Well he said he would be here by now…..waiting by this telephone booth in this dreary place YUCK…friend or no friend am tired of standing around ~ never know who might be lurking in those shadows ~ giving him 5 more minutes then am outta here…till then I might just show you my gorgeous Satin Shirtdress that is being featured at Designer Showcase this month while I wait it is simply gorgeous and comes in 14 colors that you can also pair with matching sandals

Satin Shirtwaist Dress by Albino Peacock

Oh sorry for the cigarette I know I shouldn’t even be smoking in here especially since it is now going on 7 years that I have quit in RL ~ with my RL roomie smoking that drives me crazy even if she does not smoke in the same room still it is on her clothes and stuff ~ not ever wanting to be one of those anti smoking people but now I realize where they are coming from ~ the smell about makes me sick ~ anyway ~ back to this gorgeous shirtwaist satin dress ~ with 14 different colors you will have fun choosing just one ~ and the shoes are just as gorgeous…

Strappy Sandals also by Albino Peacock

Smart, classic and very chic that will be such an added asset to this springs wardrobe that you must might want to be up in various colors ~ nice heel and makes your feet uber sexy…notice the tootsies as I painted them with DaneMarkZ Polish that yes it is featured at Designer Showcase as well…

Pansy Smiles by Danemarkz

A nice hud with 10 different color variations to choose from that you will need to use the Omega Applier Hud that can be found on Marketplace here  for Slink hands/feet ~ well my time here is up and guess friend is not coming and I hope all is well  but was glad I could show you some more Designer goodies and for those that need my good and reliable TAXI there ya go ~ hugzz to all and much appreciation for taking time out to read my blog……PEACE out ♥


Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
::Duh!:: Got a Light? – Mouth
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
A. Peacock – Satin Sandals – Black ~ found at Designer Showcase
A. Peacock – Satin Shirtdress – Black – Maitreya ~ found at Designer Showcase
CCD – Nose Piercing
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2.4
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 – R – Casual
[e] Kiki
Zibska Sharona Catwa Lipstick Applier ~ Powder Pack Feb
SlackGirl Passion Shadow for Catwa ~ Powder Pack Feb
Clef cappucina Clara applier
Danemarkz Pansy Smiles ~ found at Designer Showcase

Shot on Location at Urban Decay  using Poses from Katink & Something New

Little Pensive today…

Yes am a little on the pensive side today, which usually is not moi am yes at times bitchy with rants here and there but today guess am sad and trying to understand after all these years living in the USA it hurts to things that just make no sense ~ and yes am speaking of the aftermath of our election and what is going on ~ is this coming from people think they should be entitled to act like spoiled children not getting their way or what truly gives anyone that type of right to go burn flags and destroy property…dunno but bestie and I found a very quiet place to sit and talk as I gave her news about a new sponsor ~ that was a cheerful moment and yes we will now be blogging items from MOoh ~ I like  Dalriada Delwood’s clothes and her store is so adorable with all the gacha items but I was good for the moment hehehe only because am low on $$$ but you must make a stop over there and check out her store ~ TAXI is here for you ~ think in one of my earlier blog post that I mentioned how cute her packaging was ~ the item that I really want to show you is her Lore Sweater that is being featured at Designer Circle

Lore Sweater by MOoh 

Cute cropped sweater with that criss/cross in front ~ and just a nice peek for those that do *chuckling* I like the off shoulder as well ~ and the textures too ~ comes with a nice hud with a good variety of color palette for you to choose ~ this is a bargain and a really good keeper for your wardrobe ~ the jeans did go with another outfit that I paired them up with that yes is available at the MOoh’s main store ~ see another reason why you need to visit and look around ~

Capri’s from Shelly Outfit 

See I can mix/match just like Dena can LOL xcept she does do that much better and gives me a lot of hints & tips ~ as I was saying the denim capris come from Shelly outfit that does have a top but I did like how they looked with this sweater ~ and they also have a nice hud with 3 different color versions of denim ~ beside gold they are also in silver and I do like how she carried the design over to the back of the pants pockets…

Bum view 🙂 

Gives your bum a nice look as well ~ as hubby always says ~ giggling ~ takes a nice deep calming breath as I am honored to have another sponsor and thanks to Dalriada Delwood for asking ~ also huge thanks to Dena for listening to me today sometimes I do not tell her enough how special she is as I should but my wish is that she knows that…alright that’s it for now ~ am sure I will have more later since it is still middle of the month ~ remember PLEASE life is too short to hate ♥


Izzie’s – Glitter Liptint gold
::DS:: Marrakesh Soodah Eyeshadow
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics 
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring 
(Chemistry) Long eyelashes
.:EMO-tions:. * VERA *
::Duh!:: Fall Floral Hiking Boot
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Promise Eyes (right) – Field
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
MOoH! Denim capris Maitreya ~ found at Store & Marketplace 
MOoH! Laced sweater Maitreya ~ found at Designer Circle 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2.4
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual
Glam Affair – Amberly – India 

Shot on Location of Uzuri Park using poses from oOo Poses 

100 Block ~ Featuring sexz, Alice Project, Duh, and Frogstar

Today it is a mixed bag of goodies to show you from The 100 Block Fashion Fair ~ two more days for opening day ~ are you making a list or just going to wing it on what you see and buy ~ sometimes I go full blast out hit EVERY single store and spend all my Lindens first day out *giggling…after 6 years I am learning to be a tad more selective in my choices especially after looking at my inventory whew ~ that always is a work in progress…so let me hop into my car and head on out…yup follow me

Alice Project, sexz, Duh

Oh this is just dandy…my car has conked out and at the moment no way into the city but while we wait for some good person or the tow truck let me show you at least what I am wearing …by now you should know my favorite color is purple *giggling* so from the Alice Project they were so kind to provide me with this mesh hair “Indigo” and wow lot of colors, different huds I was just like a child in a candy store and went with the “Glitter & Streaks” hud and thats what I came up with…pretty nifty I would say *big winner in my book..ok yes on my face brings back HUGE memories of summertimes with this nice “Two Tickets Mirrored Sunglasses ~ just love love them and do they not look sharp on me…come on sets off this look just perfect – oh right I must thank Duh for those really great sunglasses which come in either gold or silver but my choice as you see is Silver…and finally the piece de resistance said in my so-called french accent is the “Stocking Top” by sexZ and I truly thank them ~ it is a non mesh top that does come with appliers if you are wondering as well you have to choose which color and there is a great variety.  Whole outfit looks great and ooops seems my car as magically recovered so onto the city…

Frogstar Tote

Why am I out on the fire escape ummm *blushing I well ok in the process of running back to my car I stumbled and must of dropped the key to get back in soo I know on my floor high above the city as forget as I am I left the window open ~ but look I get to show off my cutesy tote by Frogstar ~ yup it is all about the “Owl”, which has a variety of colors that will just fit whatever you are wearing.  Adorable huh and so is that name look for Hooty McOwlface Tote  ~ lot of room to shove all your junk umm I mean stuff into and wears nicely on your shoulder as well…

oooh I think I found my key YAY me…..ok so stick around I need to grab several gowns to show off some gorgeous poses from Image Essentials ~ so give me some time to rush to studio and get them done ~ be back soon ….Hugzz

Thank you again to all the designers and creators that are giving me the opportunity to blog their items ~ Big thanks today goes out to The Alice Project for the hair, Duh for the sunglasses, sexZ for the top, Frogstar for the tote and Image Essentials for the pose…