what is it…

Oh my, am wondering what hubby is thinking of this object in our yard ~ giggling and maybe am wondering if you all have notions on what it truly is…Before I tell you the answer on that I would like to share that I applied and was accepted as a blogger for Twe12ve event ~ starting on the 12th of each month myself and Dena will be sharing items from that event…from decor to poses, and yes fashion so it will be a little this and that, which am excited to share with all of you ♥  Am also learning that each month is a different theme too like February is “Lust” and please do not think it will all be kinky or completely risque as that statue is a tip jar for those that want something unique, something different to use in clubs or hey to intrigue someone when you place it in your yard or home hehehe ♥  The tip jar is by Khargo who not only make some unique tip jars but other items as well ~ yes I did my homework and checked out their Marketplace store and they do have an inworld store as well ~  this tip jar truly fits the theme of Lust and I applaud them for coming up with such a unique item♥  It is 100% mesh too – fully functionable and comes with instructions that are very easy to follow…Did that peak your interest to check out Twe12ve this month ~ then mark it on your calendar and stick around for more peeks into what’s coming ♥  hugzzz

TWE12VE Logo NEW 2017

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