Opening Act…

My heart is beating so fast I cannot believe that I was asked to be one of the opening acts for this HEADLINER…am bouncing up and down that you would think I was the star except am not ~ giggling that my name is Starr plus am wondering if I will pass out from stage fright or what…ME yes little unknown me was asked out of million others ~ woah now I gotta come up with an outfit that will just WOW the crowd ~ shaking I run to my closet and yank open the doors and there it is the PERFECT outfit that Hilly Haalan created its called the Rosaleen Lace up Dress in Glossy…YES it is going to be perfect ~ think I will even change my the color of hair ….oh gosh I gotta get ready the dress rehearsal is in whaaat 2 hours…wow ~


Wearing Rosaleen in Glossy doing Mic Testing

Was called on stage to let the lighting tech do his adjustments and the sound tech said do that testing 1,2,3 into the mic ~ welp at least we know this dress will wow them as one of the roadies just tripped over himself as I walked up on the stage…gotta mean something right…oh yeah this dress is a tad bit revealing especially if you forget in a moment of panic on running out of the dressing room without putting on panties so I do now have to watch myself how I present myself to the audience…ok ok am being waved off saying everything is good and I should get ready as curtain goes up in 40 minutes…ooooh no they are saying I need to change from the glossy red to the suede as the red is playing havoc ~ sighs but with the great Hud that Hilly has given that will not be a problem…giving a nervous giggle I run back to my dressing room umm the one without the “Star” on it…oh yes first you gotta see this dress close up


Rosaleen close up

Check out how far up that slit goes ~ those laces are just position just right… those laces help hide ummm ~ the hud is amazing per Hilly’s excellent creativity giving you choices like if you want the front and back textures to match, the lace colors even the metal grommets you can change colors as well…ok ooops they are yelling Get Off the Stage to me ….be back in a jiffy…


Belting out my Number

As I get passionate with my singing I fall to my knees with no concerns of skinning them seems this is all so surreal ~ the crowd is applauding and whistling “Bravo” that tears begin to form in my eyes ~ the cameraman pulls in for a last closeup shot…


My closeup shot wearing Rosaleen in Suede

My look is uber perfection, from my makeup to changing my wig color I just feel like not the opening act but a true singing star…I hear this buzzing in my ears possibly all the chanting xcept it is getting louder and louder and I WAKE UP….Oh no it was just a dream ~ as I roll over punching my pillow and shutting off my alarm…course it was as everyone knows I cannot sing one note in tune ~ dogs howl, people cringe but wow what an amazing dream it was…at least I looked amazing wearing Hilly’s latest release ~ oh well time to get up and start my day…laterzzz ♥

Credits go to my newest sponsor Something New for providing the new mic’s with props..these are for Spoonful of Sugar Event that is a charity event benefitting Doctors without Borders*  and the Mic/Prop Melly’s Song that was used in the 2nd pic is an exclusive with 100% of the proceeds being donated…Here is TAXI for that great charitable event ~ am honored to become a blogger for my dear friend Ally ~ thank her bunches ~ Also to Hilly Haalan for another amazing creation that you can grab off Marketplace or at her Main Store ~ pssst go to her Main Store so you can wander around and seriously look at all the great creations ~

Am Wearing:
Arte ~ Glitter Eyeshadow past Forest Sub Box
Astrology Hi Sabrina ~ Hair Fair gift
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CATWA Tongue piercing
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
REIGN.- Ribbon Heels (Maitreya-High)
Amara Catwa Skin Applier “Leanne” Sept PP Box
[hh] Rosaleen Lace up Dress MAITREYA Suede 2nd Glossy
*YS&YS* Catwa Shape tweaked

Shot on my Platform high in the sky using the following Props & Poses: Stage by Kraftwork, Sing for Me *Mic #1 & Melly’s Song Mic #2 both by Something New, and Sultry Pose #8 by Image Essentials…


Its Pumpkin Time…

As September creeps closer to the end I cannot help smiling even if I sit here with a swollen knee along with my swollen pride from falling the other day in RL ~ gawd I felt like a little child who fell down and scraped her knee on concrete with Roomie standing over me going should we go to hospital…ummm NO just let me have a moment to moan and curse cuz it hurts like shit, then get me a wipe to wipe the blood off and I will be fine…and yes it did happen 2 days ago even sent my SL hubby a pic of my injury LOL…now I love Fall since it is “supposed” to bring cooler weather as I look outside at the 80’s degrees temps ~ but in SL am excited with going through all my inventory for pumpkins, leaves and giggling my scarecrows…am a slow decorator just due to I want it to look just right ~ my portrait studio I moved up to the platform so there would be room for the pumpkin patch and later on the cemetery with all the ghosts and goblins will haunt…After my disastrous fall we did make it out to the store so I could pick up some apple cider and pumpkin spice creamer ~ cider was good but little strong on the creamer ~ oh yes my apologies that am going back and forth relating to SL then RL and back again…Image Essentials has a really great Gacha Machine in her store that features Scarecrows, which you should check out ~ here is one of the poses ~


