Must see event…

It truly has been awhile to see an event that I go to not for the shopping but for the build itself and all that is around ~ that is the Indie Teepee event ~ the event is called Explore the Future and absolutely if you have any time this is a must see event ~ not pushing items to buy but to see, to walk around and explore this Sim ~ am going to let you have some peeks but honestly the pics really do not do the justice as if you were there and I apologize up front ~


Entrance to Indie Teepee

When you land take a moment let things rez in and just turn in a semi circle as there is much to see ~ there is a lot and when you walk through and down the steps you will become entranced visually ~ I am copying the following from Seraphim that truly describe this event perfectly “Indie Teepee brings us live performances, art installations, and a creative forum to bring everyone together for the next 2 weeks.” They go on to say it is a must see and I agree 100% with them ~ Was quite by accident that I met one of the creators Sheldon BeRgman of this installation  as I had early access to this event and he asked if I was a blogger ~ not officially but yes I do blog ~


Daphne Arts 

That structure does not look like anything as it is actually ok on the blah side ~ I saw him and really walked passed it but he invited me to sit and see the w.i.p. and am like O M G seriously ~ what a WOW factor ~ truly unbelievable and remember to turn on your music as this has its own music and narrative ~ Three chapters Rise of Man, Fall of Man and Birth of Superman  (according to Nietzsche’s book This Spoke Zarathustra) made a decision of no peeks because YOU have to sit and watch and feel this yourselves ~ truly a visual experience…Make sure you do check that out ~ you will not be disappointed at all


Truly visual experiences 

Each section holds it own and I just was so impressed with the build that I walked around just looking and forgot to shop ~ can you believe that I forgot to shop…ok I did come back later and pick up a very unique tat that I will show off later ~


Dangerous critters 

Oh yes careful where you walk at times you just never know what you might come across and I was not going to get any closer because that snake look dangerous…Again just some peeks into this event that you must not miss it ~ am not pushing buying, but all that is going on with this event there is so much more than shopping the art installations, the performances, the music, even speed dating for those that are into that  and as you see the visual experience itself…Here is the TAXI and here is the website for more information on this event please click HERE my wish is that you enjoy this as much as I am as I will be going back and not for the speed dating LOL but for the music and other things ~ till next time ~ peace out ♥

Do you…

Hi everyone ~ sometimes it is nice just to take a time out from SL and no was not forced I just felt that I needed to step away from hearing the whining, the bullying and overall negativity ~ RL has enough of that and as someone told me “don’t like it then close the door” so I did for a couple of days ~ my feelings are as well that I will use my option not to get group IM’s as it is like at times kindergartners ~ yeah I know we are “supposed” to be adults but guessing with changing times more individuals think they are the entitled ones to act out and express opinions that should really be kept out of group chats…that said it is like when you mute someone you just take a nice cleansing breath and move on…Sooo back to my question do you subscribe to any of the subscriptions boxes…well I so say now that I am hooked, obsessed, with them ~ from Powder Pack, Deco(c)rate, Luxe, Pandora and Bish Box items inside are exclusive for each box ~ meaning they most likely will never be in the Designers stores ~ okay not each item am jumping up and down but I have gone back and retried on and its like oooh ok ~ the other day I received Bish Box and absolutely love the two items am wearing along with I also hit the Shiny Shabby event and found another skin applier from Essences that I absolutely will make this the one will be wearing for awhile ~


Wearing Varonis & Eliavah from Bish Box

The dress is from Varonis that was created especially for the July Bish Box the dress is called Natalia and love how the creator included that bustier still it is one piece and made specific for Maitreya, which is why my body just looks simply perfect in it ~ how nice the designer included 4 colors as well ~ very well made and hubby who briefly came in even if he is traveling loved the outfit ~ if you liked to see more of her creations please click HERE to look at her Flickr page… now moving downwards to the absolutely fantastic shoes ~ can you see the designer but just wait till I turn around woo hooo…


Wearing Lu’Tia Heels by Eliavah

Are they not gorgeous ~ love the detailing with the crisscrossing of the laces up top to how it wraps around my legs ~ nice sharp stiletto heels really giving your legs that xtra sizzle ~ now the gorgeous new Skin applier from Shiny Shabby ~


