When you are needing something comfortable yet stylish to wear to go out for a picnic I think Furtacor has come up with a wonderful solution to this with her newest design called Faby – from this months Designer Showcase. This is both smart and sexy and yet still has that girl next door feeling to it don’t you think so too?

DS Picnic 1

Wearing Faby by FurtaCor

And as my picnic got rained out from having it outside, I thought I would still have it but in the dry lol can you blame me? As had all the food ready and the wine in my chiller… From the top that will have you not only working on your tan to your shoulders but to those lovely Abs your showing off too to the hip hugging cut-offs with color changing belt right down to the sandals you see are all included. This top is one of them that you will wear again and again with jeans or a skirt as well as shorts with its extensive color hud that changes all pieces..I have chosen to show you just two of the color option here.


Wearing Faby by FurtaCor

With its delicate hole structured texture this is very cool to wear on those hot evenings, this is a must have for your closet along with the hip hugging cut-off’s or turned up Bermuda shorts with their ‘look at my tanned legs look’ lol or maybe we may say ‘Im working on my tan-‘laughing’ but these are such an asset to anyone’s closet again for their versatility ans sandals are always good as your feet have been boxed up in them hot boots or shoes all winter and now deserve some free time lol


Sandals also included with Hud

So please take the time to grab my RIDE to Designer Showcase and see what the designers have come up with you will be surprised at Lindens you will be wanting to spend Till next time Dena♥


:::FurtaCor:::Faby Bermuda Shorts::Lara
:::FurtaCor:::Faby Sandals::MAITREYA LEFT
:::FurtaCor:::Faby Sandals::MAITREYA RIGHT
:::FurtaCor:::Faby Top::Maitreya
Astrology: Hi Sabrina Hair
IKON Triumph Eyes Electric
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape/skin

Shot on location of Starr’s private residence poses used Dreamy by Image Essentials

Somewhere in the night…

Somewhere in the night you feel yourself drifting off in a cloud of haze ~ where the magic happens, the fireflies light the night as you sit and see the fairies play around you and you enjoy that soft melody faintly in the background …


Somewhere in the Night

As I have slipped out of the house wearing the cutest romper that is from PurpleMoon and listening to this strange melodic sounds coming from the garden ~ as I sit on the stump amidst all the flowers the world just changes to a gorgeous pink glow and I see twinkling lights glowing out from the darkness ~ it is magic…A rustle behind me and the world comes back into focus…


Keeana Romper in Black by PurpleMoon

Still its same night, as I look around I still see dragonflies skittering but the pink glow is gone as I sink down onto the stump more am thankful for that brief moment ~ oh am also thankful how the designer of this adorable romper designed it so I could sit on this stump without flashing well you know what I might of been showing *chuckling* but I still look ladylike even if my pose is not so appropriate as my prim and proper Gram might of said ~ Can just hear her now “young ladies do not sit like that, cross your legs as only Ladies of the Evening would ever sit like that” yes my Gram bless her was a very stern but loving woman who when it came to manners she could give “Miss Manners” a run for her money…anyhoo this Romper is not just for evening but can be enjoyed anytime day or night and I will stand up for you to get a better look…


Keeana Romper in Baby Blue by PurpleMoon

Even with its plunging neckline it still gives you enough coverage that you are not showing all of the girls ~ and look at the bottom of the panties where you see that gorgeous sheer soft ruffle ~ very feminine and I love the fact the designer carried that up to the shoulders as well…oh yes am going to turn around right now…


