Mardi Gras time…

Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday” and is the day before Ash Wednesday. Fat Tuesday refers to the last day of eating rich foods before giving up those for Lent…Mardi Gras has a rich history especially in New Orleans as I discovered when doing my research ~ starting back in 1703 with secret societies that organized the parades and such…Having been to New Orleans I can only imagine the crowds on those narrow streets during Mardi Gras ~as most it turns into a huge drunk fest♥  Mardi Gras this year was held on March 5 and if you truly want to see or participate you can try to book a room for next year as the celebrations to begin in January till March 5th.  If you are interested in learning more about this please click HERE ~ a little FYI if you do get a chance to visit please make your way down to Cafe Du Mond and try their coffee and beignets…there is that link if you wish to order their stuff…In SL I did find a place that is celebrating St. Paddy’s day called TOWNIES that is giving away the nice set of beads you see me wearing along with some other freebies that you will have to join the group FREE to receive…the outfit will be available at TWE12VE in 2 days by Changed Seasons and includes Mask, Dress, Panties, and Shrug ~ the crown is from The Owl ~ was a fun time walking around Townies and listening to the music, which if you ever do make it to New Orleans they have some of the best jazz bars that you can listen right outside the door without even going inside…for me I will say adieu till next Saturday as am off to another RL dog sitting job♥ love having the xtra monies to stuff into my SL account hehehe♥♥ Take care ~ remember to be kind to yourself and others ~ toodles ♥

TWE12VE 2019 png
TWE12VE newest logo


Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
CS Mardi Gras Mask
CS Roselle Dress Maitreya
CS Roselle Panties Maitreya
CS Roselle Shrug Maitreya
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
The Owl. Crown
Townies Mardi Gras Beaded Necklace
TRUTH / Zahlee
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Womens Wedding Band
Shape ~ Mine
Skin Pumec/Marcelle


mangia mangia…

mangia mangia
The Italians believe in la Famiglia meaning family ~ and Sundays are always reserved for  family, along with plenty of cousins, aunts, uncles all coming together for a day of  food, wine, and lively conversation ~looking at the table the only things missing are steaming platters of pasta, tortellini, Ossobocu with plenty of gravies, sauces to go along ~ the desserts will range from Tiramisu, Cannoli, Pannetone with various other cakes along with small bowls of gelato served with cups of espresso, bottles of limoncello and yes lot of different Italian wines ~ a feast fit for royalty but served to family…most of the heavier meals are served at lunch with dinner consisting of something lighter♥  After everyone has consumed their meals it is fairly typical to stroll around the grounds or walk into the town for an indulgent  digestive like Sgroppino, which is fresh lemon granita doctored up with champagne or vodka. Either way, large Italian families have their own special meals for Sundays some call their sauces gravy instead of sauce ~ my understanding is based on the region you grew up determines whether it is called gravy or sauce, for now, am going to grab a chair as my host yells out to everyone “MANGIA MANGIA meaning eat up ♥ a presto amici miei ~ see you soon my friends ♥♥♥

Shot at my home using the following props :
220ML – Gouveia Wine – WOH – Bottle
[666] plants 13 *past gacha
[666] plants 10 *past gacha
Apple Fall Macarons in Box ~ gift
Apple Fall Lemon Whip Drizzle Cake
*_*C-Outlet*_* Rock Angel-MP find
*_*C-Outlet*_* Color Angel-MP find
[Cb] Gift Stool
CHEZ MOI Strawberry Cake @Cosmos Tuesday
CHEZ MOI Wall Fountain
Clockwork Basic Black Vase
Concept} Blueberry bowl – Arcade Gift
CONVAIR Carrier Tricycle red
CONVAIR Tuscany Wine Barrel
#Dock17# Espresso machine (Black)
DD Bush Blue Flower W Watering Can
FLOOD Mesh: FULL PERM Mouse Sleeping
FrostySavage Hanging Grape Vine-MP find
Hannah Kozlowski ~ Calico Cat Lying – Mesh
KraftWork Pranzo in Lucca Un Tavolo nel Giardino *past deco crate
[Kres] Bella Italia – Pizza Oven past deco crate
*LODE* Decor – Bagatiba Golden Bottle [red]
*Lok’s* Hyacinths in Wood Planter
Luxi&Style ~ stone bench *MP find
MINIMAL – Mykonos @Cosmos Tuesday
MI MegRose Vineyards Table *past deco crate
MLE Copperfield Pinot Gris Wine Set
MLECopperfield Chardonnay Wine Set
MLE Copperfield Merlot Wine Set
MudHoney Audrey Vase
:: N :: Limoncello Set Bistro table
:[P]:- Masse Planter Summer Night Sky
Serenity Style- Mozart Spring Books
… SpotCat … Biscuits with strawberries
^Upcycled^ Teacup Planters (copy)
VOID – Alba Dining Chair Blue Plaid
{what next} Provence Picnic Cake
{what next} House Plant – Agave
{what next} House Plant – Eucalyptus
{what next} Provence Bowl of Strawberries
{YD} Intimate Wedding – Cake

