Winter Fantasy…

Hellooo everyone ~ have you missed me?  Yes as most of you knew that I was moving in RL and it took a lot longer than I thought to get all settled in but this move has been probably the best one yet ~ am no longer close to my favorite location the beach but the mountains and the landscape truly make up for it ~ as one of my sponsors “Once Upon Time” has given me the gorgeous Winter Bed set that will is available at The Secret Garden event ~ “The Secret Garden event is a magical journey through enchanted gardens that change with the season. Ten magical butterflies inhabit the gardens and each hide beautiful, exclusive items” …


Winter Bed Set 

Growing up always wanted a canopy style bed except cost wise and room wise made it not possible ~ and this bed is simply gorgeous without a lot of fru fru if you get my drift…the bed has a lot of couple animations that some are very very naughty and some are PG rated ~


Closer Look

This entire set is included as an exclusive for the Secret Garden ~ You will receive the bed, rug, pillows, table and the vase of tulips ~ all separate which makes it nice ~ the colors really just scream fantasy winter where you and your special someone is walking through a winter forest and come upon this ~ Dontcha just love the design and colors as much as I do ~ keeping this out so hubby and I can finally have our special anniversary celebration as we are now going into our 3rd year of being partners ~ and those that know SL 3 years is truly a milestone in relationships ~ but something about Sten and I that just clicked and we compliment each other plus why would I trade him in ~ very little faults and he loves to spoil me with surprises now and then plus some other things that well I will keep private but he truly keeps me smiling and I can’t help but love him…so ARE you looking for your own special winter fantasy then take my special SLEIGH and head over to The Secret Garden and grab up all the goodies ~ also take another side trip to Once Upon Time’s main store and have a look around ~till next time be good to yourself and others ♥

Credits go to loly hallison owner/creator of Once Upon Time for letting me show off her fabulous creations as well as to my uber sexy hubby Sten for always being there after 3 years and putting up with me ~ love ya lotz luv ♥

Props Used: 

Shot at my residence using the following items 

Snowed Tree – *Rita Munro
“Moon_Sha” Handcart White – Snow
[DDD] Snow Dust
[DDD] Snow Spot
GOOSE – couples snowy lantern
Once Upon Time… Winter Set Rug Light Blue
Once Upon Time… Deco Pillows Winter Set
Once Upon Time… The Winter Bed
Once Upon Time… Table Bed Winter Set
Once Upon Time… Tulips White Small
Hayabusa Design – Sakura Tsyu Kosade
[ Organica ] BIrch 3


On the move…

Am headed for the hills ~ well actually mountains as I move in RL again and I sure hope this is the last move for awhile since this past year almost moved 3 times ~ never finished unpacking the last boxes ~ so just a short note to tell you am not disappearing just moving to the hills of Tennessee ~ huge change from the beach ~ be good till I return sometime by the end of the week or early next week ~ hugzzz to you all ♥ ♥

Remember your first…

Yes, do you remember your first place ~ you graduated and you struck out on your own taking everything you own in boxes, bags and whatever ~ getting to your apartment or loft but it was all yours ~ no parents, guardians to look or peek into your room when you were not home going through all your items and maybe even checking under your mattress to find your diary just to see if you are behaving yourself ~ you take a look around at all the space you have as your parents have helped with the bigger stuff like fridge, oven if the place doesn’t come with them ~ and now you get to go to work putting your cherished items out ~ and you know which ones they are ~ that first dolly you got for Christmas, or those stack of books that you might have time to read since you are paying rent and bills so socially it might be cheap nightlife…


One View 

Those huge picture windows give in just the right amount of light saving you on having to provide a lot of lamps and the warmth from the fireplace provides just the right amount of heat to keep those bills down…All the little touches that when you look makes it your place…


2nd View 

Having those 2 tall cathedral style windows on both sides along with the skylight really was a find when searching for that perfect place ~ and the window seat that you were able to set out the little stuff you just couldn’t leave behind ~


Window with a view

Each item just brings you smiles and memories ~ a collection of mix matched personal items from your stuffed doggy, the little wabbit, even the wire board that holds pics of those close to you ~ and yes you snuck one of your Gram’s fine art prints just to remind you of her…


Built in Shelves 

The built in wall space with ladder is truly perfect to hold your collections of those old classic style radio’s that Gramps told you to hang on to as some day they will be worth much much more ~ the snow globes that were lovingly given by your fave aunt who just knew you would love them ~ and your Dad even presented you with some framed word prints that might be words to live by…


