Dena and I…

Should Old Acquaintance be forgot,
and never thought upon;
The flames of Love extinguished,
and fully past and gone:
Is thy sweet Heart now grown so cold,
that loving Breast of thine;
That thou canst never once reflect
On old long syne.

As Dena and I toast each other to 2019 and sing along to those very words ~ I did a little googling to find out just what that means ~ actually not sure why we sing these words as we never should forget old friends ~ the above lyrics are the ones is a Scottish poem written by Robert Burns in 1788 “The phrase “auld lang syne” literally translates to “old long since,” and basically means, “days gone by.” The original, five-verse version of the poem essentially gets people singing, “lets drink to days gone by”…this was really made famous by Guy Lombardo who performed it on New Year’s Eve from 1939 to 1977 and is the version that is played when the ball drops in Times Square…as well as New Year’s traditions that differ all over the world ~ seems there is a tradition of “first foot” This is the belief that the first person to enter the home on New Year’s Day will be the bringer of good luck for the coming year. Or in the South, the meal for New Year’s day consists of greens, black eye peas, cornbread, and some type of pork ~ wondering what some of your traditions are for the New Year, did you make any resolutions that you would like to share?  Please I would love to know and will post any comments if you like to share with others ~ as Dena and I finish sipping on our champagne we are planning to do some blogs together as always each of us have a huge closet filled ~ stick around and again thank you for taking time to read & follow this blog ~ hugzz ♥♥

Dena wearing:
Skin-Glam affair-Basic
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Hope Eyes – Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
REIGN.- Indio Thigh High Boots
Sea Pearls Ring
TRUTH HAIR Elira [Hat]
Shape- my own
[hh] Tia Sweater MAITREYA

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Engagement Ring – TxChnge
:::{KOXAHA{::: Panda sweater Marketplace find
Shape ~ Mine
Skin Pumec Marcella in May tone

2 thoughts on “Dena and I…

  1. My dad was Scots, he used to leave by the back door and enter by the front door on New Year’s eve, it was a traditional ritual and I remember him doing it many a time but he would never explain why except for the fact that every head of the house used to carry this out to bring good fortune for the family in the New Year.

    I did not make any resolutions this year despite always having done so. It feels like a clean plate to me, there’s no pressure to achieve anything and it’s rather freeing. I guess I have some wishes deep inside that I’m suppressing in that I don’t think about them often, but it’s my experience that if you have those expectations, then you are most certainly going to be disappointed. It’s just best for me (and I’m not saying that it’s the same for everyone) to get through each day, meeting challenges when they occur and enjoying the good parts when they surprise me. ❤

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