what was I…

What was
OMG what was I thinking ~ seriously I went absolutely crazy at The Epiphany this month…see I know that gachas are absolutely my downfall and yet I ventured to have a list all prepared and WAM I just could not stop because I just HAD to have a specific rare, umm okay a couple specific rares was trying for and I got one but not the ones I was super trying for from Belle Epoch and Spectacledchic ~ usually I set limits so not sure what took place in my brain but I pulled and pulled and pulled on those machines and would have kept doing it but RL was calling me and when I got back am like what was I thinking since it is obvious I was not thinking at all ~ good thing my friends were recipients of my frenzy and still have leftovers…shrugging my shoulders and it is what it is and could have been a lot worse ~ what you see from the hair is Wasabi’s Britt in Ombre, the rest of the outfit was pants & t-shirt are from Belle Epoch ~ Epiphany Mirror site is open till February 12th and I wish you all the luck♥♥

Shot at my photo studio using SSP Let it Rain #3 pose  ~

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
Belle Epoque { Undimmed Eyes } Pants Black @The Epiphany
Belle Epoque { Undimmed Eyes } T-shirt Black @The Epiphany
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Odyssey Eyes-Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Wasabi // Britt w/ Beret Mesh Hair @The Epiphany
Chop Zuey Willow Love Wedding Ring
Shape Mine
Skin Pumec in May


Enjoying a moment…

Taking a moment just to sit, relax and really enjoy each other as our days have been hit or miss in SL lately…this is nice sipping on hot chocolate as he tells me how much snow he has gotten in RL as I look out my window and see nothing but rain ~ also gives me a chance to try some of the newest poses from Pose Fair ~ I wish that pose makers would give you pics of how it should look as I get confused wondering wtf is this pose to look like and end up just tossing it as not wanting myself to get frustrated either with the shot or the fit of the pose♥  The pose fair is still ongoing till the end of the month and I went overboard in the number of poses I did buy except that is nothing new along with all the gifts I did get a very nice selection of couples and single poses to use in the upcoming months ♥  That brings me my last comment I would like to make regarding Flickr, which is for me I cannot see myself spending hours upon hours looking, faving pics just to get a fave back…people are always recommending me to spend time faving everyone’s pics to get your numbers up ummm nope not gonna happen as when I fave a pic I truly love it ~ thats just how I have been and will be not saying this to suggest anything other than that ♥ with that I will leave you as RL is taking me away HUGZZZ♥♥

Shot inside our house using [DANU] ~ Warming up #1 from Pose Fair

Brutus is wearing:
:: DS:: Victor Rimless Glasses, Walnut/Chrome
A&D Clothing – Shoes -Firenze- GIANNI
A&D Clothing – Suit -Las Vegas- GIANNI
CATWA HEAD Daniel v3.2
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Mens Wedding Band
[BURLEY] – Oliver
[Signature] Gianni Body – Body – v4.6
Skin *Birth* ‘Blaze’ Tone 03

Am wearing:
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
::SG:: Emma Maitreya
Cae :: Sienna :: Necklace
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
Emery Clara Pants Dogtooth
Emery Griet Top Gray
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Engagment Ring & Wedding
Shape ~ Mine
Skin ~ Pumec Marcella in May tone


Have you been to Backdrop City lately ~ Mia the owner of Backdrop has created a really nice Winter Wonderland with so many different photo ops and I am taking a much-needed rest from my hectic life ~ the upcoming holiday creates a lot of stress on families and especially parents trying to make sure their children truly get what they ask for and sadly have seen it so many times parents sacrificing bill payments, maxing out credits cards just so their child won’t be without…my former job was at a very well known Mortgage/Bank corporation that people would start calling in to skip their December house payments because their budgets didn’t include that payment ~ most times I just had to seriously bite my tongue to keep saying “seriously this is your home, where you sleep, where your children live”…most were financially unstable to be able to take advantage of this because of their excessive spending yet they would scream, call me names that I won’t repeat and try to intimidate me into feeling like “Scrooge”…Christmas comes the same time year after year and either you save a few dollars in savings account for it or budget your money wisely and that is all I am gonna say on that ~ mine is processing the fact about after so many different doctor appointments am needing to have a 2 hours procedure/surgery on my nose and I am a tad stressed about it ~ all I heard being told to me is “pain will be intense yet you will have good drugs after surgery” plus I have this quirk about someone touching my nose and that is a whole new story LOL ~ thanks for always taking time out to read and comment♥ I did hit the arcade as you can see in the credits where the hat/hair came from ~ hugzz and cya soon ♥♥

Shot at the newly created The Winter Project using the pose from Trompe Loeil – Lysa Branch Bed ~