Scarecrow Gacha by Image Essentials 

Dontcha like my pumpkins ~ and that freaky crow scared me half to death landing on that scarecrows arm ~ plus Dena snuck one in that is on the wagon wheel too ~ crows are creepy ~ so many Halloween Horror flicks always have crows in them ~ shuddering…I cannot watch those films anymore the last one I watched “Jeepers Creepers” gave me nightmares for couple nights so that was it for me…Oooh yes another thing I kind of wanted to bring to your attention as it gets closer to end of the month well 7 more days is Voting for the Bloggie Awards ~ yes I have been nominated in various categories plus overall blogger am still kind of overwhelmed and honored especially in the same category as Strawberry Singh who is one of my favorite bloggers and so very talented now as a vlogger ~ if you want there is still time that you can put in a vote for me, or for any of the bloggers that are also nominated as there are really some outstanding ones that deserve this award please click HERE


Closer Look at Me & Scarecrow 

Oh I would like to mention that Catwa has updated a lot of the heads as mine Catya and applaud Catwa for the hard work ~ this latest update really seems to enhance all the skins that I have been wearing ~ this skin is the latest from 7 Deadly S[kins] VIP Group gift ~ so Mr Scarecrow and I have been planning what to do for October and Halloween ~ think we first well umm geez it is a surprise *giggling* so just wait and see what developes at my home ~ till then I got a lot of great stuff from the Rock Your Rack event that will be starting in 7 days ~ plus outfits from Hilly Haalan one of my sponsors AND something new from KraftWork ~ so should be a interesting, busy month ~ please accept my sincerest thanks for following me and supporting me ~ am so grateful HUGZ♥

What Am Wearing:

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CATWA Tongue piercing
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Razor/// Lowrider Leather Pants- lastyears Sept Luxe Box
REIGN.- Villenti Heels (Maitreya-High)
[sYs] REBEL oversizedshirt- black/white past June Bishbox
Jian Playtime Piglet ~ Arcade this month
Kite Sweater Weather ~ Hai Arcade this month
Bluejay ~ gift
{RW} Pumpkin Patch
*YS&YS Catwa Shape ~ tweaked

Shot at my Residence using Image Essentials Scarecrow Gacha


Stylin on Runway…

You all see them strutting down that narrow runway that is called a “catwalk” *I know why know cuz you better be like a cat it is so narrow” maybe wondering how it would feel to be up there with cameras pointed at you, patrons staring at you and being very critical, and the show director praying that you do not twist an ankle or some other embarrassing move ~ only in SL could I truly do this but I wanted that “The Look” that look you see only a runway model could pull off as they walk with the blank stare, outrageous hair and makeup ~ something that makes them notice ~ as I slid on this uber gorgeous dress by “Madcatcreations Boutique” in Snake Print, change my hairstyle, add on some ultra eye shadow and eyeliner, glide on my lippy and slip into my heels I feel this transformation happening and its my turn to walk the “catwalk” wish me luck I do not fall…


Wearing Scoop Dress by Madcatcreations in Snake Print

When the designer named this dress Scoop she knew exactly what she meant huh…Wowzer ~ I will say it is leaving my girls halfway covered *grinz* and that bare belly could of used a gem or maybe a tat to show it off but I think keeping it simple works ~ now if I do not laugh or trip I will do fine ~ gotta remember walk slow, don’t smile and get your eyes that glazed over look ~ alright now I gotta stop so people can gawk, take pics and just give me the eye as I wonder will I turn around correctly or will I make a mistake…


Closer Look 

Honestly am just not sure about this hair and am so happy it is just a wig that the dresser shoved in my hands at the last moment screaming put this own ~ then almost stabbed me with that pointy thing ~ most dressers are notoriously known for not being gentle hmm guess it is part of their job…so here I stand stone face so all around get that glimpse and YES this is for the Rock Your Rack event ~ giving the VIP’s and my readers a early look ~ so please put this on your shopping list …ok gotta run  back and change to the Leopard Print…..brb


