mangia mangia…

mangia mangia
The Italians believe in la Famiglia meaning family ~ and Sundays are always reserved for  family, along with plenty of cousins, aunts, uncles all coming together for a day of  food, wine, and lively conversation ~looking at the table the only things missing are steaming platters of pasta, tortellini, Ossobocu with plenty of gravies, sauces to go along ~ the desserts will range from Tiramisu, Cannoli, Pannetone with various other cakes along with small bowls of gelato served with cups of espresso, bottles of limoncello and yes lot of different Italian wines ~ a feast fit for royalty but served to family…most of the heavier meals are served at lunch with dinner consisting of something lighter♥  After everyone has consumed their meals it is fairly typical to stroll around the grounds or walk into the town for an indulgent  digestive like Sgroppino, which is fresh lemon granita doctored up with champagne or vodka. Either way, large Italian families have their own special meals for Sundays some call their sauces gravy instead of sauce ~ my understanding is based on the region you grew up determines whether it is called gravy or sauce, for now, am going to grab a chair as my host yells out to everyone “MANGIA MANGIA meaning eat up ♥ a presto amici miei ~ see you soon my friends ♥♥♥

Shot at my home using the following props :
220ML – Gouveia Wine – WOH – Bottle
[666] plants 13 *past gacha
[666] plants 10 *past gacha
Apple Fall Macarons in Box ~ gift
Apple Fall Lemon Whip Drizzle Cake
*_*C-Outlet*_* Rock Angel-MP find
*_*C-Outlet*_* Color Angel-MP find
[Cb] Gift Stool
CHEZ MOI Strawberry Cake @Cosmos Tuesday
CHEZ MOI Wall Fountain
Clockwork Basic Black Vase
Concept} Blueberry bowl – Arcade Gift
CONVAIR Carrier Tricycle red
CONVAIR Tuscany Wine Barrel
#Dock17# Espresso machine (Black)
DD Bush Blue Flower W Watering Can
FLOOD Mesh: FULL PERM Mouse Sleeping
FrostySavage Hanging Grape Vine-MP find
Hannah Kozlowski ~ Calico Cat Lying – Mesh
KraftWork Pranzo in Lucca Un Tavolo nel Giardino *past deco crate
[Kres] Bella Italia – Pizza Oven past deco crate
*LODE* Decor – Bagatiba Golden Bottle [red]
*Lok’s* Hyacinths in Wood Planter
Luxi&Style ~ stone bench *MP find
MINIMAL – Mykonos @Cosmos Tuesday
MI MegRose Vineyards Table *past deco crate
MLE Copperfield Pinot Gris Wine Set
MLECopperfield Chardonnay Wine Set
MLE Copperfield Merlot Wine Set
MudHoney Audrey Vase
:: N :: Limoncello Set Bistro table
:[P]:- Masse Planter Summer Night Sky
Serenity Style- Mozart Spring Books
… SpotCat … Biscuits with strawberries
^Upcycled^ Teacup Planters (copy)
VOID – Alba Dining Chair Blue Plaid
{what next} Provence Picnic Cake
{what next} House Plant – Agave
{what next} House Plant – Eucalyptus
{what next} Provence Bowl of Strawberries
{YD} Intimate Wedding – Cake



back from my first dog sitting job and wondering how my body could feel so bad.  oh, the dog was a joy to walk and sit just while I was there got a case of food poisoning that almost got so bad I was wanting to go to the hospital.  I will not go into all the yucky details just saying like when you cough, cough, and cough your muscles react making the next day you feel as if you have been beaten with fists if you get what am saying.  as I chuckle it is not the best way to lose a couple of pounds.  throwing up it is not high on my list at all…what was nice was that I spent a lot of time just relaxing, reading and walking.  not sure if any of you read books if you do Jody Picoult “The Storyteller” is a fantastic book ~ very thought-provoking and I wondered what would I have done.  as always my good friend Kay Weston owner/creator of Image Essentials created a new pose series called Eye Candy that is available exclusively at Ebento till the end of the month…another gorgeous skin by 7 Deadly s[K]ins that yes close up is below.

close up

this time I chose the Browless Butter tone to show how gorgeous this is ~ Muriel is exclusively available at The Vintage Fair till the 24th ~ as always there are 2 sets lights & darks for you to choose ~ Rides will be below ~ remember a little kindness goes a long way especially to yourselves ♥♥

Credits to Image Essentials as well as 7 Deadly s[K]ins for giving me the opportunity to blog your items ~ Rides to Vintage FairEBENTO, Image Essentials and 7 Deadly s[K]ins shot at my home with [Bad Unicorn] Gelato Cart & CONVAIR Tuscany Wine Barrel from June’s Decor(c)rate