Back View 

Also the neckline plunges around the back to the waist as well ~ simply gorgeous and wanted to show you that if you are into tats how you have plenty of room to have one as I am showing off one from Stardust called “Starry” ~ and you can see the sheer ruffle from behind as well as it lays on across the shoulders ~ just makes me feel so ultra feminine wearing this ~ now you have seen 2 of the 4 color choices the blue and the black both have a nice pattern ~ from the fit of this I needed no altering but if you are concerned please try on the demo ~ guess I better stroll back inside and do some much needed things before I retired to the boudoir for the evening *laughing ~ ok what am saying is dishes need to be washed, coffee maker readied for the morning, and I am into this really great mystery book that need to finish to see how it ends…before I do head out here is your TAXI to Designer Showcase ~ till next time am thinking that Dena has a post coming up ~ anyway please stick around as both of us have lotz more to share with you ~ hugzz to all ~ peace out♥


Oh I have to thank Kay Weston  from Image Essentials creating both poses that were used here her latest Mellow might be geared for males as you could see how I was sitting on the stump but do not limit yourself just for that reason ~ btw Mellow is being featured at SQUARE 1 till the end of the month and Sultry is available on Marketplace and her Inworld Store so check them both out ~ also thanks to Poulet Koenkamp from PurpleMoon for giving me the opportunity to show off that Romper, which remember is at Designer Showcase all month…

“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
:: PM :: Keeana Romper- MAITREYA
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
Sintiklia Jasmine from Hair Fair
IKON Hope Eyes- Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape ~ tweaked by moi
7 Deadly s[k]ins Catwa Applier *Maud* from Sunflower hunt


Little bit foggy…

Oh am sure we each have a favorite sim, or a favorite place to go in SL and mine has not changed since I discovered it and that is Calas ~ from 3 sims to now 10 Calas has been a part of my SL for over 7 years ~ Truck Meredith and Ty Tenk owners and creators of this gorgeous place that I am sure you have hopefully visited their sim at one time or another…they work hard in maintaining the seasons and especially during Halloween and Christmas they also add on a sim just for those occasions and in one of my earlier posts Truck had up his infamous trailer park for the 4th – he probably already took it down as they are getting ready to work on Halloween  ~ their creative talents between both of them reign in my eyes especially wait and see what creepiness they come up with this year ~ So putting on this outfit by LIZIAAH  I knew it had to be somewhere special to show it off and that is the reason I traveled there today…oh btw when you arrive make sure you have music turned on as Truck always has such peaceful music to listen to as you wander around ~ oooh when I got there was a tad foggy but no matter I still can show you this gorgeous outfit…OOOH it has been awhile since I have been here but oh my there is a bakery…yummm


Bum View of Cadence 

Least you can see how the back looks as I slip in quickly to scope out these goodies…hold that thought will be right back momentarily ~ grinning ~ am back and gives you a heads up since I did not want to entice you but hey stop by yourself and check them out…that is all am gonna say..Wandering around Main Street among the flowers and looking over at the pond the fog as gotten thicker but I see some cranes and birds that just wanna take a quick look…


Cadence in White 

With the white and black choices you will see a difference in fabrics as both are lacy as opposed to the others in satin ~ this is such a gorgeous outfit one that looks good no matter what ~ for those upcoming hot August nites this will be a perfect outfit ~ Will try to get a closer look for you as the fog is really rolling in now…


Close up of the White Cadence 

You can see the scalloped edging from the bottom top and the entire skirt really is a lovely lace texture…5 different color choices from white, azure, red, black and white…and fit for me was absolutely no issues ~ well it is just getting so foggy that I can barely see all the gorgeous flowers and such here that will be heading home and come back another day ~ first if you would like more information about Calas please click HERE as well as here is your TAXI and hey don’t worry I got a TAXI for you to whisk you away to Designer Showcase since I know YOU will want to grab this up before it is gone…hey don’t worry I will be returning soon as I have much to show you ~ peace out♥


Thanks goes to Liziaah Lavecchia Owner/Designer of Liziaah for giving me the opportunity to how off her gorgeous outfit ~ as always I so appreciate the support that my friends and followers that take time to read my blog means so much to me…hugzz

