afternoon w/bestie…

Afternoon with Bestie
Dena and I always look for furniture that looks good and has some nice poses that are not always just adult ~ we hit the prize with Dreamland Designs ~the Secret Love Antique Chaise that is exclusive to TWE12VE ~ it does not only look good in its rich color but has such a nice variety of poses inside it ~ we tried the friends poses and they are fresh and new as you see above ~ DD has made 2 versions a PG and Adult for those that like something a little more risque and kinky ♥  Still in the PG version you will get the Cuddles, Male/Female sits, Friends poses and even reading poses ~ quality rates up there in 5 stars along with I do like the detailing that makes it look antique ♥  We both agree it is worth the Lindens and a trip to TWE12VE to try out the demo ~ here is Dena’s version with a different pose ~ stick around as we turn ourselves into naughty maids hehehe…hugzz to all and please remember to be kind to yourself and others ♥

Shot at Backdrop City using the poses in the DD Antique Chaise ~

Props used
inVerse ~ Malibu – potted plant
hive // potted plants . swiss cheese plant . pot b
Fancy Decor: Leaning Art
CR Potted Cyclamen Red
BackBone Shabby Chic – Vase of Roses
NOMAD // Art Noveau Floor Lamp
Sherbert & Reina Photography Painting Americana “Station”{S}
-Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (Lazy)
Calico Cat Lying – Mesh – Full Perm
DD Secret Love Antique Chaise-Adult
*AF* Scattered Roses – White Long
House Of Shade – Bae Window Backdrop

Dena is wearing:
Shape -Mine
**ABSEN** -YES-NO-Jeans Lara
*JB* Breanna Shirt – White – Lara
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Hope Eyes (right) – Maldives
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Am wearing:
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Navy+Copper – Americano
Vinyl – LIT Flannel – Maitreya
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Womens Wedding Band
Shape ~ Mine
Skin ~ Pumec/Marcelle

Beauty Bar Disaster…

Beauty Bar Disaster #Foxcitychallenge3
Dena and I took a friends advice and went to visit what she said was the best salon in Second Life called the Beauty Bar ~ well as it was Valentines Day coming up along we went and .as you can see word of mouth is not always best…Giggling as you can see ♥ We did, however, have a great time while we waited and waited and waited ~ looks like the one on the left of Dena waited way longer than we did ~ and that poor drunk girl with all the free booze she just slid off the chair into the bowl ~ guess she will have a very wet bum along with a nasty hangover…Dena was surprised watching our manicurist turn into Mr. Bones as he was hot, hunky and handsome when we both sat down ~ since I am the impatient one, got up chose my own polish and did my own nails…looks like the Beauty Bar will not be getting any repeat business in the future as it looks DEAD♥♥♥

Dena and I had a blast putting this blog post together for the #FOXCITYCHALLENGE3, first time for us to try our hand with a challenge and hey even if we don’t win we had fun♥  Shot at my own using Foxcity’s latest photo booth Pink Bar along with the Foxcity Galentine Day Pose & Mani #7 pose ~ if you like to check out all the entries click HERE

Used the following props:

Foxcity Photo Booth Pink Bar, Serenity Style/Mozart Spring Pictures,*FG* Valentine Cactus, .BASIL. Mirror Heart Silver Backing, Luna Moon Happy Valentine’s Day I Love You Decoration, dust bunny Assorted love chocolates, Ra YA Designs Drunk Girl 6
+Half-Deer+ Valentine Side Table, S&A Design Mesh Pot Plant Ukka, Skeletons by Raya JonsonBackBone Champagne Bottle, DaD Vintage Rotary Phone

Dena is wearing:
:::insanya::: ThongGS – M.Lara
Crystal Glass of Champagne-Gift
IKON Triumph Eyes- Electric
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
[hh] Aliz Dress MAITREYA
Shape-My Own

Am wearing:
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
TRUTH / Nylah
Chop Zuey Willow Love
[hh] Aliz Bow Choker
[hh] Aliz Dress MAITREYA
[hh] Aliz Heels Heels
Skin Pumec/Marcella May tone
Shape ~ Mine

glamping we go…

Cramming as much of comfort stuff that Dena and I thought we would need I gave her directions to one of the most gorgeous places I have seen the Smoky Mountains that borders on Tennessee and North Carolina ~ we were really lucky the National Forest was letting us spend a couple of nights as the temperature was mild and the snow forecast for the next couple days was absolutely nil ~ as you can see Dena and myself set up camper and if the weather gets bad we can always hop in our comfy travel trailer to get us comfy…Dena did most of the work setting up as I struggled with the tent ~ you can just see behind us the peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains ~ choosing a perfect spot just in front of the Tennessee streams where the fishing is amazing.  At least I hope so as that was the plan for dinner ~ back up is the pot of soup simmering on the campfire along with a kettle of hot water for tea or maybe hot cocoa later…lunch is the sandwiches that we grabbed just before entering the park ~ you can also set we set up some nibbles of wine and cheese when we get back from fishing…ummm Dena is yelling at me from the stream so gotta get going ~ Y’all take care and we will be back soon ♥

Shot on at my home with tons of help from bestie Dena Teardrop ~ using the following