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
!gO! Icelyn Bobble Hat&hair -TheArcade
!gO! Icelyn coat/Advent gift
!gO! Icelyn winter boots – Maitreya Lara
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Nymph
Sweet E’s Libby Skirt Advent gift
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Essences ~ Dawn – PowderPack May 2017

know what…

I gotta laugh when some say SL and RL are not the same ~ cuz you know what I think at times that it is exactly like RL where you have cliques, mean girls who ignore you in group chats and make anonymous posts about you…guess I should be standing on a soapbox while doing this instead of sitting with my cutesy reindeer…some things never change in 10 years that I have been a resident of SL ~ except thinking people have gotten bolder, more judgmental, and  meaner ~ cripes I get tired of asking questions in groups and not being answered or because someone asks a stupid question and gets a stupid answer from another someone lets all jump on that person when the answer was funny…okay will stop now because first it is getting closer to Christmas and am seriously trying to be more understanding and have more compassion for those type of people that seem to think they are better than others and take it upon themselves to say hurtful things…Let me instead talk about this past weekend with the Monthly Midnight Madness gifts ~ my outfit that I was able to get both Midnight & Noon came from Pink Cream Pie that fit my Maitreya body perfectly and looks very winterish ~ The cute pose/prop from Lil’Bug is a past Gimme Gacha pressie…that’s it for me today and to my friends and supporters of my blog you truly make me smile and I am thankful for each one of you ~ hugzz ♥♥

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Monica Boots :: Maitreya :: Pink Cream Pie
Monica Dress :: Maitreya :: Pink Cream Pie
^^Swallow^^ Magic Pixie Ears

Autumn Retreat…


my bestie Dena Teardrop and I finally got together as RL along with time difference does at a time keeps us apart but when we do we have a blast giggling, laughing, listening and commiserating together…today we jumped in with both feet and again trying our hand at home decorating…Before I go any further I gotta give huge huge kudos to those that do this and make it look FANTASTIC! The decorating and setting the scene takes time and planning since you cannot change your lens like in RL to get those room shots ~ Wanna see some photographers that truly make this look effortless and gorgeous Wendz Tempest or Kess Crystal ~ and course my friend Moz Loordes ~ the cute little house was an FLF special by *Funky*Junk* ~ come inside where we spent time having fun, giggling, and what we didn’t think of was how to shoot this LOL ~ little out of my comfort zone umm let me rephrase that a LOT out of my zone ~ this is truly a learning experience ~ that said let me show you what we came up with…

The right half of room
The Left Half of the Room

From the pics looks like a huge room just again a reminder you truly have to plan when you are setting up a home decor blog pic ~ that is why there are right/left pics cuz honestly I was not thinking or maybe I was and in the back of my brain thought hey why not 2 pics umm sounds good huh lol ~ now you take the pic and yikes you gotta then start listing all the items so you can give credit to each ~ NOW that is a lot of work in itself and my sweet BESTIE Dena took the task to heart and did a PERFECT job, which love her for all she is ~ a true friend that puts up with me and my grumpy grouchy moods…sooo Kess, Wendz or Moz truly has nothing to worry about as Dena & I are truly noobies when it comes to Home Decor blogging hehehe but damn we do have FUN ♥

“Life doesn’t require that we be the best 

only that we try our best” anonymous

Props used ~
*Funky*Junk* Autumn Wall Crates
*Funky*Junk* Autumn Accent Table
*Funky*Junk* Rectangle Autumn Rug-
.:revival:. maison lantern
~LVS~ Rusty Bike Cream Roses
-Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx
[CIRCA] – “Nature Valley” Pumpkin & Gourd Crate
[NO CONCEPT] Rubin’s side table
22769 – DIY Tic Tac Toe
Abranimations-Mysical Crystal Ball
Apple Fall Plaster Horse-Apple Fall
Apple Fall Fig & Blackberry Cake
Apple Fall Macarons in Box
Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
Apple Fall Wooden Trunk
Apple Fall Wingback Chair
-BH- Mesh Freebie Crate
Bruiser Bear-Constantine Linden
Cat Playing -Created Hannah Kozlowski
Cigar & ashtray-Elizabet Skyward/Elizabet Savira
DaD DESIGN “Knitted pouf”
[DDD] Dewdrop Cobweb
*HEXtraordinary* Harvest Lantern
Hideki – Rocking Horse
MudHoney Grace Rocking Chair w/ pillow
PrimPossible 1 Prim Potted Plant
RO – The Doll Maker – Bloody Mary Doll
[sf] mini checkers – rustic
SL15B Crystal Bear
{what next} Starry Pumpkin
{what next} Harvest Pumpkin String
{what next} Harvest Wheat Vase
{what next} Harvest Wall Decor
{what next} I Love Fall Blocks (large)-Winter Thorn