what is…

Grumpy Troll
What is The Grumpy Troll…it is the latest creation by Ty & Truck at Calas an ingenious little cafe on the sim Dimrall Dale ~ a place to come, sit chat and just enjoy yourself while visiting Calas…

Looks interesting doesn’t it as we get closer and closer…right on the water’s edge and look at all the windows giving it a very airy feel to the place ~ as you open the gate to go in you notice the crane just standing very still in the water and stand for a brief moment quietly to not disturb…just to the left of the door is the sign “The Grumpy Troll” and you open the door to go in♥


Oh my, how inviting this is…as you take a step into the aroma of freshly baked goods makes you glance around and see a tray of yummy macaroons and mouth-watering cupcakes ~ filled with an assortment of knick-knacks along with books, various different types of plants to give the entire place a truly warm cozy vibe to it ~ I will say this will be one of Brutus’s and my favorite place to come and sit…Ty and Truck have another winner on their plate with the latest addition “Grumpy Troll” ~ I share my sentiments with so many others that Calas is one of the best collection of sims around, always evolving and changing seasons ~ thank you Ty & Truck for this really unique addition to Calas…♥ Here is your RIDE to the Grumpy Troll so you can see how fabulous and unique it is ~ enjoy, please ♥♥

trick or…

trick or treat?

I decided to take a look at the Destination Guide that SL provides and did the eeny meenie thing to see where I wanted to end up ~ before I tell you about my trip I will say turning my blog into a destination or travel blog am truly finding my niche as they say and honestly with the pressure of having to meet deadlines and doing things on my time frame am back to enjoying SL as it should be♥  After getting back from enjoying the Copperfield Winery I chose a Halloween theme to go/see ~ and followed one of the editor’s choices that was not right at the top ~ landing at Halloween Rock n Shock you are made aware of houses, pumpkins, and a very inviting atmosphere ~ as you walk around to make sure you grab a free trick/treat bag so when you start knocking on doors the candy has someplace to go LOL ~ free treats and they are calorie free as well hehehe ~ once done you need to hop in the pumpkin coach for a tour ♥


The pumpkin coach takes you on a rather interesting ride around Doll Island just a warning those dolls are very creepy I would keep your hands and feet in during the ride just a warning…



Once you finish with the tour you can hop out and go exploring like seeing that castle in the sky up there it’s not a bad walk lighted by torches so you won’t need a flashlight just giving you another warning that I am horrible at finding my way back out the door so try to remember how you came in as I spent several panic moments trying to find the door for outside ~ lot of spookiness going on that Island of Dolls so please remember I did warn you~ the entire sim is done really well that you will want to spend time walking around as I only covered a portion of what is here~this was just a peek to what RebelYell has in store for you… I am truly hoping that you are enjoying the way the blog is going as I would love comments or suggestions of places to see and hey they don’t all have to be Halloween themed but out of the way that might be interesting and you would like to share ♥  RL is grabbing me the next couple of days for one of my favorite dog sitting customers but will be back on Sunday ♥  Enjoy ~ ooops here is the RIDE hehehe

wilds of Africa…


Today was all about exploring somewhere I have never been so I chose “Island of Trust” ~ this is a very gorgeous sim and owner Krystal Iridescent is gracious enough to open this sim to everyone ~ as well as photogenic, there are several places just to relax and watch the animals below ~

Zebras in the wild

From the herd of Zebras that you can see grazing in the hot African sun, to the Wildebeest that are heading to the waterhole just be careful and not get too close as there are huge gators just waiting patiently for the dinner…the entire sim is very photogenic and I did take a lot of pics for my own memories of this expedition ~ you can spend a whole day just wandering around looking at all the animals, watch the vultures soar into the sky looking for prey and when you get tired there are high treehouses to climb and just sit like I am doing taking it all in…
If you are so wanting to please donate some Lindens to help with the cost of the tiers as we all know they are a tad spendy…again I truly thank Krystal for this gorgeous Sim ♥ Hop on and travel to The Island of Trust ~ ENJOY ♥♥

checking me out…

checking out...

Ut oh I think that Falcon thinks am wanting his dinner as he keeps checking me out and that is not the case at all ~ actually I was standing here admiring the view when he flew to that branch with his dinner clutched in his claws ~ wait maybe he is not thinking am threatening but he is looking at this very hawt outfit from Guilia Design “Melany” that is at Designer Showcase for the rest of the month.  Yes, you need a closer look ♥

Melany by Guilia Designs

From the earrings, both sets of piercings, choker and the top and skirt along with the over the knee boots are all included ~ it is very hawt and sexy that you will want in your closet to go clubbing and enjoying the nightlife that Second Life is so famous for.  You will have heads turning and girls whispering wondering where they can get this so just tell them Designer Showcase

Credits ~ shot at Whimberly using poses from Image Essentials Heat Series ~ kudos to the owner/designer of Guilia Designs for giving me the opportunity to blog these sexy items.  Rides to Whimberly, Designer Showcase, Image Essentials and Guilia Designs.

7 Deadly s[K]ins Emmy in Butter/Browless
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
Celtic Myst”Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
Guilia Design Melany Necklace
Guilia Design Melany Earrings
Guilia Design Melany Piercing MAITREYA
Guilia Design Reyez Piercing MAITREYA
Guilia Design Melany SKIRT-MAITREYA
Guilia Design Melany TOP – Maitreya
Guilia Design Melany High Boots
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Dew
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Opale . Hailey Hair ~ Saturday Shopper Special
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
*YS&YS Illy catya shape tweaked

the view…


As I promised July is all about exploring all the picturesque views in SL and Whimberly is the first one that I am visiting ~ standing where I am dressed in a gorgeous Fawn gown by Jumo you can see the view is just spectacular.  This gown is just stunning along with the designer giving you a gorgeous Hud that has 25 unique textures ~ from the design of this gown with the unique leather fitting to the sexy slits that give your legs that long lean sexy look this is a keeper for me.  Is now at Designer Showcase for the month and you must take the ride below to try on at least the demo so you can see how sexy you will look in it ~ course your close up is below to show you a different texture within the hud.


Choosing another texture you can really see how gorgeous Fawn is plus you can see exactly what am speaking of with that unique fitted bodice giving a peek to those gorgeous abs that you have been working on all winter.  This gown will fit in nicely for those sundown parties on the beach or at one of your exclusive galas ~ as the designer has included those statement earrings and bangles that also have a hud ~ Now that the doors are opened at Designer Showcase till the end of the month all rides will be below. Please stick around as this months proves to have some truly gorgeous items from all my sponsors that I just cannot wait to show you ~ remember please show kindness to yourself and to others ♥♥

Credits ~ shot at Whimberly using poses from Image EssentialsGraceful” pose series ~ Rides to Image Essentials, Designer Showcase, Jumo, and Truth ♥ and yes make sure you take the ride to Whimberly as the sim is gorgeous and so photogenic ~

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
Celtic Myst”Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
.:JUMO:. Fawn Gown – Maitreya *found at Designer Showcase
::ALTER:: Jess High Heels Shoes *found at Designer Showcase
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Dew
JUMO Originals – Fawn Earrings
JUMO Originals – Fawn Bangles
TRUTH / Gwen / group gift
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
*YS&YS Illy shape tweaked
7 Deadly s[K]ins Emmy *found at Designer Showcase