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Illustration by Katherine Killeffer. Except for a Cornell Daily Sun article from last year, there are relatively few accounts of road head on the Internet. The practice, especially in areas where you have to drive to get pretty much anywhere, like the Midwest and California, is not necessarily a rite of passage, but it does inspire stories: While a routine blowjob is nothing to write home about, a blowjob in a moving vehicle could kill you. That's part of the appeal: Not only could you get caught, but you could also crash and die.
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8 Spine-Tingling Tales Of Enormous Penises

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8 Spine-Tingling Tales Of Enormous Penises

I once got a cock ring stuck in my throat while giving a blow job, and I started choking. I was thinking to myself: "This is it. This is how I'm doing to die. Death by wiener. I started laughing so hard at the absurdity of it all that the cock ring got unstuck.
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In Michelle Stevens' powerful, just-published memoir, Scared Selfless , she shares how she overcame horrendous child sexual abuse and mental illness to lead a satisfying and happy life as a successful psychologist, wife and mother. Here, an excerpt from the book:. Since birth, I had been Michelle Brechbill.
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I recently fell into the habit of asking my male friends about their penises. Not having unlimited access to one myself, I'm curious about what it's like to not only have a penis, but to have a penis that is different from the penis one was born with. Why are some of my friends circumcised while others aren't, and what prompts some parents to opt out of such a standardized procedure? Interestingly, these questions are usually met with excitement and enthusiasm from guy pals as we suddenly become engrossed in conversations about how their appendages came to look the way they did. I've gained so much insight into the private world of my friends' private parts that I started asking the same questions to new and expecting parents.
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