gifts & challenge…


Everyone loves free gifts and wanted to show you the ones that I got from the Cosmopolitan group ~ yes it is free to join and every 2 weeks there are usually 2 gifts for you to grab ♥ this very cute flounce dress is by Mimikri a store that is new for me but heading over to their main store the quality looks excellent along with the fantastic items throughout the store ~ I have my eye on a cute dress and grabbed the demo ~ I paired this with the other gift by -:zk:-

Anais Summer Shoes by -:zk:-

Since the temps have not yet started to cool off these shoes match perfectly with the dress and also come with a nice Hud of 12 shoe colors and 4 different metal colors ~ both stores are laid out well and filled with trendy fresh items that are reflective in their prices too…Will give you a tip comes Christmas all the Cosmo group members are treated with such kindness with an overflowing Christmas tree of pressies…just walking around Cosmo you are introduced to various designers and creators, which I love seeing a lot of unknowns being able to grab a spot ~ Rides will be below ~ Now lastly one of my fellow bloggers sadystika sabretooth who I absolutely love her blog challenged other bloggers to find a video that will have you LOL…did not want to copy her but had a great time searching so here is my challenge ~ this is instead of my usual quote ~ enjoy ♥

Watch here

Shot at Cloudbreak using poses from LumiPro ~ Rides to -:zk:-,Mimikri, Collabor88, “”D!va””, and Cosmopolitan

7 Deadly s[K]ins Mellia in Pineapple *Group Gift
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
“”D!va”” Hair “Joia” *found at Collabor
Celtic Myst”Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
-:zk:- Anais Summer Shoes *gift from Cosmo
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Hope Eyes- Fjord
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Mimikri – Flounce Dress / Domino *gift from Cosmo
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
Shape ~ Mine

what was I…


Today I decided to go exploring again and chose the sim “Cloudbreak” ~ Cloudbreak is part of the Dirty Pretty sims, which are tropical, unique and gorgeous ♥  wearing these heels was not the best idea for traipsing around the jungle and across these wooden bridges ~ nope not one of my better ideas at all as you might notice my heel is stuck in the slats…its a long way down to the water and who the hell knows what’s swimming in there cuz my luck it would be infested with crocs and snakes ~ since I am gonna be standing here for a moment might as well tell you about this new outfit from Beautiful Dirty and Rich ~ am sure you know my feelings with designers giving us those huds made up of textures and colors well both top and jeans have great huds ~ the top is Divina with a hud of  13 solids and 12 patterns ~ the Ego jeans hud consists of 18 varieties of textures ~ awesome huh?  yes close up is below ~

Divina crop top and Ego jeans by *B.D.R.*

changing textures for both the crop top and jeans to show you just how extensive the variety you will have when you purchase these items ~ both are sold separately and will be a staple in my closet ♥  also while am still trying to get myself off this bridge I did want to inform you about the nominations for the 2018 Bloggie Awards ~ not really big on tooting my own horn or bragging just will let you know that this is taking place starting with nominating who you feel deserves to be placed on the Nominations ~ there are a variety of different categories to submit their SL names and if you do not want or know anyone in that category just write N/A and yes I took the liberty of nominating a few bloggers that I feel deserving like my friends sadystika sabretooth *overall blogger, Mozart Loordes *home and garden  and Shari Cortes blog manager for 7 Deadly s[K]ins ~ you can check out their blogs by clicking on their names ~ each of them work hard at their blogging ~ for me it is nice to be able to recognize bloggers for their talent ♥♥

“My parents taught me honesty, truth, compassion, kindness and how to care for people. Also, they encouraged me to take risks, to boldly go. They taught me that the greatest danger in life is not taking the adventure.” Brian Blessed

Shot at Cloudbreak using poses from the Heat series by Image Essentials and the windlight by Jay Battlescars “Two Way”~ Rides to *B.D.R*., Cloudbreak, Image Essentials, and Truth Hair ~ enjoy ♥♥