Even the steps provide a place for hiding those boxes and your suitcases and you see your Mom stopped by and placed a gift that will be opened later…your love of candles find their way to the stair steps as well as that one pot holding branches from your parents front yard ~


Loft/Sleeping Area

Going up to the loft style bedroom with the skylight to watch the stars late at night when you cannot sleep ~ plenty of space to fill up with more knicknacks and that huge flat screen TV you placed on layaway as your home warming pressie to yourself ~


Kitchen/Dining Area

Brings to your compact kitchen/dining area that has everything you need when you invite that special someone over to a home cooked meal~ with your cats all safe and comfy


Living area 

Desk is set up and laptop is tucked away in the storage area you can finally relax looking at your scrapbook filled with memories ~ and smiling as you take another look at the space you call HOME…

Credits to my bestest Dena who truly dunno where I would be at times without her help, suggestions and just being my blog partner ~ she truly puts up a lot with me and at times it is a thankless job but I always want her to know how appreciated and grateful I am to have her as my bestie and to my sponsor KraftWork proving this great loft ” Le Plateau Loft” that is being offered at  6th Republic till the 20th of this month ~ here is your TAXI to the event ~ this loft is really so detailed from the brickwork to the animated window seat ~


KraftWorks Le Plateau Loft @6 Republic

Plenty of room as you can see I overloaded this with lotz of stuff and still didn’t look like it was crammed in there so any bigger furniture you have will work just perfect…Dena and I truly had fun with this as I am sure you will too ~ till next time hugzz ♥♥

Props used:

PrimSmart Long Octagon Mirror(T0MMY Amiot)
.random.Matter. – Light Our Way – Candle (Nikohl Hax)
[DDD] Hanging Candles – White/Kalia Firelyte
:CP: Kaye Vase Branches Isla Gealach
Fancy Decor: Birch Candles Jake Vordun
Fancy Decor: Metallic Chandelier (silver)Jake Vordun
Vintage Picture Frame (yogijo Resident)
Candles(Luluts Resident)
AL – Boxes empty solitude Blackheart
.:Bee Designs:. Elegance Gacha Suitcases (Bee Caudron)
Gacha Citrus Working Watch 5 COMMON Sejher Resident
Dutchie stacked pans Froukje Hoorenbeek
~Simplicity~Home Wall Art (Buffy Latzo)
~Simplicity~black stove with pans (Buffy Latzo)
~Simplicity~Kitchen Art (Buffy Latzo)
!! Follow US !! Mesh lemon mixer (blue)/Laurent83 Waco
!! Follow US !! Lemon juicer (blue)/Laurent83 Waco
KraftWork Vintage Bakelite Radio/NODNOL Jameson
KraftWork Chalk Fridge – Sept17 GROUP GIFT/NODNOL Jameson
KraftWork Vintage Big Broadcast Radio/NODNOL Jameson
[NaT]-dEcO-Wall Plates Crow (VanillaSunsets Resident)
Serenity Style- Nannja Southern Plant(Hanstrid Inshan)
Quasi – Dangerous Games Wall Art Lybra Rage
Yasum*Christmas Gift*Antique Wallframe*Azlyn Vaher
Good morning-Table(Ria Bazar)
Good morning-Chair (Ria Bazar)
Kei’s Kokeshi Doll Birthday Cake (Keiko Zoon)
DaD DESIGN “Ornamental Orange Vase with butterflies” sheerpetal Roussel
[Toiz] watercolor frame (blue)(marinestella Resident)
*Dench Designs* Drinks Globe/Amanda Dench
MOoH! Little bear doll avy/Dalriada Delwood
Cherry house-{C.H}-book&cake cafe-book gift (koala0409 Resident)
C* Stuffed Penguin Toy Sweetlips Wahrhaftig
{Pretty Props} Polar Bear Plush Awfully Artful
Turkey Plushie FadeArcade Resident
[G] Plush Pet – Bunny Rose (Lissa Bohm)
Reindeer Plush Rare Rainbow (AmethestPearl Resident)
Ana’s Doll with blue butterflies & flowers dress (Anastasio Luminos)
Bunny Penguin Plush Rare Arctic (AmethestPearl Resident)
Perro peluche(Roudoudou Hirons)
[Vk!] Dorothy Doll -GIFT (Enzo Qendra)
Mandy Cuddle Bear/Mandy Madison (Amanda Maa)
*FT* Wrinkled Rug ~ BW Oriental
Lavender Mint in Pot/Honour McMillan
NIRVANA – Square Tapered Pot Carrie Grant
Incendia White Microfiber Sofa Set End Table (Lucie Scorbal)
PILOT – Storage Trunk Kaz Nayar
Icon designs. Plant pot (Akira Cybertar)
*Pastiche* Caprice Lovers Trundle Bed Jynx Rae
::KKs:: journee a la ferme – flower books Yeiyaiel Resident
{ACD} Round Hearts Rug/Stormm Firecaster
Icon designs. Plant pot/Andrew Merriwhether (Akira Cybertar)
[sf] stool with books/Heavenly Villa
Clustered. Oakland Set. Pillow Basket/A D A M (adamBRJ Resident)
L2 Lava Lamp/wanna (WannaPiEcE Crabgrass)