REIGN.- Summer Roadtrip Droptop PINK
Marketplace item washing pole & panties
BackBone Breakfast in Paris – Coffee Cup
Dahlia – La Dolce Vita – Moka Espresso Maker
HCC Sleeping Bags Single
{what next} Lisbeth Garden Blanket V2 1
{what next} Provence Picnic Sandwich Tray
{what next} Provence Picnic Tray Table
{what next} Provence Picnic Lantern
{what next} Provence Picnic Drinks Tray (rose)
{what next} Little Haven Portable TV (lilac)
{what next} Little Haven Caravan (coastal)
{what next} Campfire Log Stool #2
{what next} Pine Ridge Cooking Pot – Soup
{what next} Pine Ridge Tent
{what next} Sierra Blanket Box
{what next} Pine Ridge Kettle
{what next} Pine Ridge Campfire
{what next}Pine Ridge Camping Stool (red)
[we’reCLOSED] deck chair light
Toro. San Jose Crate {Blue} ~ courtesy of hubby
!!FollowUS!! Bistro – Wine tray

young couturier in…

young couturier quarters in Paris 

She took the chance with no regrets even though her parents were against her making this move to a foreign land in the 1920’s but all the Fashion mags screamed PARIS and that is where she wanted to become a “couturier” even if she had to live a simple life as her Father gave her so much money that mostly went for fabric and patterns that she just wanted to try her hand at making ~ looking in you could see she slept on a daybed, had her little table and chairs a couch for any company or clients that may stop to visit ~ she even got inventive scouring the streets for bargains on patterns and fabric as she was determined to make it ~ her friend Pierre helped her with the finds of the linen shelf and a bargain 2 for 1 chandeliers ~  but her biggest find was this loft with the huge floor to ceiling windows letting in light for her to work no matter what time it was ~ as she looked around she declared “this is home and I love it…

Credits ~ always goes first to my bestest Dena for all the suggestions, moving around the furniture ~ we always work good as a team on these stuff projects ~ since I moved the Blogger/Vlogger group has presented a sandbox for members to enjoy and that just made my day as many know I downsized my home and will not have the prims ~ this came at a perfect time and I thank them a lot ~ Most of the items also came from last month’s Deco(c)rate subscription box as the theme was Paris ~ if you are into decor this is really a great subscription box filled with lotz of goodies…We did take a build by Fourth Wall the Scandi Cabin  from the Builders Box February edition  ~ Props are below ♥♥

Props used:
:CP: Ancien Settee ~ Feb Deco(c)rate~
ARIA – Magda Teacup Light Feb Deco(c)rate~
DaD “Vintage Paris Daybed” Feb Deco(c)rate
DaD – Vintage Paris rug” Feb Deco(c)rate
[Merak] -Petitte Cabinet (With Fabrics)~Feb Deco(c)rate~
[Merak] – Sewing Clutter~Feb Deco(c)rate~
[Merak] – Boite a chapeau~Feb Deco(c)rate~
[Merak] – Vintage Mannequin~Feb Deco(c)rate~
BackBone Breakfast in Paris – Stool~ Feb Deco(c)rate~
BackBone Breakfast in Paris – Table Set for Two~Feb Deco(c)rate~
{-Maru Kado-} Balloon chandelier Feb Deco(c)rate~
Fancy Decor: Metallic Chandelier (silver)~
Fancy Decor: Potted Succulent
Kitty Creations Antique WIndow Decoration –
VOID – Arpeggi Phonograph~
[ zerkalo ] Shabby Chic Jewelry Box~
This Cozy Home – Perfect Potted Plant
Toro. Tropical plant + Worn out Wooden Stepladder
NOMAD // Art Noveau Floor Lamp~
Once Upon Time.. Frame Grey Paris
REKT Paris Bottles V1~5
JIAN Caged Candles~
Sewing machine* nanao.loon
Pictures by Starr Ghost
Fourth Wall ~ Scandi Cabin

petite patisserie…

our petite patisserie

Dena and I decided to go with a Parisian theme in choosing to decorate especially with the great build from this months Deco(c)rate ~ all geared towards Paris ~ from the build by Serenity Style that is truly inspiring we chose just to use a small portion of this build to create one of those outdoor cafes that we imagined passing by and stopping in for a latte and a yummy chocolate croissant ~ I did take a little liberty by changing the name of it on the awning which those that might not understand the words it loosely translates to Friends Bakery along with the other sign of course also in French to say “open” ~ As you look in the window you will see another item from the February crate that the gorgeous balloon chandelier by {-Maru Kado-} ~ as the cafe table that is set for two, which includes coffee pot, napkin holder, plate of croissant and a latte with spoon and the adorable sugar pack ~ love the chairs too that you can see has the Eiffel Tower built into both that was created by Backbone ~ how creative right…the rest we dug deep into our closet to create an adorable outdoor cafe scene ~ there is much more from the crate that we will be showing off for you later so please stick around ♥♥

Credits go to first my BESTIE Dena for all her input and really coming through with those great suggestions ~ for the great February Deco(c)rate this month as it will be featured a number of times ~ and to all my followers and those that take time to send out comments and compliments especially those that do the home and decor blogs  ~ thank you

Props used ~ and no animals were harmed in making this especially “Frenchy

Serenity Style- Le Coeur de Satine Bistro/Patisserie~Feb/Deco(c)rate
{-Maru Kado-} Balloon chandelier Feb/Deco(c)rate
BackBone Breakfast in Paris – Stool Feb/Deco(c)rate
BackBone Breakfast in Paris – Table Set for Two Feb/Deco(c)rate
Botanical – Boxwood Bush Round
Botanical – Boxwood Bush Square
Botanical – Boxwood Bush Cone
*Lok’s* Planter with Forget Me Nots
Ivy 06 – Green – Pablo Kolcci Store
[shutterfield] coffee shelf group gift
.:revival:. bucket of tulips
Once Upon Time… TypeWriter & Coffee time
Zen Creations Flowers in Bucket~
.:Bee Designs:.:Spring Patio set Gacha Cart
.:Bee designs:. Cute Pets
Aphrodite Fancy roses vase~ Vday gifty from hubby 
[Black Bantam]My Old Lazy Chief French Bulldog/Rare
Sway’s [Stony] stepping stone
{taraFAB} Lamp Post