“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
DeeTaleZ Mesh BEAUTY MOLE (resize script)
Sintiklia Hair Jasmine from Hair Fair
IKON Hope Eyes- Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[LIZ] Mesh Cadence skirt Maitreya [White]
[LIZ] Mesh Cadence top Maitreya [White]
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya shape tweaked by moi
7 Deadly s[K]ins Catwa Skin applier “Maud” from Sunflower Hunt

Shot all on location of Calas Poses used Graceful Elegance by Image Essentials


Subway Singer…

Ever been to New York City and taken the subway?   It is unique, different and truly an experience that unless you have done it is hard to put into words…I grew up on the East Coast right outside Washington, D.C. and our Metro is nothing like NYC omg no ~ their subway cars at least the couple I rode in were graffiti overload ~ it has been years but an experience that I won’t forget ~ still there are some amazing singers down there even Michael Bublé has sung there as you just never know what you might hear, what you might see as NYC is a huge huge melting pot of all over ~ just standing there waiting on the tracks I was given a flower and sung “Ain’t too Proud to beg” by someone that should of been on “America’s Got Talent” and yes that is a moment in time I will never forget even if it was eons ago so why not try my hand at singing in the subway to see if I can make a few extra lindens….shhhhh dont laugh


Singing in subway

Ok you do see my tip jar is basically empty as many know you put a little of your money in to make it look not so desperate ~ but I do look uber hawt wearing Tori Stylez latest outfit called Abbi ~ I love the chain work between the top and bottom ~ and she has created 3 different styles for this as well ~ am wearing the sheerest ~ hey girls gotta do what she can when her singing ability is sub par…


3 Different Styles

As you can see the above pic from satin, to solid and to sheer ~ as well as chain options or even no chains or no skirt but umm unless you are pairing the top with something else I would not choose the no skirt option…


Closer look 

This is the solid mesh style and gives you a better look at the chains as well ~ detailing is amazing and you know this is excellent quality even if the way my body is twisted just a bit the outfit has that give to it ~ I paired this with an interesting necklace from J&W Jewelers and yes here is a better look at the necklace…


Akroma Collection 

Yes it is diamonds that you are seeing ~ really surprised they trusted me with one this large but it is gorgeous and if diamonds are not the gem of choice J&W have made available other gems like Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald to name a few but there are 6 gems to choose from ~ these come with 2 sizes of earrings as well that you will see me wearing later…and J&W Jewelers has really made this necklace so affordable to you that why not pick up couple ~ And cannot forget my shoes that I slipped into as well ~

Wanted a side by side look so you can see the detailing that went into this gorgeous pair of heels called Faith  by KC Couture ~ the peek-a-boo toes that yes I finally changed my polish ~ geez bestie said it was about time that I do as she was tired of seeing me wear day after day the same polish ~ am like oooh ok and I apologize as in RL either I wear clear polish for my nails and once a year I get a pedi for the summer then my tootsies are sporting polish but that is about it ~ so now you know a little fact about me that am sure you were just dying to know that huh…NOT ~ look at the zipper on the back side of the shoe with a nice stiletto heel along with the front that metal piece along with the entire shoe can be changed to fit your wardrobe with a great hud ~ by the way the price on these shoes are a steal ~ yes seriously they are so affordable and keepers for me that I will wear year round as they will look nice in a pants as well ~ OK my subway singing was a flop but my outfit sizzled and got rave reviews from the Abbi dress by Tori’s Stylez to the gorgeous necklace from the Akroma Collection by J&W Jewelers and those keeper of Faith heels by KC Couture am fine with putting away my mic ~ but am not fine if you do not take my TAXI to Designer Showcase and at least look around ~ prices are awesome, lot of designers that you won’t wanna miss as each month the Showcase is growing ~ a really nice selection of Designers that bring quality items only…till next time ~ peace out ♥


