Harness off 

The texture and color palette I really love ~ with the sky & clouds intermixed makes for a very different look ~ when you purchase this dress you will have a nice variety to choose from and there is a place you can turn off/on harness as well ~ gives you a different look…now the boots ~


Nice thigh high boots

Am such a fan of thigh highs and how they just hug your legs letting whoever get a great peek as it leads their eyes up and up to the hemline hehehe…great heel for this as well giving you that height if you are like me fairly short and hubby is fairly tall ~ so I usually wearing stiletto heels for height as am not one to change my height to amazon level ~ will let the models have that one ~ so there you have this great outfit by QE Designs that is EXCLUSIVE to Winters Hollow ~ hope you keep enjoying my blog as it really gives me pleasure with the comments and feedback I get ~ as I work hard giving you high quality images along with a touch of commentary about the item and also closeups so you can see but the best suggestion I can make is go and see these for yourself as so many designers do provide demo’s for you…Here is your SLEIGH  to take you to Winters Hollow ~ look around and enjoy a slightly different winter event…remember lets make this month one of Peace & Goodwill ~ hugzz to all and thanks to all the designers for letting me show off their items…thank you as well to my readers and followers you are the best ♥


Izzie’s – Glitter Liptint gold
::DS:: Marrakesh Soodah Eyeshadow
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics 
(Chemistry) Long eyelashes
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Sky
Magika – Drive
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands- Casual
[QE] Aly Boots /Black Leather/ Maitreya
[QE] Gwendolyn Armband /Black Leather/ 
[QE] Gwendolyn Choker /Black Leather/
[QE] Gwendolyn Dress /Winter Skies/ Maitreya
Glam Affair – Amberly – India 

Shot on Location of Winters Hollow using poses from Everglow Raven Series