On the eve before one of the bigger American holidays Thanksgiving, I feel very thankful for so many things ~ the biggest one is am happy here in SL and RL again… it has been a year since I moved to a new place in RL and am truly blessed to be among such caring friends with the added plus of making genuine friends, and started a small dog sitting venture that is keeping me busy…as far as SL yes I will admit that I unpartnered for reasons that I just was not happy and haven’t been for almost a year and a half…having a partner for me was very special as I would have someone to go exploring, go dancing, making couple pics with ~ sadly it just didn’t work out that way and I kept on coasting through debating if I should move on but in a way I was afraid to hurt this person…my RL girlfriend told me that I have to put myself first and start thinking of me instead of always putting myself last ~ now she was not thinking or commenting on Second Life as firstly she is clueless about SL and doesn’t get the attraction, which is fine but her words just resonated with me regarding SL and then I knew it was time to let go, move forward and seek what makes me happy ~ so yes I unpartnered not for any other reason but the fact that I was tired of being unhappy…there is always a little bit of sadness when you unpartner or break up with someone and all I can say is if you are not happy in a relationship you have to make the decision if you want to be happy ~ I did and honestly am thankful I did ♥  My wish is for all my friends that are sharing in this holiday tomorrow may you all have a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving ~ thank you again to all those that take time to read and follow my blog posts as it truly truly makes me so happy to hear someone say “I follow your blog” ♥ till next time take care of YOU♥


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