first date…

Valentine Day
Our first date was on Valentine Day almost 7 years ago and I think in my heart we were destined to be together always ♥ What I loved about our first date is that he went so overboard with flowers and this huge Valentine card ~ then our date we went to various dancing spots to dance the night away ~ we chatted and chatted and even sat on the crest of a moon and chatted more ~ we became truly best friends as those early days we did a lot of hunts together, shopped together and explored Calas together ~ even taking tons of pics of us probably way too many but looking back am glad we did…can always count on Brutus to be a very fastidious dresser ~ no matter what the situation is Brutus comes up with just the right look ~ fast forwarding to present we are now back together and just recently had a nice wedding ceremony at our favorite place ♥  Not wishing for this to be super mushy just wishing him a very special Valentine and tell him how glad that we are back together again ♥  Love you lotzzz Brutus ~

Pose is by PosEd poses that was at the Pose Fair ♥


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