7 Deadly s[K]ins ~ Muriel/Butter Browless
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
Celtic Myst”Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
(r)M Hair No.39’16
**RE** Luxy Rings – Maitreya Bento
Addams // Sophia Tank Top // Maitreya
Amacci Shoes – Samara (Maitreya)
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[[IGGI]] Tina Overall Maitreya
*YS&YS* Illy catya shape tweaked

time out…

time out

ooh yes its Friday and most of us are now taking a very deserved time out possibly hitting their local pub or bar to enjoy a nice glass of vino or their favorite alcoholic beverage ~ for me am not one to travel outside my home to drink ~ first the cost is outrageous and won’t date myself but never paid over 4.00 per drink when now its like double that or triple ~ rather spend money on a nice quality bottle of wine and surround myself with people I enjoy rather ~ that is why its always nice to make a home one that you want to spend time at and not just one to come and dump all those goodies you need to open after a hard day of shopping ~ oooh the cozy [Merak]Cozy Loveseat(White) am sitting on is from the newest Deco(c)rate that arrived today ~ Theme of this month was Dublin as we all know St. Paddy’s day that is taking place on March 17th ~ having worked in my younger years as a waitress/bartender in a Irish Pub that day is total chaos one that still have nightmares about…the gorgeous loveseat is by [MERAK]with female, male & couple animations that are done really well…the bench and pot of shamrocks is also from March’s crate that is by [Kres] Wild Gaelic Garden ~ oh yes and those that are group members of 7 Deadly s{K}ins the group gift is out so now here is the close up ~

7 Deadly s{K}ins March’s Group Gift ~ Lucie in Apricot 

Really a gorgeous skin that is based on an LAQ skin Rebel but am wearing it with Catwa since it is Omega appliers also ~ just please try a demo before you purchase as sometimes you might not like how it looks on your ~ am in love with this skin ♥♥ Oh also by now the Skin Fair has opened up ~ getting a early peek there are some great stuff there and instead of rushing over there it will be till March 26th ~ remember its gonna be crowded, grab all your demos and try them on back at your residence or a sandbox ~

7 Deadly Lucie/Apricot
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics (new)
Celtic Myst “Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
*Besom x Flite ~Jessie
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears
*YS&YS Illy catya shape tweaked

young couturier in…

young couturier quarters in Paris 

She took the chance with no regrets even though her parents were against her making this move to a foreign land in the 1920’s but all the Fashion mags screamed PARIS and that is where she wanted to become a “couturier” even if she had to live a simple life as her Father gave her so much money that mostly went for fabric and patterns that she just wanted to try her hand at making ~ looking in you could see she slept on a daybed, had her little table and chairs a couch for any company or clients that may stop to visit ~ she even got inventive scouring the streets for bargains on patterns and fabric as she was determined to make it ~ her friend Pierre helped her with the finds of the linen shelf and a bargain 2 for 1 chandeliers ~  but her biggest find was this loft with the huge floor to ceiling windows letting in light for her to work no matter what time it was ~ as she looked around she declared “this is home and I love it…

Credits ~ always goes first to my bestest Dena for all the suggestions, moving around the furniture ~ we always work good as a team on these stuff projects ~ since I moved the Blogger/Vlogger group has presented a sandbox for members to enjoy and that just made my day as many know I downsized my home and will not have the prims ~ this came at a perfect time and I thank them a lot ~ Most of the items also came from last month’s Deco(c)rate subscription box as the theme was Paris ~ if you are into decor this is really a great subscription box filled with lotz of goodies…We did take a build by Fourth Wall the Scandi Cabin  from the Builders Box February edition  ~ Props are below ♥♥

Props used:
:CP: Ancien Settee ~ Feb Deco(c)rate~
ARIA – Magda Teacup Light Feb Deco(c)rate~
DaD “Vintage Paris Daybed” Feb Deco(c)rate
DaD – Vintage Paris rug” Feb Deco(c)rate
[Merak] -Petitte Cabinet (With Fabrics)~Feb Deco(c)rate~
[Merak] – Sewing Clutter~Feb Deco(c)rate~
[Merak] – Boite a chapeau~Feb Deco(c)rate~
[Merak] – Vintage Mannequin~Feb Deco(c)rate~
BackBone Breakfast in Paris – Stool~ Feb Deco(c)rate~
BackBone Breakfast in Paris – Table Set for Two~Feb Deco(c)rate~
{-Maru Kado-} Balloon chandelier Feb Deco(c)rate~
Fancy Decor: Metallic Chandelier (silver)~
Fancy Decor: Potted Succulent
Kitty Creations Antique WIndow Decoration –
VOID – Arpeggi Phonograph~
[ zerkalo ] Shabby Chic Jewelry Box~
This Cozy Home – Perfect Potted Plant
Toro. Tropical plant + Worn out Wooden Stepladder
NOMAD // Art Noveau Floor Lamp~
Once Upon Time.. Frame Grey Paris
REKT Paris Bottles V1~5
JIAN Caged Candles~
Sewing machine* nanao.loon
Pictures by Starr Ghost
Fourth Wall ~ Scandi Cabin