Build Le Plateau by KraftWork

Last stop for…

As we puttered into the last gas station before hitting the desert we had a look around and first thing I noticed was nothing around for miles and miles and you could see the mountain peaks in the distance as we walked inside a couple of tumbleweeds rolled past us stopping only by the gas pumps that in my mind needed a huge upgrading…


Last Chance for Gas 

Walking closer to the door I noticed 2 huge Bassett Hounds just wagging their tails looking for some type of affection since no one was seated in the chairs ~


Deserted looking 

Not exactly sure if we should go in as you got this creepy feeling that possibly someone was watching us ~ the question was where were they but taking a leap we opened the door and walked in…


Not the cleanest floors 

Ooooh I spied a cigarette still burning in the ashtray so there has to be someone around right? Woah is this place never heard of no smoking as I see a very old cigarette machine that looks like it is still in working condition…gawd don’t drop anything on this floor – well maybe it wouldn’t matter if ya did since not sure if even “Mr. Clean” would be able to work his magic on them…Hollering out “HEY anyone here?” but after a few minutes there is no answer….this is getting creepier and creepier…clipboards on the wall, the register that looks like it matches the rest of the place ~ Sten decides to start humming the theme song from “Twilight Zone” and I slap his arm hard…


Bay doors opened 

Walking back outside since we both didn’t wanna chance going thru that door with the huge sign saying employees only…hmmm wasn’t the bay doors closed when we got here I asked hubby ~ he wasn’t sure and we both peeked into the garage where this ancient truck sat up on the lift ~ must of been some nasty oil leak as I noticed a lot of wet spots still not dried…ok let’s fill the bike up, leave the cash on the register and just get outta here NOW…as we were pumping this loud scream filled the air sounded like they were trying to say something…Sten stopped pumping and we listened again and finally we understood what it was saying … The voices said this


Giggling…ok Dena and I had fun creating this and using KraftWorks latest item for FaMESHed that opens tomorrow really helped ~ plenty of room as you can see to add items to really make this a great item for your sim or for those of you that blog could be the beginning of a theme to show off whatever…below is the Ad pic for this ~ all you have to do is add imagination ~ 


Being sold at FAMESHed 

Doors for FaMESHed will open tomorrow but here is that RIDE when they do ~ hope you enjoyed this little Halloween post ~ laughing as I did have fun with this storyline…thanks to KraftWorks for giving me the opportunity to showcase their items ~ more to come…ENJOY♥♥

Props Used:
Vending Machine/Cesile Rottnest (VanHicksing Resident)
Clipboard/osti (ostiabs Resident)
Candies Choco Bars Vending Machine/Jamiecat Wild (Jamiecat Janus)
The Old Cash Register – The Artist Shed/MargeKinson Resident
Ashtray skull (transfer)/Esmeray Farella
books for coffee table/Duda Enzo
TA Panorama Telephone/Nico Griffith
Magazines 1 -Mesh-/fffred Auer
Careless Store Counter/??ga? (MeganBlu Resident)
Cig Machine/UncaSnow Resident
MOTOR OIL/Lika Meili
RE Second Life Gasoline Sign/Rod Eun
[BelliCorp] Authorized Personnel Only Sign (Style A)/Cyphr Bellic
PILOT – Flat Road Map [Road Trip]/Kaz Nayar
RE Wrong Turn OK Sign/Rod Eun
CAR SERVICE ITEMS Full Perm/Lika Meili
ESTEQUAL DESIGNS – Tyres /Lika Meili
atrum cordis-toolbox1/xxdanny0xx
Toolbox 253C Aeon
XC Full Perm High Rise Tunnel Ram Intake/ 2X4B xcaleyx westland
Optima Battery 1.0 – /blitz rage
Rusty Truck/hidanetkazuku swords
car lift /JR Dreamscape
MOTOR OIL PINUP Girl Metal Plate Poster /Clairelise
RE Second Life Oil Cans Stack/Rod Eun
Oil Drums Morris Mertel
:CP: Shelly Lawn Chair Faded Rust Gift
..::THOR::.. Standing Ashtray [T]
Basset Hound – Mesh – Hannah Kozlowski
Soy. Desert Weed [S size]
Tumbleweed/ utterly Wizardly
Bone shaker/Amphibian Beebe
Soy. Desert Cuctas [A]&[B]
KraftWorks Gas Station