Leopard Print

Whew made it back and down the runway without one mishap ~ see the dresser tore off my wig shoved another one on me made me put just ONE yes ONE earring in ~ and with scissors in hand he started trimming up this wig ~ YIKES he got way too close for comfort and then shoves me out on the runway…both of these and other gorgeous items will be available beginning September 30th ~ and if you do not know what RYR is this is an annual event that raises funds for a RL Charity The National Breast Cancer Foundation that helps give free mammograms to those in need as well as educate, support as well as early detection services ~ DO YOU KNOW ~ that there is still no cure for Breast Cancer and the BEST way is early detection ~ a good way to start is give your girls a very good feel ~ then make sure you go have a mammogram ~ yes I know it squishes them almost to pancakes BUT that just might save your life ~ Breast Cancer also is becoming more prevalent in the Men too ~ Welp I gotta stop chit chatting as I am getting these looks from the other models ~ you will see me around at the Event please say Hi ~ for me am excited at all the Designers, Entertainers and other fun stuff that will be at this Event ~ if you want more information about Rock Your Rack please click HERE ~ till next time please be good to yourself and to others – Peace out ♥

Credits go to the Models Giving Back as well as Jaime Sandalwood ~ they are giving me the honor of being an official blogger for this event…thank you ♥

Rock Your Rack 2017 Official AD

Am Wearing:

Amara Catwa Skin ~ Leanne Sept PP
Eye Shadow Modish Sekeba Sept PP
.SHI Hair Ethereal ~ First Pic
Izzie’s Glittery Undereye Catwa May PP
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
.Shi : Hearken
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CCD – Nose Piercing
EF: Rhapsody Earring
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
MCC Scoop Dress in Snake & Leopard – Maitreya
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
REIGN.- Villenti Heels (Maitreya-High)

Shot on Location of Image Essentials using her Prop “Runway” 

ModelsGivingBackNEW HQ

Pssst it’s me…

Yes I have taken my ops makeup off ~ changed into an outfit by Hilly Haalan that she just released into her store and am kind of on another mission ~ seems there is something going on over at Calas that I aim to find out what it is…


Wearing Elissa by Hilly Haalan

I snuck into this coffee shop to grab a quick espresso before I continue but honestly couldn’t stand around for fear that Sarge has sent someone to tail me to check and see if I am doing what I was assigned to ~ he is so strict, no fun and its all by the book…probably would not like the red heels that came with this outfit either…Hey can I help it if Hilly has a great Hud that you can change colors with ~ hurriedly changed colors again and shoved on sunglasses hoping that no one recognizes me least of all Sarge


Close up 

Before anyone catches on I wanted you to see the details on this outfit ~ dontcha just love the knitted top and rolled up turtleneck…the hud also allows you to change both the top and jeans so you really can get a lot of wear without spending a fortune ~ as well if you rather not get the entire outfit and just the top you can do that as well…oooh and these jeans are really booty huggers as I turn around to give you a nice view of my bum…


Bum View 

See they just mold to you giving you that JLo look that everyone craves to have and does 100 squats to get ummm not me I just slip on these jeans and tada there ya go…giggling ok might as well let your eyes slide down to those killer heels too…


Heels Included 

Because of fall and we all know leaves on the ground just might get into those peek a boo toes Hilly has given us a nice pair of pumps to wear ~ and yes also included with this outfit…ut oh I think ummm yup I spied Sarge peeking around the corner thinking I do not see him ~ so I gotta go but hey take this TAXI to her Main Store or hit this LINK for Hilly’s Marketplace to grab this outfit and for me gotta go invisible but till next time…peace out♥

Credits go to both my Sponsors Image Essentials for creating the series of Sultry poses I used and to Hilly Haalan for this awesome outfit ~ both make me look good…

Am Wearing:

CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CCD – Nose Piercing
enVOGUE HAIR – Beyonce
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
TRUTH HAIR Bangs [Side Whispy Left]
TRUTH HAIR Bangs [Side Whispy Right]
[hh] Elissa Heels MAITREYA L
[hh] Elissa Heels MAITREYA R
[hh] Elissa Jeans MAITREYA
[hh] Elissa Top MAITREYA
[hh] Sienna Glasses
*YS&YS catwa shaped tweaked
7 Deadly s[KINS] Cicely

Shot on location of Calas using poses from Sultry Series created by Image Essentials 

In to Africa…

It has been awhile since I visited one of my favorite hang out spots where I keep a tent just for those moments that well you know when you just gotta get away or you will scream ~ miles away from anything on a wildlife preserve somewhere in the heart of Africa ~ after speaking with one of the zoo keepers on the preserve he assured me that the tent is still standing but with the flaps down it might need to be aired out ~ off I went to see what is what…