petite patisserie…

our petite patisserie

Dena and I decided to go with a Parisian theme in choosing to decorate especially with the great build from this months Deco(c)rate ~ all geared towards Paris ~ from the build by Serenity Style that is truly inspiring we chose just to use a small portion of this build to create one of those outdoor cafes that we imagined passing by and stopping in for a latte and a yummy chocolate croissant ~ I did take a little liberty by changing the name of it on the awning which those that might not understand the words it loosely translates to Friends Bakery along with the other sign of course also in French to say “open” ~ As you look in the window you will see another item from the February crate that the gorgeous balloon chandelier by {-Maru Kado-} ~ as the cafe table that is set for two, which includes coffee pot, napkin holder, plate of croissant and a latte with spoon and the adorable sugar pack ~ love the chairs too that you can see has the Eiffel Tower built into both that was created by Backbone ~ how creative right…the rest we dug deep into our closet to create an adorable outdoor cafe scene ~ there is much more from the crate that we will be showing off for you later so please stick around ♥♥

Credits go to first my BESTIE Dena for all her input and really coming through with those great suggestions ~ for the great February Deco(c)rate this month as it will be featured a number of times ~ and to all my followers and those that take time to send out comments and compliments especially those that do the home and decor blogs  ~ thank you

Props used ~ and no animals were harmed in making this especially “Frenchy

Serenity Style- Le Coeur de Satine Bistro/Patisserie~Feb/Deco(c)rate
{-Maru Kado-} Balloon chandelier Feb/Deco(c)rate
BackBone Breakfast in Paris – Stool Feb/Deco(c)rate
BackBone Breakfast in Paris – Table Set for Two Feb/Deco(c)rate
Botanical – Boxwood Bush Round
Botanical – Boxwood Bush Square
Botanical – Boxwood Bush Cone
*Lok’s* Planter with Forget Me Nots
Ivy 06 – Green – Pablo Kolcci Store
[shutterfield] coffee shelf group gift
.:revival:. bucket of tulips
Once Upon Time… TypeWriter & Coffee time
Zen Creations Flowers in Bucket~
.:Bee Designs:.:Spring Patio set Gacha Cart
.:Bee designs:. Cute Pets
Aphrodite Fancy roses vase~ Vday gifty from hubby 
[Black Bantam]My Old Lazy Chief French Bulldog/Rare
Sway’s [Stony] stepping stone
{taraFAB} Lamp Post

Lay back and…

The night is almost over as you look out the windows and what a perfect time to relax as all is quiet in the night ~ you light the candles as you love the darkness only lit by candles ~ grab a nice cold glass of your favorite red wine ~ the tub fills with the scents of lavender from the sprinkling of bath salts ~ steam starts to rise up from the tub and now is the time to just step in and ease your body in ~ lay back your head and listen to the radio that is playing in the background and just enjoy…

Enjoying the solitude 

oh you noticed 2 wine glasses well maybe your special someone is joining you or maybe it is just xtra glass when you finish first ~ scattered bath petals give you that special feeling even if you scattered them ~ so lay your head back, reach over and grab the glass of wine, close your eyes, take that first sip and breath a nice sigh of relief ~ music soothes your soul and all your day just escapes as you enjoy the warm water ~ yes lose yourself ♥

Props used:

DRD – Series 01 – Dirty Laundry DRD Shadow Box
Cluster of Candles – Original Version – Pablo Kolcci Store
[sf] pot of candles-*gg*
[Merak] – Elegant Bathtub-Deco Box/Sept
[Merak] – Elegant Mirror-Deco Box/Sept
[Merak] – Towels Brown-Deco Box/Sept
[Merak] – Towels Stripes-Deco Box/Sept
[Merak] – Soap and Towels-Deco Box/Sept
Bath mat Sintagma – Blue -borrowed from hubby inv.
Bath mat Sintagma – Beige-borrowed from hubby inv.
NOMAD // Black Rose Petals *m*
NOMAD // Red Rose Petals *m*
[DDD] Hanging Candles (1S) – White *m*
+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain – Long (White *m*
Dreamland Designs Filled Red Wine Glass
*LODE* Decor – Bagatiba Golden Bottle
i { DH } Floral Heart Shelf Gift -gift
ANGEL CROWN *c*ღCђaтόη đε Pίηкiღ (shiva99)
*Funky*Junk* Pinecone Angel (Candle)
DKD – Halloween Birdcage Candles –
2# KraftWork Vintage Radio Girl *g*
~SongBird~ Engineer Goggles : Copper
{Q-Essentials} License Plate Clock ~ gift
Scarlet Creative ~ Carnaval Beach House  -Luxe Box July

Do you…

Hi everyone ~ sometimes it is nice just to take a time out from SL and no was not forced I just felt that I needed to step away from hearing the whining, the bullying and overall negativity ~ RL has enough of that and as someone told me “don’t like it then close the door” so I did for a couple of days ~ my feelings are as well that I will use my option not to get group IM’s as it is like at times kindergartners ~ yeah I know we are “supposed” to be adults but guessing with changing times more individuals think they are the entitled ones to act out and express opinions that should really be kept out of group chats…that said it is like when you mute someone you just take a nice cleansing breath and move on…Sooo back to my question do you subscribe to any of the subscriptions boxes…well I so say now that I am hooked, obsessed, with them ~ from Powder Pack, Deco(c)rate, Luxe, Pandora and Bish Box items inside are exclusive for each box ~ meaning they most likely will never be in the Designers stores ~ okay not each item am jumping up and down but I have gone back and retried on and its like oooh ok ~ the other day I received Bish Box and absolutely love the two items am wearing along with I also hit the Shiny Shabby event and found another skin applier from Essences that I absolutely will make this the one will be wearing for awhile ~

Wearing Varonis & Eliavah from Bish Box

The dress is from Varonis that was created especially for the July Bish Box the dress is called Natalia and love how the creator included that bustier still it is one piece and made specific for Maitreya, which is why my body just looks simply perfect in it ~ how nice the designer included 4 colors as well ~ very well made and hubby who briefly came in even if he is traveling loved the outfit ~ if you liked to see more of her creations please click HERE to look at her Flickr page… now moving downwards to the absolutely fantastic shoes ~ can you see the designer but just wait till I turn around woo hooo…

Wearing Lu’Tia Heels by Eliavah

Are they not gorgeous ~ love the detailing with the crisscrossing of the laces up top to how it wraps around my legs ~ nice sharp stiletto heels really giving your legs that xtra sizzle ~ now the gorgeous new Skin applier from Shiny Shabby ~

Wearing Tania by Essences

The nice sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of my nose is just another little detail the creator makes this special ~ am wearing Medium #2 as I like the color am not into pales or too dark but they are gorgeous if you try the demo ~ there are 2 others that I went back and forth trying to decide and finally made my choice ~ you have choices of brows and no brows another detail that I do love ~ Now my faithful readers I won’t say rush out and subscribe to Bish Box but the quality of the items make it worth the 1500L at least in my opinion ~ The box is always delivered on the 20th ~ and yes I have a post it on my puter giving me the dates for all the boxes I subscribe to *giggling* see am truly addicted to these different boxes and never 2 are the same month to month ~ below is a list of the different subscriptions boxes that I subscribe to and when they deliver

Deco(c)rate ~ 8th, Luxe Box ~ 15th, Powder Pack ~ 17th

Bish Box ~ 20th, Pandora ~ 22nd

Again all different always worth the Lindens but maybe try a box to see ~ will say the Powder Pack has 2 different ones geared for Catwa then another one for Lelutika ~ please stick around as I head off to see Indie Teepee as this is an event so unlike the others ~ I met with a creator that cannot wait to show you his creation…hugzz & be good to you and to others ~ life is too short to hate ~ Peace out♥


First let me thank Kay Weston for her creating Backdrop area where this was shot ~ it is an area that has various backdrops I should say a HUGE area filled with more backdrops that I try to show you ~ Also thank yous goes out to all the designer/creators of the Subscription Boxes your work is awesome and I thank you ~

Skin by Essences ~ Tania found at Shiny Shabby 
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
Eliavah ~ Lu’Tia Heels [Maitreya] -July Bish Box
IKON Odyssey Eyes Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
VARONIS – Natalia Dress [Black] [Maitreya] – July Bish Box
[monso] My Hair – Ruda /Mixed
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya shape tweaked a lot

Shot on location of I.E. Backdrop Area using poses by Aliud from Runway Series