Am Late…

Yes i’m late for a very important date ~ it’s a small little cocktail party that is focused on making people aware of next month is Breast Cancer Awareness ~ makes me happy to see that SL plays a vital part in this with the Rock Your Rack event ~ and yes I am one of the official bloggers for that event…straightening out this chic cocktail dress by (BYRNE)

Poppy Dress by (BYRNE)

Getting into the elevator now and just hoping that little creepy child does not get on ~ last week he accidently on purpose spilled soda on me ~ please, please let him not appear…

Poppy Dress in Red by (BYRNE)

Oh yes can you tell who showed up the next floor down ~ grrr so thankfully I had this exact dress in Red and still think I will make it on time ~ anyway this one piece Single shoulder poppy design velvet dress with black leatherette ruffle is just stunning and it is exclusive for the RYR *Rock Your Rack* event ~ I know I know let me show you a close up

Close up of Exclusive Item from (BYRNE)

The design is very posh with that ruffled leatherette and comes with matching choker and bracelet also in leather ~ stunning design that the Designer/Creator of (BYRNE) darkly cazalet  has made the gracious choice of giving 100% of the proceeds on the color Purple and 50% for the color Red ~ in case you are wonder about this event please click on this LINK to find out all the info about it, why it was started and what it does ~ such a great group of people, which really makes me honored to be a part of this ~

Rock Your Rack 2017 Official AD
Please take time to attend

As I rush out the door to my party am going to say night and remind each of you early detection does save lives ~ remember when in the shower do your monthly breast inspection could be a life saver for you ~ hugzz ~ till next time ♥

Am Wearing:
Amara Catwa Skin Applier Leanne Sept PP
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
(BYRNE) Poppy Dress-Purple Maitreya 100% donations
(BYRNE) Poppy Dress-Red Maitreya 50% donations
(BYRNE) Poppy Leather Bracelet (L)
(BYRNE) Poppy Leather Choker – Black
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CATWA Tongue piercing
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
REIGN,- Mila Heels
*YS&YS catwa shape tweaked

Shot on location of Image Essentials Backdrop area using poses Stair Down *1st Pic* and Male Walk 1 *2nd Pic* both by Image Essentials

New York City…

New York City or as most call it The Big Apple ~ what a fantastic city to visit just not sure living here is for me personally, the city  draws you in and you get caught up  with the shows, the people, the food and just all the sights…it is a city that is so diverse you meet people from all over and truly you gotta love New Yorkers as brash as they are they come together when needed…a city that I have to show off my latest outfit from Hilly Haalan called Catrine in~ I struggle to maintain my composure as I travel on the NYC subway for reasons that will have to be saved for another day ~ just let me say it is truly an experience in more ways than you could imagine…nothing prepares you as strangers serenade you with song, drunks might pester your for a bit of change or all the hustling that goes on getting in and out of the subway and a tip that you do not act like a tourist that gawks at all the oddities you are seeing…can you tell that all I just related happened in one RL trip…can now giggle and remember with a smile but back in my visit I was a little overwhelmed…

Checking out the Newsstand 

Thirst overcame me as I was basically pushed off the subway so taking a moment to get myself bottled water and calm my fears ~ oh yes New Yorkers intimidate me I will admit that as they briskly walk past me ~ they have this air of confidence as I can imagine they would need it in this bustling city where it is either survive or…At least this outfit with the long skirt and the turtleneck sweater will keep me warm ~ it is supposed to be warmer but I was not going to deter from wearing this adorable fall outfit…

Climbing up from the Subway

Oh my there is a throng of people that I should move quickly out of their way before I get jostled back down the stairs yet needed to give you a first glimpse of this skirt and sweater set that Hilly just released in her Main Store…and OMG I see the vendor carts with the pretzels, warm chestnuts and woah my fave of all Nathan’s Hot Dog…

