two loons…

Two Loons
Looking for another place to relax, listen to the sounds of the Loons and just immerse yourself in the gorgeous scenery...Ty and Truck owners of Calas have created another spot that is just that its called “Two Loons” so many words as I look at the above image comes to mind yet the first one is peaceful♥ Just looking at the image you can see how interesting and unusual a place it is ~ each level holds something different and there are plenty of places to sit and truly enjoy the ambiance♥

Through the front door

Once you step in you get this warm and inviting vibe as there is nothing stuffy about Two Loons as everyone feels very welcome ~ Brutus led me to another room as you can see below ♥


We sat in those huge comfy wingback leather chairs and Brutus enjoyed a glass of brandy as I chose a nice wine to sip on…oh yes he is enjoying his cigar as a huge treat since am not a fan of them ♥  This is another place to come and visit over and over again as just looking I see all the wall decor that I missed before ~ Ty and Truck really have a way with decorating that makes me envious of their skills ~ Congrats to them for adding this unique place inside Calas ♥  Please make it one of your stops when you go out exploring as I leave you with a RIDE to the Two Loons ~ enjoy ♥♥

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