Wearing Tania by Essences

The nice sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of my nose is just another little detail the creator makes this special ~ am wearing Medium #2 as I like the color am not into pales or too dark but they are gorgeous if you try the demo ~ there are 2 others that I went back and forth trying to decide and finally made my choice ~ you have choices of brows and no brows another detail that I do love ~ Now my faithful readers I won’t say rush out and subscribe to Bish Box but the quality of the items make it worth the 1500L at least in my opinion ~ The box is always delivered on the 20th ~ and yes I have a post it on my puter giving me the dates for all the boxes I subscribe to *giggling* see am truly addicted to these different boxes and never 2 are the same month to month ~ below is a list of the different subscriptions boxes that I subscribe to and when they deliver

Deco(c)rate ~ 8th, Luxe Box ~ 15th, Powder Pack ~ 17th

Bish Box ~ 20th, Pandora ~ 22nd

Again all different always worth the Lindens but maybe try a box to see ~ will say the Powder Pack has 2 different ones geared for Catwa then another one for Lelutika ~ please stick around as I head off to see Indie Teepee as this is an event so unlike the others ~ I met with a creator that cannot wait to show you his creation…hugzz & be good to you and to others ~ life is too short to hate ~ Peace out♥


First let me thank Kay Weston for her creating Backdrop area where this was shot ~ it is an area that has various backdrops I should say a HUGE area filled with more backdrops that I try to show you ~ Also thank yous goes out to all the designer/creators of the Subscription Boxes your work is awesome and I thank you ~

Skin by Essences ~ Tania found at Shiny Shabby 
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
Eliavah ~ Lu’Tia Heels [Maitreya] -July Bish Box
IKON Odyssey Eyes Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
VARONIS – Natalia Dress [Black] [Maitreya] – July Bish Box
[monso] My Hair – Ruda /Mixed
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya shape tweaked a lot

Shot on location of I.E. Backdrop Area using poses by Aliud from Runway Series 


Desert Air…

Oh yes arid, dry desert is just the place I wanted to go to show off this cute outfit by Albino Peacock called Analisa ~ some think going into the desert is not the best idea especially when you are barefoot BUT for a quick pic was just perfect ~ not sure what was circling overhead whether it was vultures ready to watch my demise or some other bird of prey but I knew that I needed to hurry ~ so slipped on this one piece outfit, took the other one to do a quick change and off I went in my helicopter ~ hey did you think I was gonna walk in…ummm oh I think not ~ already had the area scoped out with the colors this was just gonna be a great shot~ by the way you know what maybe being barefoot was not the best so I threw down my handy dandy foam that I colored to match the sand and stood on that ~


Wearing Analisa by Albino Peacock

oooh I know you cannot see it close up but just wait till I quick change and then you will just had to give you that first shot ~ from the tumbleweeds rolling, bird or prey circling and finding just that right look for you ~ and yes I had to wear a cap as don’t all those movies in the desert you see them wearing some type of head piece and had to show off my latest flat cap ~ grinning ok ok here is that close up


closer look 

The detailing on the shorts with the zippers are just amazing ~ of course the color I chose as well ~ but the satin silky feel of the shirt is luxurious ~ I can see this going into the fall with nice thigh boots ~ you have seen 2 of the 6 colors that are available at Designer Showcase that hey gotta take my TAXI because it is over halfway to the end of the month and don’t wanna miss out on this completely affordable outfit by Albino Peacock~ yes there is a demo if you are worried about fit but this was perfect for my Maitreya ~ Alright my tootsies are feeling the heat from the sand so I have to signal my pilot to come and whisk me outta here and hey catch up to you later ~ peace out♥


Ok Kay Weston of Image Essentials  has taken a suggestion about making a desert scene and I so appreciate that as you can see from the swirling sand, tumbleweeds, cactus, this is great ~ check it out at Image Essentials ~ gotta check out her Wild West next ~ here is a TAXI to her place…while you are there do not forget to check out her backdrop area ~ its HUGE…and nope she does not pay me to say this LOL…thanks to again all the Designers from Designer Showcase this month that gave me the opportunity to show off all their gorgeous items… hugzz