7 Deadly s[K]ins Jolyn in Pineapple
Celtic Myst”Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
*B.D.R.* Divina Crop Top
*B.D.R.* Ego Heels
*B.D.R.* Ego Jeans
TRUTH / Livia
TRUTH / Bangs / Straight Cut
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Hope Eyes- Fjord
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
Shape ~ Mine

the finger…


Today Dena and I finally got a chance to meet and went to check out the Imaginarium that just opened ~ part of the GimmeGacha group we knew there would be a lot of interesting and free pressies ~ today was no different as I am very selective on which ones I do pull for ~ when I saw this Mannequin Lamp by [Since 1975] I knew what I was going to spend my 75L on ~ was so excited to grab #3 in leather ~ in taking this pic Dena made the suggestion we dress all in white ~ the pic turned out just how I was looking for and knew to really make this pop I would take a bit of leeway in editing bumping up so you could see the mannequin lamp in all its splendor ~ was really worth the trip over as we enjoyed looking at all the unique and different gacha’s ~ absolutely love the creators imagination ~ now where to put it in the house hehehe ~ think hubby will notice or not *giggling* ~ to grab all the free pressies you do have to join the GimmeGacha group but its free and most of the gifts show off the creators talents ♥

“Life changes so quickly. feeling grateful to be around such wonderful people to strengthen and grow with.” Riley Keough

Shot at my home using the poses from LumiPro ~ with bestie Dena who I am grateful to have in my life ♥ Ride to Imagarium  & [Since 1975] plus check out their Marketplace 

dena wearing:
Skin-Glam Affair
**RE** ReVoX Starly Ears
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Triumph Eyes- Electric
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[hh] Tallis Heels
[hh] Tallis Jacket
[hh] Tallis Jumpsuit
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya

am wearing:
7 Deadly s[K]ins Friday Pineapple
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
Celtic Myst”Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
Exile:: Storm
IKON Hope Eyes- Fjord
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Meva Josula Skirt White ~past Cosmo gift
Meva Josula Top White
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
Shape ~ mine

beach day…


Yesterday Dena and I finally got together and decided to escape to the beach to enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer ~ exploring a place called Baja Cove part of the Baja Norte sims was fun with the landscaping and sounds of the surf made the entire outing enjoyable…walking around wore us out so we pulled out the umbrella and picnic stuff and found a nice quiet place by the water to rest, relax and just enjoy the day…yes had to bring my book to finish up reading the latest James PattersonTexas Ranger” ~ am a huge fan of his ~ while I read Dena enjoys an ice cold glass of white wine that we brought…as we sit and enjoy listening to the ocean waves am going to also give you a closer look at one of 7 Deadly s[K]ins called Brooklyn


This is the freckled version of Brooklyn in Pineapple and wearing it browless as I do love my Lurid brows ~ younger I used to get freckles and freckles during the summer and got teased by the “mean girls” ~ for me it was no biggie as I was such a beach person I didn’t mind the freckles or the nose peeling even though I wore sunscreen and zinc oxide on nose and lips ~ was my badge to show everyone where I spent my summers in the outdoors enjoying the surf and sand ~ Izara Zuta creator/owner of 7 Deadly s[K]ins gives just enough of a smattering of freckles to look just perfect ♥  This gorgeous skin has 3 versions regular, blushing and freckled so please try a demo on to see how they will look on you ~ you can find Brooklyn at the Blush event till the 24th of September ~ rides will be below ~ Enjoy ♥♥

“No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.”
Barbara DeAngelis


Shot on the location of Baja Cove using the poses in the chairs ~ Props used: {what next} Provence Picnic Picnic Basket, {what next} Provence Picnic Cake, {what next} Provence Picnic Drinks Tray, beach umbrella – aqua ~ creator/Raquel Gagliano, EURI’S BEACH TOWEL, and Dutchie beach chair fresh wood ~ rides to 7 Deadly s[K]ins, Baja Cove, Blush event:::Sn@tch, Truth Hair::MA::, Blueberry, and {what next}

Dena is wearing:
Skin glam Affair
!Rebel Hope – Willow Mesh Crop Top_Maitreya
::MA:: URBAN SWAG Maitreya Sneakers
Blueberry – Luxe Box June – Lover Skirts –
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Triumph Eyes (right) – Electric
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
TRUTH / Deja
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya
CATWA Bento Brows Shape

am wearing:
Izzie’s Flip Flop tan lines
7 Deadly s[K]ins ~ Brooklyn Freckles Pineapple
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
Celtic Myst “Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
:::Sn@tch Donna Top
:::Sn@tch Lacey Hair
:::Sn@tch Sooyoung Skinny Jeans
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Hope Eyes – Fjord
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
Shape Mine