First I gotta tell you if you ever need a place to go and take pics you need to wander over to Image Essentials and climb the stairs to the Backdrop Area ~ its huge and you can use your own poses/props but you do have to be a member of the I.E. group *free* to rez otherwise just use the poses from your inventory ~  or just look around at the store for some great poses/props ~ Also thanks to the designers/creators that give me the opportunity to show off clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc ~ my readers hey am always appreciative of you taking time to read and send me some nice feedback…

Wearing ~ 
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring 
Astrology: Hi Sabrina  Hair ~ gift from Hair Fair 
CATWA HEAD Catya  v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes – Nymph
J&W Jewelers Akroma Collection 2 Necklace Diamond
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape
7 Deadly sKins ~ Maud Catwa Skin applier ~ Sunflower Hunt 
Shot on Location of Image Essentials Backdrop Area using 50’s Style Microphone that I apologize as I am not sure where I got it is from 2014 ~ yes I do keep props LOL



Spanish Lady…

Wearing this ensemble that [LIZ] came up with called Cadence that is of course at *Designer Showcase has I feel a very Spanish lady look to it, with its long floor length skirt and off the shoulder top specially in this black and white combination although it does come in other colors, think this one is stunning and has made me feel like exploring the culture and city of some part of Spain, I found myself a little corner here at a place called Villa de Madrid where after standing at a Spanish bar taking a drink, I managed to get my picture taken with a couple of the locals as you can see here lol


Cadence by LIZIAAH

I have to say they were not very chatty but then that’s maybe because they were on duty- I am so glad I never not told off for taking the photo’s either as am outside one of the government buildings I think, OH! wait have been asked inside to see the office where I am allowed to see where official documents are signed and I was very naughty sneaked a picture with the flag, please don’t tell on me will you-


At least you get to see a close up of this Exclusive jewelry I am wearing by *J&W Jewelers* this set that I am wearing named Akroma is just fabulous and I advise you to go and see this for yourself as am sure you will love it as much as I do and there are Two different sets to choose from that you are able to mix and match.


Sneaking a pic with the La policía

Before I get found out,I had better tell you more about this two piece Cadence by LIZIAAH , you should go and see at Designer Showcase,the top is an off the shoulder little number that in the black is very lacy with a scalloped edge for those of you out there that like to show off your lovely decolletage and your midriff, the skirt is hugging your figure and eyes are drawn to the outstanding pattern to your hip area,then shimmy’s on down in soft folds over the thighs to the floor. This is available in other colors such as Azure and Red and an sure you wont have any fitting troubles I am wearing the Maitreya and its a great fit. There is a demo for those that are unsure. Maybe I had better make a move now before I get found out, don’t want to be thrown in jail on my first visit do I? Before I go am sure you will be wanting a ride to Designer Showcase so here let me call you a TAXI till next time be safe
Dena ♥


CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
IKON Triumph Eyes – Electric
J&W Jewelers Akroma Collection Earrings Diamond
J&W Jewelers Akroma Collection Necklace Diamond
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[LIZ] Mesh Cadence skirt Maitreya [Black & white]
[LIZ] Mesh Cadence top Maitreya [Black & white]
*YS&YS* ILLY Shape ( Tweaked by me)

Shot on location using poses Anna Series by Image Essentials 


Sometimes when I wake my dream is right at the edge of my mind ~ if it is a really good one and you know the ones am talking about *giggling* I want to just close my eyes and try to go back into that dream and others am glad it is morning and the dream was just that a dream…With being in Second Life you can take your dreams, bring them in and recreate to whatever outcome you want ~ like becoming this angel or fairy that floats among the clouds…


Floating down

Now not looking like a normal angel as it might be am just not a very normal angel *laughing* as am sure hubby and Dena would agree ~ but this prop called Floating Dreams helps me recreate what I had on my mind…


Laying on a cloud

Kay Weston of Image Essentials has created this very dreamy prop that is now at Twe12ve that is opening up today till the end of the month…As I wanted to reshow off this sexy lingerie by Tori’s Stylez that is now at her Inworld Store as well as on Marketplace  you will note there is a demo for you to try on if you are concerned…And one last peek at this Prop and my sexy outfit