Closer look at Catrine Outfit

You have not lived till you tasted a Nathan’s Hot Dog ~ pure yummy with just a touch of mustard, little relish ~ you can get them grocery stores but it just is not the same ~ same with NYC world famous bagels ~ just taste better and oh yes ever go try a slice of Pizza too ~ tried 3 different pizza joints and each one was heaven made ~ mmmm now another tip is keeping your money safe ~ money is safely tucked in the inside of my boot as I will not take any chances having my purse snatched ~ most New Yorkers will tell you to hide your credit cards and money not in your purse but in your shoe/boot or well you get the gist…but you want to know more about this outfit and that it comes with pink and red cropped sweaters ~ the turtleneck looks comfy and it is not trying to strangle my neck umm you know the kind right?  Plus the longer sleeves that will overhang past your fingers ~ having this cropped is giving a peek a boo look at your well earned stomach muscles that you worked so hard to achieve ~ show them off you deserve too…long skirt keeping those legs nice and warm when winter weather will test you ~ and 2 different types of material for the skirt as well…

Boots included 

These boots are great for spending the day walking around the city and still trying to look chic and put together ~ entire look will be great for Fall and Winter ~ as well as mix matching with other items…apologies that the bag was not shown but just couldn’t risk it just know it does match the skirt ~ This is offered on Marketplace and at her Main Store ~ again my suggestion is head to her store so you can wander around looking at her latest releases and great bargains at the same time…that is it for the moment in The Big Apple except I met up with Dena and she and I visited some other hot spots ~ stick around please ~ be good to YOURSELF always and kind to others ♥

Credits go to Hilly for this adorable outfit as well as giving me the opportunity to show it off to all my readers ~ thank you bunches ♥

Am Wearing:

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
Astrology: Hi Sabrina Hair
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CATWA Tongue piercing
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Suicide Gurls – Willow Sunglasses
Yasum*Maitreya*Belly Gem*
[hh] Catrine Boots MAITREYA
[hh] Catrine Skirt MAITREYA 1 & 2
[hh] Catrine Sweater RED & Pink MAITREYA
Amara Catwa Skin Applier Leanne ~ Sept PP
*YS&YS Catwa Shape ~ tweaked

Shot on Location at New York’s Rockefeller Center using poses from the Kai Series by Image Essentials ~ 

Stylin on Runway…

You all see them strutting down that narrow runway that is called a “catwalk” *I know why know cuz you better be like a cat it is so narrow” maybe wondering how it would feel to be up there with cameras pointed at you, patrons staring at you and being very critical, and the show director praying that you do not twist an ankle or some other embarrassing move ~ only in SL could I truly do this but I wanted that “The Look” that look you see only a runway model could pull off as they walk with the blank stare, outrageous hair and makeup ~ something that makes them notice ~ as I slid on this uber gorgeous dress by “Madcatcreations Boutique” in Snake Print, change my hairstyle, add on some ultra eye shadow and eyeliner, glide on my lippy and slip into my heels I feel this transformation happening and its my turn to walk the “catwalk” wish me luck I do not fall…

Wearing Scoop Dress by Madcatcreations in Snake Print

When the designer named this dress Scoop she knew exactly what she meant huh…Wowzer ~ I will say it is leaving my girls halfway covered *grinz* and that bare belly could of used a gem or maybe a tat to show it off but I think keeping it simple works ~ now if I do not laugh or trip I will do fine ~ gotta remember walk slow, don’t smile and get your eyes that glazed over look ~ alright now I gotta stop so people can gawk, take pics and just give me the eye as I wonder will I turn around correctly or will I make a mistake…

Closer Look 

Honestly am just not sure about this hair and am so happy it is just a wig that the dresser shoved in my hands at the last moment screaming put this own ~ then almost stabbed me with that pointy thing ~ most dressers are notoriously known for not being gentle hmm guess it is part of their job…so here I stand stone face so all around get that glimpse and YES this is for the Rock Your Rack event ~ giving the VIP’s and my readers a early look ~ so please put this on your shopping list …ok gotta run  back and change to the Leopard Print…..brb