Albino Peacock “Analisa” outfit – Violet found at Designer Showcase 
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya shape tweaked by me 
7 Deadly s[k]ins Savory Caramel Catwa 

Shot on location of Image Essentials “Desert Area” using poses from the Graceful Series by Image Essentials 

Time out…

Just letting everyone know that have not gone anywhere ~ my Bestie Dena is having some medical issues and will be back as soon as she can ~ for me it might just be an off day one that needed time just to reflect…


Reflection time 

Standing here just having thoughts about things and maybe it is just an off day at least I do hope so but lately am wanting just to listen to comforting music as I go through my vast closet and spend my 30 minutes that I have allotted to working on sorting, deleting stuff ~ again rather than have you listen to me whine, rant or complain am just gonna take a short break ~ hey might be just one day ~ cuz I honestly love blogging and rambling on and on about places to go, what to wear and stuff ~ till then please try to be kind to others as life is too short not to ~ hugzz


Most of the props were found at this months Collabor88 ~ unless noted 

Nomad Vintage Roadtrip Car
Pilot road Sign
Soy Desert Cactus
Soy Mini Shop in Gast Station
[Schultz Bros] Old Rusty Tricycle ~ found on Marketplace
Floorplan tourist billboard Coll88
Soy Desert Weed
Soy Old Gas Pump Red

::DS:: Dappled Purple Eyes
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
Foxes – Paneled Leggings – Lara- Luxe Box ~ July
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 slip.shirt Luxe Box ~ July
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape tweaked
7deadly s[k]ins ~Maud

Shot on location of my platform using poses from Le Poppycock also at Collabor88


Headhunters, Cannibals ut oh…

I love going back to a place where there was still so much more to explore like Cann!bal Island…what a gorgeous desolate beach area that Dena and I found ourselves wandering around but off in the distance I saw this and thought whaat…


Headhunters Island 

That Tiki Idol looked like it was setting in front of just rocks then I see that there looks to be more stuff that makes it look inhabited so I dive and swim over to the island…when I got up on land my jaw dropped as I cannot believe my eyes



OMG it is a submarine not rocks that the Tiki statue is sitting in front of and from the rust it looks like it has been there awhile ~ as I see steps going up inside ~ taking a risk as usual and making a decision of why not go see am climbing up those wooden steps and peering in ~ and you can tell my Prism Crochet top and Denim skirt are from this months Designer Showcase if that fact I forgot to tell you ~


Prism Kennedy Top and Skirt by Journey

At least wearing this crochet top dried rather quickly the denim will be fine as I did wring it out after the swim over ~you can tell so much detail went into the top with the criss cross of the strings that I will give you a closer look after I stop being so nosey~ as I look inside my eyes cannot believe what am seeing inside this sub ~ it is amazing!!!!!


Bum View

Looking at all the fresh fruits that are hanging up I glance around quickly thinking someone might be coming back and possibly who knows the sign did say Headhunter’s Island ~ but but I spy one thing that I must try ~ I do walk rather quickly straight for the bed and plop myself down on it


What a cozy bed to Meditate on 

Oh my that Deep Water Diving Helmet looks quite old as I really get the feeling am being watched I think it is my time to leave and hurriedly hop off the bed, out the door and dive back into the rough water to the other side…Need to give you one last look at this adorable summer outfit from Prism ~


Crochet top and Denim Skirt by Prism 

Did I mention or did you notice that with this hud that comes with it you can change colors of top and skirt in a flash?  The names of the colors truly reflect summer like Sunset, Island, Starry and Night ~ reasonably priced and comes in various sizes along with a demo in case you are worried…My time is up on this island as am hearing restless natives and seems Dena has ditched me but here is my TAXI to take you to Designer Showcase ~ till next time be kind to others ~ life is too short ~ peace out♥


“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
Astrology: Sabrina Hair gift of the Hair Fair
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Prism Kennedy Crochet Top – Lara
Prism Kennedy Denim Skirt – Lara
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape Tweaked
7 Deadly s[k]ins Maud Catwa Applier

