Rebirth of feminism the chicano movement gay rights movement and the american indian movement

What is a Chicana? The most popular definition of a Chicana is a Mexican-American female who is raised in the United States. Chicana refers to a woman who embracers her Mexican culture and heritage, but simultaneously, recognizes the fact that she is an American. It is a self-selected term that usually applies to those Mexican-American women who acknowledge a dominance of males in society, and a history of discrimination and neglect in both the household and the workplace. What is Chicana Feminism?
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Chicano Movement

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American Indian Movement | Feminist Activism

The Chicano movement was a movement that inspired thousands of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans to boldly take a stand against discriminatory oppression. However, the movement failed to recognize that its women were an oppressed group that also needed to be heard by the gringos and their system. The women were oppressed triply through race, class, and gender. Chicanas not only had to fight the American system that worked against colored minorities. It was about fighting for social, political, and economic justice for Chicano people. The issues that were highlighted in the movement were; restoration of land grant rights, fair treatment of farm workers, educational access and dismantling racial discrimination for Chicano youth, and pushing for voting rights.
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Chicano Movement Essay

While we all might not be able to give back the land our ancestors stole, there are a number of other things we can do to support our Original American neighbors. One way to show your support for indigenous communities is to wear red on Friday, November 27th, and use the hashtags NativeLivesMatter and IdleNoMore on social media. Suicide rates amongst Native youth are astronomical, but all young people of color are much less hopeful to live to age 35 than their white peers. You can sign their petition here.
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Part 2 of this essay explores the Chicano Cultural Awakening of the s which included music, theater, and other arts. The mural above is at El Centro de la Raza. Below is the first issue of the Boycott Bulletin. Many of UW students came from the Yakima Valley and Chicano activism in the two areas was linked also by the shared committment to the United Farm Workers campaigns.
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