Leopard Print

Whew made it back and down the runway without one mishap ~ see the dresser tore off my wig shoved another one on me made me put just ONE yes ONE earring in ~ and with scissors in hand he started trimming up this wig ~ YIKES he got way too close for comfort and then shoves me out on the runway…both of these and other gorgeous items will be available beginning September 30th ~ and if you do not know what RYR is this is an annual event that raises funds for a RL Charity The National Breast Cancer Foundation that helps give free mammograms to those in need as well as educate, support as well as early detection services ~ DO YOU KNOW ~ that there is still no cure for Breast Cancer and the BEST way is early detection ~ a good way to start is give your girls a very good feel ~ then make sure you go have a mammogram ~ yes I know it squishes them almost to pancakes BUT that just might save your life ~ Breast Cancer also is becoming more prevalent in the Men too ~ Welp I gotta stop chit chatting as I am getting these looks from the other models ~ you will see me around at the Event please say Hi ~ for me am excited at all the Designers, Entertainers and other fun stuff that will be at this Event ~ if you want more information about Rock Your Rack please click HERE ~ till next time please be good to yourself and to others – Peace out ♥

Credits go to the Models Giving Back as well as Jaime Sandalwood ~ they are giving me the honor of being an official blogger for this event…thank you ♥

Rock Your Rack 2017 Official AD

Am Wearing:

Amara Catwa Skin ~ Leanne Sept PP
Eye Shadow Modish Sekeba Sept PP
.SHI Hair Ethereal ~ First Pic
Izzie’s Glittery Undereye Catwa May PP
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
.Shi : Hearken
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CCD – Nose Piercing
EF: Rhapsody Earring
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
MCC Scoop Dress in Snake & Leopard – Maitreya
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
REIGN.- Villenti Heels (Maitreya-High)

Shot on Location of Image Essentials using her Prop “Runway” 

ModelsGivingBackNEW HQ

Its Magic…

Yes sometimes well possibly a lot of times there is magic that happens and like with anything you just gotta believe ~ was trying on this slinky gown when this voice asked “do you believe in magic” ~ am looking around thinking who is talking to me ~ but I did think to myself course I believe in magic ~ I love watching magic ~ the voice said walk into the water and you will see and feel the magic ~ OH MY as my eyes got bigger and looked towards the pond where oh yes there is something magical in there cuz I saw it and have proof but why should I walk into the pond and get soaked…Crazy thing I just took a leap and headed to our little pond ~ and oh my the calm that came over me as well don’t they say images are worth more than words…Look ~

Arms open Wide floating 

The pond had turned into this gorgeous pool of blue water with the clouds reflection as I stood there my arms open wide waiting when this complete sense of calm came over me and that voice said lean back ~ ok ok am a little bit crazy but what do I have to lose except wet hair and a ruined gown…but umm I did it

Leaning back and floating

The water felt softer than I ever realized ~ my eyes were fully opened but I was only focusing on the feeling and nothing more because it was simply marvelous ~ the voice again said lean back further…and I did

All the way back

My hands were in the water except all I felt was this softness and yet I was not scared at all again the calmness and peace just surrounded me ~ probably must of been in shock and at the least worried about that voice in my head but no worries just this dream state…

Floating on top of the water 

I was floating just barely on top of the water and the strange thing is through all this was I remained completely dry ~ really weird again none of those thoughts were inside my head just peace as my eyes were open but looking up at the bluest skies with the fluffiest clouds ~

Arching as I begin to stand back up

My body started arching as I because my ascent back up if anyone had of been around they would of never believed what they were watching ~ the movements were smooth and graceful ~ then suddenly am standing back on my grass wondering…

Was it Magic??

My gown is dry, my hair is dry and am wondering was it magic or did I just zone out for a few moments but I shrug and smile because whether it was or wasn’t those moments were truly calm and peaceful ones …So would you like to have some magic in your life? You gotta head over to Twe12ve event and search out Image Essentials for their Levitation Series poses ~ Kay Weston owner/creator has done an excellent job creating some magic ~ will leave you with this song ~

What am wearing:
::SG:: Moon Eyes
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
LC – Snow Goddess Gown – Maitreya
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
TRUTH / Athena / latest VIP Gift
*ys&ys tweaked
Amara Catwa skin applier “Katie

Shot at my Residences using Levitation Series by Image Essentials w/last pose using Sultry#8 also by Image Essentials


