Guess What…

Yes a little teaser for a really upcoming Event that I am honored to be one of the bloggers for the Unmasking The Cure Medieval Faire ~ it starts in 3 days ~ but let me show you the poster first ~

2017 UACMF_official_poster.png

 Relay for Life Event 

There will be some great live singers, DJ’s for your entertainment among some awesome shopping venues ~ you want to be a fair maiden or possibly a Grand Duchess looking for a Prince or Knight well this is the place to be ooooh and Guys there will be more stuff for you in weapons, clothes and too many to name ~ stick around as I show off dressed in Medieval garments and gowns ~ will travel to foreign lands and walk around the Faire itself ~ lotz to do and lotz to see at this Faire and all for a really great cause “American Cancer Society” ~ wanting to know where Merchants will be there or the schedule please click HERE to find out more…

RLF Logo White on Purple 512 x 256

The Faire is Coming!

And it is all for a great Cause to wipe out Cancer…

This Pixel Life

Are you queen of your castle, a serving wench, robber-baron or a noble knight?  Or perhaps a stable hand or milk maid is more your style.  If this is your second life, then you do not want to miss the Medieval Faire, coming this Friday, May 19, to benefit Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.

2017 UACMF_official_poster.png

The event features two full sims loaded with plenty of entertainment and shopping, set in a beautifully lush medieval village.  Clothing, jewelry, weapons, furnishings and much more await you around every corner.  But watch out!  There be fire breathing beasts about!

When Friday arrives, grab the carriage below and let your imagination soar.

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The Day After…

Another year older and still looking in my best Billy Crystal voice “You look Simply Marvelous” at least in SL *giggling* as I wanted to thank those in-world that sent me birthday wishes from different groups, to my friends that remembered from last year, to my Hubby and Bestie making my day special…especially when in RL and SL am a semi low-key person when it comes to my birthday ~ love making others this grand event instead of my own so if they forget till the next day or day after it is fine ~ even though Sten is a little forgetful on dates, which he kept bugging me knowing my RL birthday was shortly after his I just did not say till yesterday he still did fantastic as the pic below shows…


Hubby’s Birthday Decor for me 

Yup he had the huge brightly lit balloon banner that changes color and that cute Bear circling the house in this plane leaving hearts in his wake ~ see how could I not still so in love with the love of my SL life ~ he truly makes me smile so yes STEN thank you for always being there for me…love ya bunches!!! Now Bestie did not come up short either gifting me this really cute outfit by M&M


Top & Leggings from M&M gifted by my BFF Dena

Also has a great Hud that changes the top that you know I love so will this be a keeper in my closet OMG you betcha it will…THANK YOU DENA ~ the Tiara and Wand are a little added from the Unmasking A Cure Medieval Faire that is upcoming on the 19th of May~and I will be showing you items for purchase there in the next couple days…all for a really good cause because it is for “Relay for Life” a huge charity that has become very well known in Second Life and that all the funds go to this RL Charity trying to help cure and wipe away Cancer…again please stick around for that ~

Right now I have something I truly want to get off my chest that I know it is a tiny majority of people that do this but seems especially within Subscription groups and the Monthly Madness group that I belong to that disturbs me ~ Creators/Designers work very hard at their craft designing items for either free or at a very below price and to hear people make cruel comments makes me really wanna scream ~ its happening more and more that people who have the audacity to judge someone because they feel they are entitled after paying a subscription price that equals out to approximately 125L per item when if you think about what you are getting that is a HUGE bargain for most of the items…yet I will not stoop down to their level and even put up some remarks that I have heard this past week from Luxe Box and Monthly Midnight Madness that just seriously make me angry….Oh I know what some will tell me just ignore but you know what why should I ignore them or fluff off their hurtful comments ~ its just needs to be addressed that if you cannot say anything NICE about what you were given then just STFU ~ if there are issues with fit or something else why are you whining and moaning in a group when a nice notecard sent to the designer might assist you better ~ and the rude and ugly comments that I do wish I had of taken names down because that I would publish just to show others how ugly and immature you truly are ~ yes I know it might be childish on my part by doing that, which is possible why I didn’t but if you are in a group and hear something cruel stop being silent and giving them the power just tell them their comments are not wanted as I think the Mods should give them warnings as well….ok done with that ~ I give all Designers with all the Subscription Groups and Monthly Madness huge kudo’s and thank each of them for all their efforts ~ again please stick around as I am usually a lot milder and more informative LOL ~ Dena has another segment from her Closet Series ~ plus she has a new sponsor for us that she will be sharing ~ be good to yourselves ~ Peace Out ♥


CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
Fairy Princess Tiara Ocean ~OpK~Exclusive at UAC Medieval Faire
Fairy Wand, Ocean Butterfly ~OpK~Exclusive at UAC Medieval Faire
IKON Hope Eyes- Nymph
M&M-Sunglasses SG-WEAR–BLUE
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
M&M Embellished Halter Top with Leggings MAITREYA
[monso] My Hair – Jane
{ wren’s nest } Lucienne Tweaked by Moi
Insol: ST04 ‘Copper’Daria

Shot at my Residence using poses by Image Essentials Anna Series


Coke & A Smile…

Have a coke and a smile oh my…so first wanted to say thank you to all those that wished me a Happy Birthday and yes I had a great day celebrating with my SL Hubby and then had Chinese & ice cream cake with RL Roomie ~ just was a nice day ~ now to a couple of really well done props and a cute dress that both are at Designer Showcase this month that just have to show off to you ~


Coke Machine w/Bottle of Coke ~ by Zo Awesome

If you are an oldie but goodie like me you will remember the vintage coke machines that actually gave you small glass bottles that you had to use the opener to pop off the bottle cap ~ adjustable pose as well if you do have a Bento head you can give yourself one of those awesome coke smiles ~ cute dress right ~ its the Mona dress from DE Boutique that looks so adorable on and really fit as a vintage look ~ now gotta show you the other pose that Zo Awesome has as well


Homeward Bound

Alrighty Pardner waving my cowboy hat sitting in the dusty road just waiting for hubby to come pick me up cuz the “or bust” is not gonna work for me *giggling* but this prop is cute as well as adjustable in case you are like me and need to adjust yourself now that I got my Bento head but its fine ~ along with the hat is also can be adjustable too ~ but let me please stand up and turn around so you can see the back of this cute and flirty dress from DE Boutique


back view 

100% Mesh and for my Maitreya body just fits great ~ if you are worried about fit please try on the demo that is available.  Comes with a great Hud of 8 different choices that will really fit into your summer wardrobe along with being reasonably priced ~ again some great Designers this month at Designers Showcase that you need to grab my infamous TAXI and head over to scope everything out ~ alrighty now I need to go enjoy the rest of my birthday but will see you all soon to show off more goodies…Peace out ♥


CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
Coke Bottle (Just Add)
DE.Boutique Mona Dress Spring LARA
IKON Hope Eyes (right) – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[monso] My Hair – Jane
{ wren’s nest } Lucienne shape tweaked
Insol: ST04 ‘Copper’Daria
Props by Zo Awesome only at Designer Showcase

