Why the fuck do people hate gay people

And I have very good reason to be heterophobic. I mean seriously straight people? It is certainly not appropriate for a ceremony as sacred as marriage! In fact, that is merely the beginning of my very long heterophobic rant. You see, homophobic straight people are always telling me that my homosexual displays of affection are making them uncomfortable. I mean, everywhere I go, there is a crowd!
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5 Reasons Why People Hate GayS & Lesbians

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Why do people hate gay people?? | Yahoo Answers

People nowadays are so Hateful in the first place anyway, But It drives me nuts when they go crazy about how being Gay is such a huge sin and they need to stop being Gay and all that. What the heck? When has being gay ever hurt anything? Why can't people just leave them alone?
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Why do people hate Gay people so much?

Because people can't except the fact that there are people out there that are just a little different. They think everyone should be the same and like the opposite sex. They are just social retards that need to quit putting people down just because of their sexuality. There are a variety of reasons why some people hate gays and lesbians. One reason has to do with misunderstanding about the nature of homosexuality, another has to do with the fact that being gay challenges some long held beliefs about what is moral and how men and women are supposed to act.
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I see a lot of passion involved in the debate over whether they are good or bad, whether homosexuality and bisexuality is wrong or not. What I find intriguing is why is this so important? Why do some people target every LGBT post on social media?
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