What do you…

What do you do when your closet is bursting with hats, hats and more hats along with all those bags…couple options in SL just first off delete them as they might be over 2 years old and styles change, shoes and bags get better looking or this idea that I like is why not display them on a wall ~ Dena along with myself went through our closet grabbed several hats and bags and placed them on the wall ~ oh and while we both were doing that we saw some of the hats were OVER 30 prims even couple were over 100 really was an eye opener to how things have changed ~ we found one little head wreath that was over 300 prims…was like woah moment ~ another good reason to clean out that closet as no one wants to walk around wearing on their head that amount anymore ~ everyone is very cautious and aware of what it creates ~ LAG~ we came up with a creative way to display them and we hope this might give you ideas when thinking about what to do with a plain wall ~


Little mix of this and that with the plants, bird cages even throwing in a ship’s wheel as who’s to say everything should match ~ this is SL and creativity is endless ~ our wish is this gives you ideas ~ till next time ♥♥

Props used:
JIAN Caged Candles
brocante. book birdcage
.:BC:. Ship`s Wheel
!! Follow US !! Halloween ’13 – Ravens birdcage
Calico Cat Sitting *c* Hannah Kozlowski *m*
Calico Cat Lying *c* Hannah Kozlowski *m*
SM – Caged Dove Decor – White
.:revival:. hanging chair white
[hh] Charly Bag
VooDoo MoJo Top Hat *c* Damen Gorilla
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade: Venice Sofa Lace
{what next} House Plant – Eucalyptus
{what next} House Plant – Agave
{what next} House Plant – Rubber Tree
{what next} Boathouse Cottage Table Stool
{what next} Boathouse Cottage Cut Flowers
{what next} Boathouse Cottage Coat Rack
{what next} Coastal Loft Skybox *m*
Beusy: Baseball Cap[Vibes Gacha]
[hh] Marcy Handbag
Annie Dusty Suede Cowgirl Hat with Celtic Buckle
JCNY – Long Island, New York Sculpted Hat
!IT! – Summer Hat
^^Swallow^^ Hat Pervert Blk/Gold
ShuSHu NEVER AGAIN vixen hat
Whimsy Rose Jaunty Hat Black with Pink Bow
[celoe.mademoiselle.hat] *c* Shaysibrian
[hh] Gabi Handbag
::::FurtaCor:::Loulou Summerbag
Legal Insanity – ascot flat cap Funky

the bones party…

oooh hey seems I did not get my invite to the “bones” party but from what I heard it was a very elite set that did get one…probably just as well after looking at who was there~ and yes managed to snag a copy of the guest list to let you know who did make the party ~ ooops plus my secret undercover photographer *winks* also managed to take their pic ~ giggling


the bones party 

See what I mean about the ummm type of guests that were invited ~ ok so from left to right will introduce you to them ~ starting with on the stool is the former mobster “Al Capone” you can tell by his hat LOL, sitting next to him wearing the pair of sunglasses is of course he was dressed for the occasion is “Invisible Man“, the host of the party is next the famous jewel thief “A.J. Raffles” if you have not heard of him well tsk tsk he is quite well he was quite the ladies man back in his day, sitting next to him am told was a famous Wild West Assassin “Deacon Jim” not so scary anymore is he…ok behind him is wearing the flowered hat and the only female to the group is “Miss Marples” surely you recognize her name, last one standing is “Jack the Ripper” uggg oooh yes the one that seems to be passed out wearing the pirate hat is none other than “Jack Sparrow” with his ever present bottle of rum YoHO…looks like they enjoyed themselves with all the treats that were laid out ~ and the pitcher of Butterbeer along with Pumpkin Juice that they say has quite the kick to it…at least there was not a big mess when I came to check up to see if the place was still standing as everything surprisingly was empty and swept clean of any debris ~ no complaints from the neighbors so all is good ♥♥

