Am baaack and ready to get back into blogging ~ if you noticed I changed my blog title again because something was not just right for me just being one type of blogger and I was only fooling myself into that type of thinking ~ maybe am not one of the top ten fashion bloggers, or destination bloggers or decor bloggers and maybe I do not have to have a ton of sponsors to feel good about who I am in Second Life ~ what I know for myself is I love taking pics whether it’s showing off clothes, destinations, friends or whatever and talking about the images ~ that is who I am ~ that is why I changed the title as it will be about this and that and not just fashion, not just a specific destination but a little of this, a little of that and I honestly want to make my blog interesting, informative, funny and possibly a little bit controversial…my hopes that you all will stick around and still support me as each of you have done with your comments and likes…thanks again♥

Shot at Backdrop City using gunpose #2 from -DeminAtions and I will do my best to include the LM’s just don’t shoot me if I forget ♥♥ btw bestie Dena truly hated those pants but I thought they worked perfectly for this shot hehehe


amara beauty -Charlotte skin in Honey PP Oct 2018
***ArisArisB&W~Alus87~ Imperial Harem Pant ~Maitreya
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
enVOGUE HAIR – Ravenna Bento
IKON Odyssey Eyes
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Pure Poison – Gillian Sneakers
Slipper – Cadence Rings
Storybook – NO FVCKS – Savage
The Annex – Delilah Skirt – Pink Gradient Denim
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Engagement Ring
Yasum*Maitreya*Belly Gem*

2 thoughts on “Ready…

  1. Just do what feels right and makes you happy and everything else will fall into place. Bottom line is really very simple–your happiness. I’ve always believed that it’s the passion that creates success…I mean, let’s face it, Bob Dylan isn’t all that pretty, doesn’t sing like an angel, but he can move you with a song like nobody else, and some of the most well-known, most priceless paintings look quite similar to the artwork that my neighbor’s 3 yr old taped to the fridge =D

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