Devilish duo…

Devil duo
Tonight we want to be wild and free so with desire in our hearts and lust on our minds we went in search of a Devilish club and as you can see we found one. But..being drawn into the unknown is both exciting and frightening, our devil-may-care attitude may even get us into more trouble but tonight we want to be sucked into a world of sexual innuendo’s and passion~ choosing a dress by MELT called Desire that is at Twe12ve event is the first start in our night to be wild and free ~ our makeup a little more than usual yet underneath the lights inside we will do just fine ♥ As we pose for the club’s photographer both Dena and I use our tongues to give him a naughty impression ~ who knows what the night will bring as I watch Dena turn around swaying her hips as she enters the club I do follow ~ letting her take the lead knowing that I will always be a tad flirty but not overdo since my heart and love belong to Brutus, my sexy hubby ♥  Are you looking for that dress that you can truly wear out on a nite of clubbing this is my choice for you ~ with the harness over the dress giving off that erotic vibe you will not go wrong~ besides the fit was perfect for our Maitreya bodies, the hud has 9 different color choices for the dress and 9 color choices for the harness, even more, it is very affordable so a very win win for you ~ just need to pop over to Twe12ve that starts tomorrow ~ stick around there are lotz more goodies to show you for this lustful month of February ~ just beware it is a short short month please do not procrastinate…till next time hugzz to all ♥♥

Shot at Backdrop City using poses from LumiPro

Dena is wearing:
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Promise Eyes – Clarity
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
{Melt} Desire Dress MAITREYA
Skin- Deetalez

Am wearing:
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
*elise* – Group Gift – THE ONE –
Baiastice_Black Diamonds Wing-earring
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Rock hair unknown creator
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Womens Wedding Band
[Eclectique] – Belise – Arrow Chain Bracelet – SILVER
{Melt} Desire Dress
Zibska Sarika Blue past Powder Pack
Izzie’s Undereye Glitter past PP
Shape ~ mine
Skin ~ ###[Pumec]Marcelle/May tone

red hot…

She looks so innocent holding her lolly but is she really…  your eyes drift downwards and take a long look at what she is wearing you just might change your mind ~ what is racing through her is pure lust giving you an even longer look back ~ she knows exactly how to entice you wearing something so sheer that you can see exactly what color those panties is that you will want to remove later…her eyes again just smile at your with that knowing look you have become to love yet you cannot break away as you watch her tongue come out of her mouth and let you see how she licks gently ~ tongue moving up and down and you take a huge gulp… to be continued another day hehehe ~ yes this outfit Fantasia by Changed Seasons is just perfect to entice, tempt and possibly seduce ♥  truly fits Twe12ve theme of LUST for this month…the event starts on the 12th till the end of the month ~ just make sure you TP over there in 2 days and have this on your list of things to try and buy am sure that someone special will be thankful you did ♥♥ ooh it does include a gorgeous pair of chained heels that add to the tempting ~ just look below


The whole exclusive outfit Fantasia by Changed Seasons will be available at Twe12ve starting tomorrow ~ just in time for Valentine’s Day ♥  till next time remember to take a moment to breathe…

Shot at my home using pose “Red Hot” from Foxcity and ::WetCat:: Lollipop

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
#Foxy – Sugar.
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
CS Chain Heels
CS Fantasia
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Womens Wedding Band
[Glitzz] Lollipop Flavor – Strawberry
Shape ~ mine
Skin ~ Pumec/Marcelle-May

all about gifts…

All About gifts
Everyone loves receiving/getting gifts especially in Second Life where so many groups offer monthly gifts to their members in return for a group fee…Bestie and I have spoken about this various times we are not the type that gets our panties all in a twist if the creator has not put out a group gift right at the first of the month ♥  Dena and myself do have our favorite groups that we have been loyal members for years and the biggest reason is fantastic customer service…The designers/creators respond to questions in a timely manner, they have competent staff that knows the items and usually can solve the issue and if not they make sure the store owner is aware of any problems so they can relay an answer or even a refund if necessary ~ designers/owners also let their staff know how to contact them as well even putting on their profile contact information plus designers/owners are really good at keeping their members informed as to sales, new items and even a very important thing to excellent customer service is to send out a notice to reflect if the owner will be on vacation, or an RL emergency came up that will take them away from SL for possibly months at a time ~ when store owners disappear for over months and months members do get concerned and wonder if the store closing, there is no mention of gifts at all but members are curious if they see nothing new has been added in over a 6 month time period what is going on…what is also disheartening is when in a group chat someone asks those questions and is berated for that ~ being called selfish, bullied to the point why ask such a question as yes I agree RL will always come first yet when absense is stretched into months on end with the owner never sending out a notice to let her customers and group members be aware that possibly it might be a year or so and to be patient and thank everyone for waiting♥  It is called firstly good manners and great customer service ~ speaking of group gifts what Dena and I are wearing is a group gift from Scandalize that comes in pairs and a hud that will let you change the belt color…thats it for now ~ please let me say how much I appreciate all those that read my blog and those that send me compliments and comments as they truly make me smile ~ thanks to bestie for jumping in and being a part of this blog ♥  hugzz

Shot at my home using the pose found on MarketplaceBest Friends” by Lolla Marais, the dog and bird are by Just Animals 