Shot on location of Headhunters Island using Poses from LumiPro 2017 



Thank you…

When you open a gift from a designer or an item from a subscription box that you really like have you sent a thank you to the creator?  Honestly and am not being harsh but 90% of the answers are probably no because either you forget, don’t have time or some other reason why ~ but speaking with designers and creators they get very few thank you’s and that is sad ~ yes I know you paid for the item that should be thank you enough right…but what am talking about is possibly when a designer goes above and beyond like for example I get various subscription boxes *yes am addicted to them* and one from a  store decided to send out an extra gift ~ not that they had to am guessing because maybe they felt their first item just was not enough ~ in the group several members grumbled and made comments like it didn’t fit the theme exactly but hey who is to say it didn’t ~ point being is this was an act of kindness from the creator as they did not have to do this at all ~ and I sent a thank you, which sounded like they were so happy to get that ~ Guess this just is a short rant saying take time to send out thank yous for gifts and creators that do little things like that ~ what does it take ummm maybe 60 seconds out of your life to write a notecard…


N4RS Weatherd Hessian Whassit

And yes this is the xtra gift from N4RS that is part of Deco(c)rate for July ~ now my home is not beachy or tropical but still the same if it was it would be smack down in the sand instead surrounded by flowers and grass ~ has some great poses and the texture I just love ~ so my huge thanks again to alecat Breda creator of this comfy chair ~ am just chilling out after a long week ~ laughing though I am wearing a little of this and that from my inventory ~ you will see in the credits ~ RL is calling again roomie made dinner so till next time ~ hey remember life is short ~ be kind to others ~ peace out♥


.: LIKE DESIGN :. Tadla Hair
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
E-Clipse CatchMe! Necklace ~ Tres Chic Birthday gift 
IKON Promise Eyes – Field
Legal Insanity – ascot flat cap Funky
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Scandalize. Crop Top.Maitreya ~ Group Gift
[hh] Senna Flats MAITREYA ~ at Designer Showcase 
[hh] Senna Shorts MAITREYA ~ at Designer Showcase 
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya tweaked
7 Deadly s[k]ins *Maud* Catwa Applier ~ sunflower hunt

Shot at my home on N4RS Hessian Whassit *July Deco(c)rate Box


Hey Everyone ~ yes am back after a short break from blogging ~ have you ever had to wait at an airport…am sure most of you will say yes ~ at least in today’s world we have our phones, tablets or possibly laptops to pass the time ~ for me I love to people watch and think where they are going, maybe try to do a little profiling LOL like are they spies, corporate execs ~ yeah I know am weird  but it passes the time and my imagination soars…so why am sitting here waiting I see several people pass me by…


Wearing Senna Bon Voyage 

I do love the latest outfit from Hilly Haalan that I have on as I wait and watch…she really has included so much with this that you just cannot imagine ~ the glasses that I have propped up on my hair are included ~ and the suitcase that standing next to me is also included ~ oh yes my nylon mesh bag too…



Cute bag included 


Adorable Sandals 

The sandals have a hud that gives you a variety of options to change every part of the shoe ~ hey I even changed my polish on my toes to match ~


Ready to board

Yes finally my flight is being called ~ but before I go wanted to show you the top with the shorts ~ a nice comfortable look for traveling or just a casual day outfit ~ Again Hilly has also given you a hud with 10 choices from patterns to solids to change your top and shorts  along with the suitcase ~ AND this is so affordable that you just cannot seriously cannot pass up this bargain at this months Designer Showcase ~ so while I run to catch my flight here is my TAXI~ enjoy and till next time Peace out ♥


Thank you to Kay Weston of Image Essentials  for creating “Mellow” pose series  used in the first pic its available exclusive at Square1 till the end of the month ~ Kudos to Hilly of Hilly Haalan for giving me the opportunity to show off her cute outfit Bon Voyage~ shot on location of the Backdrop Area of Image Essentials ~ get a chance check it out as there are so many you will be amazed…
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring 
.: LIKE DESIGN :. Tadla Hair
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[hh] Senna Bag WITH Utilities 
[hh] Senna Flats MAITREYA 
[hh] Senna Glasses
[hh] Senna Knotted Shirt MAITREYA
[hh] Senna Mobile Phone (Talking/In Hand) 
[hh] Senna Shorts MAITREYA
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya shape tweaked 
7d’s Catwa Skin Applier Maud ~ Sunflower Hunt