Autumn is almost…

Yes Autumn is almost here according to the Farmer’s Almanac and according to Wikipedia it happens approximately the same time every year September 22 ~ where daylight will get shorter, temps will get cooler xcept those places that never cool off…and the leaves start changing into those beautiful fall colors that I so enjoy ~ where I grew up on the East Coast there would be a rush to visit Skyline Drive every year to see the majestic trees bearing their proud red and gold leaves ~ truly a sight that everyone wanted to see and the traffic jams were legendary ~ in SL I always make a point to travel to Calas to check out the fall landscaping ~ at my home am just starting to gear up to decorate ~

Setting out pumpkins

From fall leaves, pumpkins, and chairs with blankets it is a fun time for landscaping ~ I even pulled out a pair of tights to slip on under this rather short but cute mini dress ~ along with slipping on a pair of boots ~

Ten Reasons 

As I try to express ten reasons why I love Autumn let me just say the #1 reason is cooler weather ~ am so not a hot weather fan at all and the only time I enjoy summer is with ocean waves washing over me and sitting at the beach ~ I absolutely love fall and winter my 2 favorites seasons ~

Thumbs up 

Giving a thumbs up to this cute outfit as it is still warm enough during the day to wear this absolutely adorable top by Belle Epoque called “Maddie” that was from a past Forest subscription box ~ oh and have to bring attention to this cute “Counting Hands Hud” that Kay Weston of Image Essentials has created ~ yes there are 10 different finger poses counting 1 thru 10 ~ The below pic will show you ~

Counting Hands Hud

Guessing I should get back to landscaping and working on inventory as I never do keep seasonal clothing unless it is very specific as I giggle that I did find a top that will be sporting come Christmas time that a certain prop maker made ~ till next time please be kind to each other ~ life is just way too short to be mean ~ hugzz ♥

Credits go to Kay from Image Essentials for giving me the opportunity to blog her items and thanks to all my readers, supporters and followers it honestly makes me smile when I see a comment or a like…thank you

Am Wearing:

Belle Epoque { Maddie } Ivory ~ The Forest August – no longer available 
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[BREATHE]-Kenzie Boots-(M) ~ Forest Sub Box ~ December
*ys&ys catwa shape ~ tweaked 
amara beauty catwa skin applier Brooke ~ PP March

Shot at my Residence using poses from Counting Hands Hud from Image Essentials and LumiPro2017 with the following credits to the props **{what next} Oslo Chair (autumn) FrankLee Anatra
*Just BECAUSE* – Autumn Arrangement – Orange creator Annie Melson
*Funky*Junk* She Shed ~ Ulaa Coronet Action Autumn Leaves ~ Maz Pixel (marilynmonroe.munro


It is always nice when you find someone in Second Life that you just click with ~ could be a male or a female but the relationship is not a romantic one just as super good friends with only the benefits of being able to talk about anything and everything ~ one that you know will never judge you unless they are telling you what you are wearing just does make your bum look fat or the hair color is not flattering for you ~ that kind of friendship that being honest with each other but not in a hurtful way but one that will give you help when you need it, a shoulder to cry on and one that no matter how many days pass you are there for each other ~ that for me besides Sten is my Bestie Dena Teardrop ~ we laugh to the point of snorting or tears coming down our faces, we listen to each other rant and vent about whatever is going on in our lives at the moment ~ and we can make statements that are not hurtful but honest like I mentioned above ~ we do voice and I love listening to her accent as she is across the pond from me and yes at times I have to ask her to spell the word LOL but for the most part we are like two peas in a pod ~ or as some say Sisters from a different mother hehehe ~ plus we needed to upgrade our pics of the two of us as what we have was before we graduated to our Mesh Heads ~

fooling around

This really reflects our silly sides that there are times that my tummy really hurts from all the laughing we do and once we stop its like we ask “what were we laughing about” if you asked for me to give an example I cannot remember one LOL ~ yes CSR does affect me at times *giggling* but I have to say that I do love this pose by Image Essentials called Goofy Nerds and it is available at Designer Circle for 10 more days ~ grab my TAXI ~ it is a couple pose but just another way of thinking outside the box when you look at poses to not just think only male/female ~

