Fall is here…

Fall has arrived at Calas

Arriving you can feel the crispness in the air looking about seeing the pumpkins scattered about along with the trees in all their splendor as you see autumn vibe all over Calas ~ there is this calmness that comes over you when you land as well as you can rez a gorgeous Water Horses to ride on the great trails that will take you around to the different sims that make up Calas…If you want a slower pace just set out walking to enjoy the gorgeous foliage that Ty and Truck have generously provided for some perfect photo ops ~ Calas is a place to explore, enjoy and there are carefully placed spots that you and a special someone can dance, cuddle or just sit ~ If you are all about good music Truck has pulled together a fantastic mix of music so remember to turn your sounds on to enjoy his always great selections of tunes ♥  Looking down the sidewalk you can see another favorite spot of mine…

Calas Coffee House 

A quiet spot to relax, sip on some coffee and just possibly people watch ~ I spoke with the 2 male visitors JakEnglandMartinn Moonites who are fans of Calas and both love coming here as much as possible…long time residents of SL they just have some really good memories visiting Calas and both enjoy seeing the change of seasons as much as myself…No matter how many times I walk around Calas and take pics am always spotting little details that Ty and Truck lovingly work in as it might be a new cat since we all know Truck loves cats with even he is not sure how many are on Calas but the number is in the double digits…From boat and balloon tours taking you around Calas, there is much to enjoy.  As well the Oz nightclub that when you arrive the schedule of live singers for you to plan a date night as Ty and Truck choose the best of the best singers, …after 10 years Calas is one place I never get bored coming here to enjoy, to take pics and to ride my WaterHorse around…please take this LM  to Calas to see as the pics don’t truly do justice to such a wondrous place ♥

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