Convair Safari Tent ~ Past Deco(c)rate Box -July

At least the tent looks in good shape but my my the grass is overgrown a lot ~ need to walk around and check the outdoor shower ~ lets hope no elephant stepped on it or the zebra’s left any surprises if you get my drift…


Outdoor Shower by Soy 

Yup it looks in great shape after I trim the grass will be a nice relief to take a cooling shower ~ who’s around to watch except the wild animals *giggling* don’t think am their type anyway…


Me and baby Kato 

Is he not cutest little orangutan by Black Bantam from a past gacha this summer ~ course he wants to be held constantly but I do not mind ~ I have gotten most everything set back up in the tent ~


Inside the Tent

Looks like home away from ~ nice pallet bed that is truly comfy and hung pics of hubby and bestie over the bed, couple of my trunks that I mistakenly left one in the middle of the floor but before it gets dark it will be all put in place ~ microwave and fridge that is running by a generator ~


View from the Steps

With the flaps open on at the tent you can get a nice view along with the to porch chairs and tables ~ it is still early so I set out bagels & coffee ~ oh yes nice little toaster that is also being run on the generator…oh my friends have come to visit please let me introduce you ~


Mr & Mrs Leo of the Lion Family

They always drop by to say hello and to enjoy the warmth from the fireplace ~ those darn monkeys have come back as well and I warned them they better stay outta my tent this time ~ what a mess they made…


Everyone arrives

The view from the chopper that picked me up so I can head out to grab some groceries and supplies as it is about an hour flying time ~ you can see the variety of animals that do drop by and most are non violent as they know my rules…thanks for visiting ~ and will be back soon with another adventure ~

Credits ~ I truly want to let all my readers, followers and supporters know how much I truly appreciate them ~ thank you to each of you that take time to read and send me nice comments ~ hugzz

What Am Wearing:

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CCD – Nose Piercing
Hart’s Silk Pith Helmet
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Optional Bow For Silk Pith Helmet CM
sf design hat hair medium – light blonde
TABOU. Asymetric Gloves- Lara- Grey
C & S Winter Boots
*ys&ys catwa Shape tweaked
7 Deadly s[KINS] Cecily catwa skin applier

Props that were used & their creators
Animals Created by Hannah Kozlowski
Lion & Lioness
Baby Giraff created by Trisha Blinker
Campfire by Amanda Dench
African Acacia Tree created by apelles luna
Elephant Herd privacy screen ~ Genia Wood
Candle Jar Lights created by FrankLee Anatra
Zebra Herd privacy screen ~ Genia Wood
deck chairs ~ created by mandingo quan
Long Grass by dop kidd
Wild Grass by Cari McKeenan
Dried Grass by Garvie Garzo
Meadow Grass by Keira Raindale
.:revival Rocking Chair by Momentous
Perched Owl by Lis Laufer
Toaster by Elle Kirshner
Coffee Cup with Saucer by Awfully Artful
Simple Table by Lis Laufer
Coffee Shelf by Heavenly Villa ~ group gift
Magnuskitchen Fridge by saera ellisson
Lazy Meals Microwave ~ uriah eulenberg
Wooden Trunk by Apple Fall
Storage Trunk by Kaz Nayar
single pallet seat by Tyrek Skywalker
Art Noveau Floor Lamp by Piraiyah novikov
Notebook for Pallet by Kay Weston
tarte upcycled pallet bed by Alessandra Donato
Art Noveau Table Lamp by Piraiyah Novikov
Pallett side table by Heavenly Villa
Dandelion Pallete art by Kunst Himmel
watercolor Frame
Wood Circle by Ball Lights by Ramadiez Carter
Convair Safari Tent by Tobias Convair Deco July
Book Pile Lamp by Isabeau Baragula
Hibernating Chair with books by Pierre
DiCor Harriet Books by Di’Cor

Ready for action…

I know this might come as a shock to some but I have a secret but shhhh you must not share it with the world until the time comes ~ i’m in training for special ops warrior ~ oh yes and today I was pulled into a practice run but again shhhh will show you whats going on umm well only part of it …


Ready for battle

Bet you barely recognize me in my outfit ~ we even got outfitted with a gas mask just to be prepared for anything that aliens might throw at us ~ was given a time limit to walk around exploring but had to be on our guard ~


In  position

As my Sergeant yells at me “Enemy at 2 o’clock and I jump down with my hand on my gun sighting my target “got it Sarge” I yelled…but this outfit is a little hard on the knees can you tell ~ the boots are great will keep my shins and feet protected but the rest hmm you think our Sarge was a tad sexist with these?