Both are wearing

Skin-DeeTalez ~ Dena
Skin-Pumec ~ mine
Shape-our Own
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Promise-Dena
IKON Odyssey-Mine
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Scandalize. Caitli. Maitreya-Group Gift
Scandalize. Graci . Maitreya-G Gift
Scandalize.Vivian.SHIRT. Maitreya-G Gift

what is it…

Oh my, am wondering what hubby is thinking of this object in our yard ~ giggling and maybe am wondering if you all have notions on what it truly is…Before I tell you the answer on that I would like to share that I applied and was accepted as a blogger for Twe12ve event ~ starting on the 12th of each month myself and Dena will be sharing items from that event…from decor to poses, and yes fashion so it will be a little this and that, which am excited to share with all of you ♥  Am also learning that each month is a different theme too like February is “Lust” and please do not think it will all be kinky or completely risque as that statue is a tip jar for those that want something unique, something different to use in clubs or hey to intrigue someone when you place it in your yard or home hehehe ♥  The tip jar is by Khargo who not only make some unique tip jars but other items as well ~ yes I did my homework and checked out their Marketplace store and they do have an inworld store as well ~  this tip jar truly fits the theme of Lust and I applaud them for coming up with such a unique item♥  It is 100% mesh too – fully functionable and comes with instructions that are very easy to follow…Did that peak your interest to check out Twe12ve this month ~ then mark it on your calendar and stick around for more peeks into what’s coming ♥  hugzzz

TWE12VE Logo NEW 2017

wild beauties…

Wild Beauties
Dena and I ventured into the Serengeti National Park and the amount of animals is tremendous ~ located in Tanzania is one of the oldest national parks and is home to such a variety of animals like you see here ~ from the mighty Lions, African Leopards, Bush Elephants are just among the variety that resides in the Serengeti ~ looks like they came to check us out with both of us dressed in gorgeous gowns by [Sexy Princess] that btw is only 75L each if you belong to the group ♥  As we are surrounded by some of the amazing animals it always touches my heart to see countries all around keeping these animals safe and well protected ♥  One thing that was on my wishlist for quite some time was a National Geographic Wildlife Safari yet no one I asked really could envision themselves doing it and as adventurous as I was could not see myself making this trip alone…to see a giraffe or any of those animals in their natural habitat must be simply amazing…truly must be an experience of a lifetime ♥ Even zoos are moving away from keeping animals in cages and creating environments that are more to where they came from with mixing various species together along with creating desert, rainforest and other landscapes ~ I truly applaud those zoos…now while this adventure was fun Dena and I are now wearing a covering of dust and sweat as the temps get blasting hot mixed with that humidity ~ till next time please remember to take a moment for yourself ♥♥

Shot at my home using a Serengeti image for the backdrop and the following animals that were not harmed at all in the making of this blog post ~poses by LumiPro

Elephant, Jaguar, Monkey, Lion, Lioness, Zebra are all by Just Animals/Marketplace only, *alirium* ItchyGrass [Gold], African Acacia Tree by Lunaria, Giraffe by Lil’Bug

Dena and I wearing are wearing basically the same Catwa heads, shapes are our own, she has on DeeTalez and I am wearing Pumec ~ the gown is by [Sexy Princess]




two loons…

Two Loons
Looking for another place to relax, listen to the sounds of the Loons and just immerse yourself in the gorgeous scenery...Ty and Truck owners of Calas have created another spot that is just that its called “Two Loons” so many words as I look at the above image comes to mind yet the first one is peaceful♥ Just looking at the image you can see how interesting and unusual a place it is ~ each level holds something different and there are plenty of places to sit and truly enjoy the ambiance♥

Through the front door

Once you step in you get this warm and inviting vibe as there is nothing stuffy about Two Loons as everyone feels very welcome ~ Brutus led me to another room as you can see below ♥


We sat in those huge comfy wingback leather chairs and Brutus enjoyed a glass of brandy as I chose a nice wine to sip on…oh yes he is enjoying his cigar as a huge treat since am not a fan of them ♥  This is another place to come and visit over and over again as just looking I see all the wall decor that I missed before ~ Ty and Truck really have a way with decorating that makes me envious of their skills ~ Congrats to them for adding this unique place inside Calas ♥  Please make it one of your stops when you go out exploring as I leave you with a RIDE to the Two Loons ~ enjoy ♥♥

showing off…

Always like helping a fellow blogger especially one that is just starting out as Gypsy Mactavish is…She was accepted as a Designer Showcase blogger where I first started out so am very excited to see her journey ~ plus it gave me another chance to wear the gorgeous gown Isabelle by Tori’s Stylez who is at Designer Showcase for the short month of February…this gown comes with a fantastic hud all you have to choose is which color to purchase as she is giving you 20 different ones ~ yikes that is a whole lot of choices♥ Gypsy and I chose the rich royal satin colors in my shot ~ when you click on the link to her blog post you will see both of us in the pastel colors ~ as well you will have to option to either have the sleeves off like shown above or on like the image on Gypsy’s blog…as a former Designer Showcase blogger I still love going there to do some of my shopping as Aisha Convair owner of Designer Showcase always has chosen some fantastic designers…ooh one last comment the hair is brand new from Truth for the VIP’s ~ gorgeous right♥  Again I do hope each of you will take time to look at Gypsy’s blog post…take care and remember to be kind to yourself and others ♥♥

Shot at my home using poses from LumiPro ~

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
TRUTH Kaijah *newest VIP gift
TS-Isabelle@Designer Showcase
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Womens Wedding Band
Shape ~ mine
Skin ~ Pumec *Marcelle/May