Props Used:

Halloween Luminary No2 *c* LadyBunny Hare *m*
JIAN Flamingo Collection :: Static – Head Forward
JIAN Flamingo Collection :: Static – Gaze
*Shabby* Potted Lollys- Trick or Treat *m*
[Kres] Autumn Tray
Hello Dave – Trick or Treat Bag – MONSTER PURPLE
[blissiere] gacha life group gift – zombie ghost
[CIRCA] – “Nature Valley” Pumpkin & Gourd Crate GIFT 
Ice Fishing – Bait Box *gift*
Fishing pole stand decoration *c* Ravin Asgard
SL13B Gift: Drying fish *c* Flecha Warwillow
Simply Shelby Kitchen Herbs Planter/window box *m*
Halloween Pumpkin Glowing Face EVIL SMILE *c* RiderX Spitteler
inVerse Malibu – Anchor
inVerse Malibu – potted plants
inVerse Malibu – surf board
DD Bush Blue Flower W Watering Can
Aley Mart ~ SS Minnow Life Preserver
[LD] Flory Hat
[TMH] Blue Velvet Gothic Brooch Top Hat
CC Signature Skelly Top Hat {Black}
[hh] Spooky Bats Skeleton Wings
KITE – Bear Planter – Arcade Birthday Gift – Sept 2017
Stray Dog – Wide Brim Hat
.Olive. the Rabbit Hat
CC Baron Fedora – Black & White Plaid
hO wEAr Captain Candy hat
nani // babe tote_ // gift
: ‘.LeLutka.Glare Sunglasses-Solid’
Get Stuff Skeleton Sitting *m*
Get Stuff Skeleton drinking smoking
Get Stuff Skeleton Standing
Build ~ [Schultz Bros.] The Dock House
Get Stuff Skeleton Standing 2
Get Stuff Skeleton leaning back sit
Soy. Antique Wooden Figure [sit on sofa]
*SF* skeleton kitten
Bee Designs Ghost Cupcakes -Gift
:::ChicChica:::Special Arcade drink
anxiety %catacomb bottlelamp (TSS anniversary)
Sway’s [shhh…] Coffee Mug (add)
:*:. ESM DESIGNS .:*:.Ashtray skull
Icon designs. Garden furniture – table
Lianns Deck Chair
{what next} Boathouse Cottage Table Stool

We have whaaat…

That is what I asked myself when I came to sit in the gazebo after a long day ~ as I walked up the cobblestone pathway suddenly stopping as I gazed at all the animals that had wandered over ~ turning in a circle I was amazed to see an elephant, then a giraffe and oh my a wallaby along with a Mother wolf with her cubs playing ~ gulping and not sure what to do entirely because the elephant could stomp my little oasis to bits and the wolf could surely make me their dinner so I stood silently and just watched ~ then a peace came over me as I watched this magnificent sunset as it all made for a picture postcard that I must share with you ~ dream or not, fantasy or not I just pinched myself to enjoy this moment as I hope you will as well ♥♥


Nature at its best 

Till next time am not sure what it will bring but always an adventure now ~ take care and please enjoy ♥

Props used:

~LVS~ Rusty Bike Cream Roses
Hannah Kozlowski – Elephant Standing *m*
Hannah Kozlowski – Giraffe *m*
Kittann -Agile wallaby *m*
Lunaria Queensland Bottle Tree *m*
Lunaria Joshua Tree *m*
{what next} House Plant – Agave (stand)
{what next} Boathouse Cottage Planter #3
{what next} House Plant – Eucalyptus
{what next} House Plant – Rubber Tree
{what next} Boathouse Cottage Wellies
{what next} Boathouse Cottage Hanging Sign
Construct – Mesh Bathtub Planter –
N4RS Leaning Surfboard – DECOR
Jinx : Mother Wolf (Special Hidden Chapter)
Jinx : Wolf Pup (Special Hidden Chapter)
~/AG/~ Garden Luminary
*Funky*Junk* Willa Gazebo
Walkway – Cobblestone *c* Eric Linden
*HEXtraordinary* The Cat’s Favourite Tree
lacrime dell’anima Dream table set – White
Raindale ~ Meadow grass ~ dry
Hayabusa Design – Square Field Mischantus Giganteus