Rez Day…


Yes, today I turn 10 years old in SL ~ at times am like whaaat I have been in SL that long? Honestly never thought when I first logged it would turn into something special ~so I put on a gown gotten looking fancy and sat down with one of my longtime friend Brutus sharing some memories ~ a friend had talked me into finally giving SL a chance as I was uncertain as I had tried “Sims” and got bored quickly that was not really sure I would even like it ~ what a HUGE difference I discovered even back then ~ once I logged never once have I regretted a day and no it has not been all roses ~ lot of dark times, my heart got broke, which that even shocked me the connections and relationships you make in here…now below is one of my first profile pics that I took myself and oh my I just thought wow ~ sheesh now I look am like woah but you do have to think 10 years ago our hair was like cement, eyes had no depth and shape was just that we were basically clones ~

early profile pic

One good thing I had a lot of help from strangers ~ learning where to buy hair, tats, makeup ~ who had the best eyes and started my shopaholic addiction ♥ every day I was amazed at discovering what you could do like going to clubs hearing live singers and finding that I could be a great dancer and dance the nights away.  Even today I have friends that I met back then and still, we talk about the “good ole days”  Never bored, as SL and communities provide so much that if you are bored as I repeat over and over to EXPLORE ~ its simple go visit Paris in the 1920’s, look at the destination guide for hunts, clubs, etc. and talk to whoever you meet ~ look at the profiles as you can find some interesting places that people have visited.  It is nice to have friends to do stuff with but I will say 85% of my time in SL is by myself and not just for blogging as that just became a major part of my SL life ~ thank you to all the friends I have met in my 10 years as many of you still hold a special place in my heart ♥

“Many people will walk in and out of your life,

but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

7 Deadly s[K]ins Focus in Apricot
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
Celtic Myst”Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
#EMPIRE – Hyacinth – *MM* metalic black
.:JUMO:. Aviv Feathers*
.:JUMO:. Aviv Gown
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
Chop Zuey Gloriana Diamond Bracelet
Chop ZueyGloriana Diamond Earrings
Chop ZueyGloriana Diamond Necklace
IKON Spectral Eyes- Passion
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
TRUTH / Gwen
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears

Shape ~ Mine

Shot at my Residence using Image Essentials pose Anna ~



Every male likes his own space so Dena and I made a choice to make a Mancave for Sten ~ umm it was very temporary ~ this is truly Dena’s niche in decorating as I love the little touches and how she has incorporated them all ~ most of the items came from past subscription boxes by Deco(c)rate ~ still sad they are no longer as I truly thought they were a very successful subscription box ~ when you look around you might notice there is no TV as Sten has said he is not a big watcher, he is a cat fan so you can tell that I placed 2 of them for him…we truly had fun doing this and already thinking of our next project ~ before I list all the credits I do want to thank all my followers and supporters as it is always nice to see more people following my blog ~ very very appreciated ♥♥ Lastly HUGE thank you’s to Dena my bestie who really did an exceptional job on this ~ hugzz♥

This was shot at BVL’s sandbox ~ and below are the props that were used ~ Rides to Seven Emporium, 8f8, AsteroidBox, Breaux Jr, DaD, DRD, Di’Cor, dust bunny, Ex Machina, Fawny, hive, LEGENDAIRE, PewPew, Serenity Style, SilenceThistle Homes{Q-Essentials}, 