Wearing Mikala by Tori’s Stylez

As with dreams I am wishing for all my readers that you have wonderful ones ~ now I must wake up and get on with my day ~ thank you to Kay and Tori for allowing me to show these to all of you ~ till next time be good, have pleasant dreams and remember life is too short to hate ~ peace out ♥


“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes – Nymph
Le Poppycock *Fairy Wings* Silver Frost
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
TS-Bottom-Mikala <MAITREYA-LARA>
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape tweaked 
7 Deadly sKins Maud catwa applier from Sunflower Hunt 

Shot at my Studio using Floating Dreams Prop by Image Essentials

Broadways best…

I got a special delivery invite ~ the kind you just wanna rez right away and made sure I put the date on my calendar…


Mr. Broadway & me

Yes he hand delivered the invite and of course I was going to go ~ wearing my latest dress and new hair I was set ~ sadly Dena was not able to attend so off I went solo…and the show started off with music that you knew the words and you just got up off your chair and started dancing…The song that started the show was “Footloose” and continued from there with 16 very popular tunes ~ little birdie told me to listen to the 2nd song intently but umm laughing no clue what he meant ha ha ha …


Curtains going up 

Show starts always at 1pm SLT and with each show there is not a chair to spare so if you are interested in getting there please make sure you are in your seat early as seats are limited and to be fair to all the stars of the show make sure you are polite and remove any xtra scripts or prims as not to cause lag or their costumes not to rez properly ~ they work hard putting these shows together and do such a magnificent performance…As I do not want to spoil the entire show will give you a couple of teasers as I will admit honestly I just got caught up with all the singing and dancing to concentrate on taking pics for you  so guess you will just have to take my LIMO and see for yourself what all this is about…


Othon in his glory singing “When your good to Mama”

What a production this was and yes you must get there early to get another peek at Othon as Tweedledee that is all am gonna say on that *giggling* but he did this song proud…


Thunderbirds belting out Summer Nights 

Can you just imagine all the hair gel Steve had to wear to get it to stay up that way ~ as this scene was so well done and need to let you see the other half of this performance…


Pink Ladies 

Sandra Dee and her crew singing along ~ with the Thunderbirds from Grease ~ one of my favorites that I can still hear the lyrics of Summer Nights in my ear ~ what a fantastic set design but wait till you see this one that had me reaching for my tissues ~ from the set to the song it was heart wrenching…


Bring Him Home

Again I will not spoil this for you but when they said Best of Broadway they meant it ~ for each song you can tell so much work went into each and every step ~ choosing the songs, the set design, the costumes and then on top of that the choreography had to be done which in SL is not an easy task even though watching it this looks so effortless and a lot of work goes into making it look that way ~ below is the list of all the songs that are being down and please if you have never been to a performance in Second Life let this be the one you go to ~ Oval Theater has really upped their performances with a small cast of absolutely wonderful cast members some who I consider friends since we met several years ago ~ there is no set attire but most it is little above casual ~ have seen gowns, tuxes to nice dress pants and dresses ~ as each cast member does provide their own costumes and helps with whatever costs it is to keep Oval a float please also think of a small donation ~ Here is your Limo and dates are as follows 15th, 17th, 19th & 23rd at 1PM SLT ~ huge kudo’s to each and every cast member ~ for all the hard work they do to give each of us a performance we will treasure… THANK YOU !!!

Songlist Broadway

Songs that are Performed 


What I wore 

“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
Alyssa Bijoux – Diamond Serpentine Necklace
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
Entice – Call on Me – Cream –
IKON Hope Eyes – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Phedora ~ Katrina heels ~ Maitreya M.N
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape Tweaked
7 Deadly Skins Maude Catwa Applier Sunflower Hunt Prize