Best Friends Forever

Little more portrait style that I used an older pose called “Best Friends Forever” by [Cloud] but trying to remember where I got it as the Main Store is no longer there ~ even looked on Marketplace but I am sad to say it is no longer available ~ both images I think reflect Dena and myself as we can be funny and we can be supportive ~ For me my wish is that each of you does have a “bestie” in here as it makes life more interesting and a lot of fun ~ till next time please be good to yourself and others ~ hugzz to all

Credits ~ thanks to Kay Weston of Image Essentials for creating this fun pose and always letting me blog for you ~ to my Bestie Dena again I thank you for putting up with my grumpiness and bitchiness ~ you truly are my best friend ~

Am Wearing:
*katat0nik* (eye sparkles) Autumn Blues
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes  – Darkstar
Kaithleen’s Grunge Hoodie –
Pure Poison – Kuki Sneakers – Maitreya – Black
Tableau Vivant \\ Rossella hair ~
[hh] Tashina Jeans
*ys&ys tweaked
7 Deadly S[k]ins Cicely GGift

Dena is wearing:

::MA:: Maitreya High Wedge Sneakers “Kingston” {Pair}
IKON Triumph Eyes  – Electric
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Sage- Josie Jeans MAITREYA
Sage- Josie Jacket/Top MAITREYA
[e] Desta
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape Tweaked

Together again…

Starr and I often find ourselves turning up in the same outfit or hair and on some occasions both, as this happened again today when we wanted to do a dual blog post wearing Loulou the outfit that is by FurtaCor at Designer Showcase this month…btw please keep reading down to the credits as there will be a notice about Designer Showcase…

Myself & Starr wearing Loulou by Furtacor

I chose the vivid pink with Starr choosing the black and white zigzag pattern she teamed hers with the black sandal with myself the white as a contrast but you can see they fit us well and we had fun trying them out on the jet ski that is also included along with the sandals too so glad to say we did not lose any of our clothing as we laughed at our antics while out on the water~

Ready for a quick race on the Jet Ski’s 

These are really nice jet ski’s as they have all kind of neat features and go really really fast ~ so much you can notice we are up in the air after speeding over a wave that we navigated through ~ there are 3 speeds, options to change boat color as well…And the best feature is Furtacor includes this along with the sandals, outfit and cute bag for one low price ~ pssst it is a bargain ladies ~

Flamingo Bag by FurtaCor

Deciding to find dry land Starr thought to  show you the Flamingo bag that that comes with this too just right for your beach-time must haves don’t you think his head makes a cute little handle? And last those adorable sandals too

Sandals also included 

The entire outfit comes with a Hud that you can change the top, bottoms, sandals with a nice variety of solids and patterns as you can see Dena and I wearing ~ Summer might be dwindling down for some and others it just might be beginning or never gets cold either way this is a great outfit for you to have in your inventory ~ getting close to the end of the month so you do not want to miss out here is my TAXI to whisk you away…Till next time both of us want to say be safe, be kind to one another as life is too short not to…♥♥

Credits: First we both have to say huge Thank you to FurtaCor for giving us the opportunity to wear these outfits ~ Second another huge huge thank you to Aisha Convair owner of Designer Showcase for all her hard work with the Showcase and with that she is taking a very much needed break for the month of September YAY finally and will reopen Designer Showcase in October at the usual time ~

Dena is wearing:
Amara Catwa skin applier Kelly
*Skyye Inx & Skins* Kitten Navel Ring
::::FurtaCor:::Loulou Panties::Maitreya
::::FurtaCor:::Loulou Sandals
:::FurtaCor:::Loulou Top::Maitreya
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape ~ tweaked

Starr is wearing:
::::FurtaCor:::Loulou panties::Maitreya
::::FurtaCor:::Loulou Sandals
::::FurtaCor:::Loulou Summerbag
:::FurtaCor:::Loulou Top::Maitreya
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
~Misha Jesuil~ Belly Ring Dreamcatcher
*YS&YS* Catwa Shape ~ tweaked
Essences Catwa Skin applier Isela ~ Aug Powderpack