7 Emporium – Wall AC Unit (Inside)~FLF past
7 – Fire Alarm Panel ~FLF past
8f8 – Mystery Hats – 13 – MACABRE *** SECRET RARE ~ Past Gacha item
AsteroidBox. Takeout Bag ~ FLF past
Breaux Rum Jug Decor- April Gift for Gacha Land
DaD – Vintage Paris rug” c/m V.1.0 ~ Deco(c)rate/Feb 2018
DRD – Series 01 – Fireplace – Light~ past Shadow Box Series
DRD – Series 01 – Attic Rugs – Dark~ past Shadow Box Series
Di’Cor Simone Indoor Planter ~Deco crate ~ May 2017
dust bunny . snake plant
Ex Machina – Steampunk Desk Lamp~Deco crate ~ May 2017
Ex Machina – Packing crate~Deco crate ~ May 2017
Fawny – Happy Puppies.Playful Puppy – Chocolate~past gacha 2015
hive // potted plants . cordyline tree
LEGENDAIRE MR. Cupcake ~ instore
Pewpew! Leather Pouf – Brown ~ Deco crate ~ Jan 2018
Serenity Style- Nannja Southern Bedside Table ~ Deco crate Sept 2017
Serenity Style- Nannja Southern Plant ~ Deco crate Sept 2017
Scarlet Creative The Arcade Mar 17 Cordelia Armchair Artist MT
Serenity Style- Inspired Space Notebook~ ~ Deco crate May2017
Silence. – Ladder Shelf
T&B Old World Grandfather Clock ~ unknown
Thistle McGill Townhouse ~ Builders Box May 2018
{Q-Essentials} License Plate Clock ~ gift
W.E. Cigars and Port-gift ~ unknown 

good ole days…

Yes, those days when things were simpler ~ no cell phones to distract, no social media to keep up with ~ just to enjoy the simple carefree days where couples would stroll hand in hand, maybe acting a little silly just for the fun of it, where life truly was slower. The younger generation *20 somethings* probably would be shocked to know that you can survive without a cell phone stuck in your hands ~ there were things called pay phones, or waiting till you were home to make that all important phone call to your friends.  I am not a cell phone person ~ yes I have one out of necessity but it is not in my hand 24/7.  When I was living at the beach and would take walks on the boardwalk sad to see people having their heads down looking at their cells ~ yes sad because life was moving around them and most were missing it ~ more people need to put down their phones and look up at the world and start seeing what they are missing ~ like this very sexy outfit by AnaSTyle called Angelia that is at Designer Showcase till the end of the month.  Let me stop trying to grab Sten’s hand and show you just how this looks…

Sten in DCD apparel ~ I am wearing AnaSTyle Angelia in Black 

Notice the huge ring that is holding the top and skirt together ~ very sexy ~ there is one in the back as well ~ and yes in the first image you see the boots that are also included all you have to do is choose between white or black ~ sexy and fits perfect as the designer has made it for almost every body type ~ it has hubby’s seal of approval ♥, Yes the necklace does also come with it that I will be showing a closer look at that soon in my next post ~ alrighty Sten and I are going to enjoy some alone time as RL has been keeping in very busy ♥♥

“You don’t always need a plan.

Sometimes you just need to breathe,

trust, let go and see what happens.”

Mandy Hale

Credits to Anastacia Azalee owner/designer of AnaSTyle for giving me the opportunity to blog this sexy outfit ~ Huge kudos to Kay Weston owner/creator of Image Essentials for creating the Young & Carefree pose that is now at eBento Event ~ to my ever sexy hubby Sten thank you for supporting me and assisting me with this blog post ♥♥♥ Shot at our home using Young & Carefree pose & Frame V5 by Image Essentials ~ here are your rides to Designer Showcase, AnaSTyle, Image Essentials, eBento Event

Sten wearing:
Celtic Myst”Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
.:EMO-tions:. * ROBBIE*2 
CATWA HEAD Daniel v3.0
CATWA Tongue piercing
DCD Davidson Vest
DCD Harley Chaps with Jeans & Boots
NX-Nardcotix David Mesh Body V1.2.6
-Labyrinth- Tylar Catwa [Daniel] Bento Shape
-Labyrinth- Mesh Head Skin -Trail Hair
NIKITA**super dark gray eyes

Am wearing:
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
Celtic Myst “Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
AnaSTyle – Angelia Black – Ankle_Boots YH_37_maitreya
AnaSTyle – Angelia Black – Latex dress with hoops Maitreya
AnaSTyle – Angelia Black – Necklace
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
Exile:: The Idea of Her
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Dew
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
*YS&YS* Illy Catwa shape tweaked
7 Deadly s[K]ins Ferna in Pineapple