Wearing Alfa Zulu Dress & Boots by  !go!

Taking a much needed break and was suggested that I read up on a couple of sections from our manual when that freaky doll twisted her head to stare at me ~ shuddering am like should I answer her or is this another tactic by the Sarge to catch me off guard ~ wish she would stop staring…


Walking away 

Before I go any further am learning from the Sarge guess he heard my comment about the outfit that this was worn by the famous Wicca Merlin in another test run back in August and I can if I want read about all about it HERE – Gulping at my error I quickly apologized as we all know if Wicca wore and endorsed it that I should be humble enough not to complain at all ~ she chose it from  !go! a very well known store that also provided the dress and boots are called Alfa Zulu and were featured at ThereAfter Event~ Back on my feet for the last bit of training when…


In My Sights

I twist around, finger on the trigger ready to shoot on command ~ but my Sarge tells me stand down as the exercise is over ~ whew that was rough and I apologize that I could not show you stuff it is very top secret ~


Face of a Special Ops

Yes that is moi behind that mask and makeup ~ will be nice to go home, take a shower and just rest my weary bones ~ was an exhausting day ~ till next time ~ be kind to one another please as you remember life is too short…Peace out ♥

Credits: To a fellow blogger Wicca Merlin  that I admire and look up to for inspiration from time to time ~ check her blog out and she does have an Inworld Store called Wicca’s Wardrobe plus on Marketplace

What Am Wearing:
 !gO! alfa.zulu boots – maitreya lara
!gO! alfa.zulu dress – maitreya lara
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
TRUTH / Athena
[Cubic Cherry] {After} gasmask
*ys&ys Catwa Shape ~ tweaked
7 Deadly s[KINS] Catwa Skin applier Cicely

Shot all on Location of Nytemares ~ using poses from Gingerfish Poses called “One Shot” 

Route 66…

Route 66 was one of the most iconic highways ~ established back in 1926 and stretched for over 2,448 miles starting from Chicago ending up in California ~ even in the 60’s was made popular by a TV series Route 66 and like a lot of things was replaced in the 80’s when the US Highway System did an overhaul ~ today there are still portions of Route 66 left and I found one…


Wearing Inez outfit by Hilly Haalan 

Yes in a little dusty town where those rolling dust balls go past you and the cactus are taller than me ~ Sten and I took to his motorcycle traveling down the highway ~ yes I know not very biker chic like apparel but it was supposed to be a very short ride…NOT! You gotta admit this outfit Inez by Hilly Haalan looks good on the back of his bike…


A Nice Bum View

I spied a food stand that was from the looks of it on the honor system ~ hungry as I was as the smell from the french fries got to me ~ plus you can see from the back side view of those gorgeous salmon colored jeans they fit like a glove…Pants have the flared bottoms hiding those shoes that also come with this uber sexy outfit ~ oh yes a really gorgeous necklace that I should show you huh…


Necklace included 

Am like pointing for Sten to go check out something *yeah like he listens* giggling ~ but the necklace really compliments this outfit ~ and you can see how the off the shoulder looks plus I just love the folded material is ~ ut oh I hear yelling hmmm


Shannon Cardalines w/friend having a time out 

Kind of had to break up their loud arguing and just take a breather from each other ~ something about he wouldn’t ask for directions and now they were lost ~ laughing see do men never ask for directions or what…Anyway ~



As I sit and wait for Sten to come back from wherever he wandered off to this is one outfit that looks so put together ~ was not bright enough to put on the sunglasses that came with this and the clutch is stuffed in the saddlebag but Hilly has included Sunglasses, Necklace, Outfit, Clutch and Heels for a super low price that you can get either at her Main Store or on Marketplace ~ Looks like I see my sexy hubby coming back across the road so will say cya soon ~ take care of yourself and be kind to others as life is just too short not too…peace out ♥

Credits go to Hilly Haalan for gracing me with her gorgeous outfits to show off, to Kay of Image Essentials for the Trendy Girl poses I used and for Shannon Cardalines and her friend for letting me make up that story about them having a fight cuz honestly we all know men most times won’t ask for directions LOL…

Am Wearing:

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics w
CATWA HEAD Catya Toothless v3.0
CATWA Tongue piercing
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[hh] Inez Heels
[hh] Inez Jeans
[hh] Inez Necklace
[hh] Inez Off Shoulder Top
[monso] My Hair – Ruda /Mixed
*ys&ys catwa shapetweaked
7 Deadly s[Kins] catwa skin applier Cicely

All shot on location of the Mother Road using poses from Trendy Girls Series by Image Essentials