Lake Timberwolf

Lake Timberwolf
I feel very honored that I was asked to blog this place called Lake Timberwolf ~ those that have been in SL over 6 years might remember a couple of residential places that was all inclusive *meaning you really had almost everything you want right there…I lived in one and absolutely loved it especially being new it was a great way to meet friends, go dancing, play games and really just immerse yourself within the community ~ that is exactly what Lake Timberwolf is.  The pic above is exactly what you will see when landing ~ a truly immersive sim that will take you back to the retro Americana  ~ from the 50’s Roller Rink, Pink Flamingo Diner, Bowling Alley, Game Room that includes Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle and lots of other games, there is also seasonal events to go along with Lake Timberwolf changes season ~right now you can rez your own Bumper Boats with friends, go canoeing, or just lay on your own private dock and enjoy as each house as a Lakefront view ~ several different styles of houses for you to choose to put on your lot ~ Lake Timberwolf is a place where you and friends can hang out, a place that truly will feel like home ~ from boating, dining and even watching a drive-in movie plus you will also be included in the seasonal events that take place like the Halloween Haunted House, Christmas Sleigh Rides, Ice Skating on the frozen lake, and so much more ~I could show you a lot more images instead I will show you the youtube video they created  ♥   In my opinion, it is worth a trip to look around at all the amenities and the different houses to decide if Lake Timberwolf is just the place for you♥

Hop on my SCOOTER and go explore Lake Timberwolf  you won’t be disappointed♥  Huge thank you’s to Hetty Harlequin for asking me ♥♥

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