Shot on Location of my Studio & Residence 

Double Celebration…

Morning everyone ~ got up rather early today because it is a double celebration ~ first let me say Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there ~ whether you are one just in SL or in RL think that is a very special title ~ Mothers are extraordinary people and my RL Mom was no exception even though at times we were like oil and water I still will always love her no matter what ~ both of us were strong individuals that butted heads a lot ~ she has now been gone for almost 16 years now passing at the age of 83 yet she taught me some valuable lessons in her own unique way ~ I still miss her a lot and can hear her yelling my name and to get down there immediately ~ being a southern meant most children were called by first and middle names with basically no exceptions and I could tell by the tone if I should run or walk to see what she wanted…stay at home Mom she was there with a snack, dinner getting ready and our clothes always clean…she raised 3 children and my Dad without thinking of herself ~ Now I think how selfless she truly was giving up, compromising and just being truly 100% Mom ~ as I look up towards the heavens I wave hello to my Mom and thank her for all she did ~ Happy Mothers Day Mom…Now to 2nd celebration of my RL Birthday ~ yes it fell on Mother’s Day this year and another year older I am ~ and know that am just one of those oldie but goodie females that  have been around for a LONG time *giggling* when I say my age out loud am like whoa seriously am that old LOL cuz I do not feel it most of the times ~ but will enjoy the day with Roomie as I see the sun finally peeking out ~ hugzz to all of the Mom’s out there ~ Enjoy your day and make it a special one either in SL or RL ~ you deserve it!


Happy Mothers Day!!!

The cute bear was a gift from Kay Weston of Image Essentials ~ thank you Kay!  Please check the credits for the rest…stick around between Dena and myself we have lotz more to share with you ~ remember be good to yourselves and enjoy the day ~ Peace out ♥


CATWA HEAD Catya  v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IE – Bearable – MOTHERS DAY – Standing ~ gift
IKON Hope Eyes – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[monso] My Hair – Jane
{dollle*} 035 Striped Boyfriend Shirt – Pink ~ gift from hubby
{ wren’s nest } Lucienne shape Tweaked
Insol: ST04 ‘Copper’ Daria Catwa applier
.:Jumo:.Iridescent Lips Catwa Applier
Props ~ Little Bird with balloons by Les Sucreries de Fairy SLB 2013 gift
Balloons by Spell Solstice from The Forest Group December

Hanging out…

Hubby Sten, Bestie Dena and myself went and hung out at this gorgeous beach called Cape San Blas Beach ~ this is what I found out about it “Cape San Blas Beach caters to ocean lovers, surfers, and anyone looking for a quiet, peaceful place to relax. Come for a visit! Surf, lighthouse, fishing, yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, picnic, couples, romantic, boardwalk, Maoli Tahiti” ~ and the beaches were just what you expect white sand with puffy white clouds …Such a perfect place to show off this fun, flirty outfit from 1 Hundred that is ONLY available at Anybody Event ~


Enjoying the Sand & Surf 

Anybody Event is gearing up for summer sexy ~ and 1 Hundred is offering this cute strapless outfit “Flirt” ~ 100% mesh with sizes to fit all ~ but you will have a demo to try for size if needed…


Flirt by 1 Hundred Exclusive to AnyBody event

As you can see the strapless bra type top and those sleeves really will let you frolic either on the sand or splash and have fun in the surf to cool off ~ with that sheer very short skirt the creators have even provided panties that I just love ~


Bum view w/panties

Only hard decision will be which of the 6 colors you want to buy ~ very sheer, very flirty and fun this will be one of my summer to go to outfits ~ Remember this is not at 1 Hundred’s main store but only at Anybody ~ so take my TAXI and grab this plus look around at all the other goodies….till next time please be good to yourself ~  oh yes before I leave my huge thanks to Sten for always being there for me ~ I really could not ask for a better SL hubby ~ when you find a good one ya gotta hang on to them…also thanks to my Sponsor 1 Hundred giving me the opportunity to blog for them…hugzz to all ~ Peace out♥

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
1 Hundred. Flirt Panties. Lilac [Fit MTY]
1 Hundred. Flirt Skirt. Lilac [Fit MTY]
1 Hundred. Flirt Top. Lilac [Fit MTY]
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Vanity Hair:Out Of My Head-Blonds ~ 2nd pic
Hair in first pic ~ unknown ~
{ wren’s nest } Lucienne shape Tweaked
Insol: ST04 ‘Copper’ Daria

Shot on location of Cape San Blas Beach using poses from LumiPro 2017