Wine country…


Yesterday I received a nice note from the owner of Copperfield Winery to come to see the updated winery and WOW am I so glad that I did as I thought it was really nice before it is absolutely amazing now♥ When you TP in you have this gorgeous horse-drawn carriage awaiting you to take you on a tour of the winery or the wedding venue ~ my suggestion is to take at least one as you can always just stand up and walk around to just the place is immense now with 2 complete sims…All the trees are in full fall splendor showing off a variety of autumn colors making so many photo ops for those that love taking landscapes♥


From the layout of the entire winery, there is so much to see that you might have to come back several times to really immerse yourself and feel the full impact of what Copperfield Winery has to offer ~ yes they do have a place where you can pick and stomp your grapes if you truly want to get into the spirit ~ they still have the wine tasting and free bottles for you to enjoy in your own home too♥


Looking for a romantic out of the way place to enjoy a dinner with your sweetheart or even plan a first date with someone special~ this is in the wine cellar very private as you see the table is set with candles along with being able to choose a bottle of wine to go with your meal ♥


Speaking of romance, Copperfield Winery has expanded to include a gorgeous wedding venue nestled among the trees and flowers with a reception w/tables right next to it ~ If you are looking for a place for your wedding consider speaking to the owners for prices ~ what a simply stunning setting to hold a wedding ♥♥ There is a lot more to discover and enjoy at the Copperfield Winery that I do not want to give everything away just will say you do really have to spend time walking around, following the signage to discover all the nuggets Copperfield Winery has to offer ~ The owner Norivne Copperfield is such a delightful person to chat with along with really making this one of the best wineries in SL you will ever see ♥ Here is your RIDE ~ please enjoy ♥

thank you again to Norivne for inviting me ~ as well to my friends who have reached out to me to share some of their favorite places to go ♥  am also inviting my readers to share a favorite place that you might like to share with others ~ take care

“Think of all the beauty that’s still left in and around you and be happy! “~ Anne Frank


5 thoughts on “Wine country…

  1. Looks a lovely place, and it reinforces my common expression “its not about the wine” as we visit vineyards around Europe who are making real efforts to give folks a real experience of wines and winemaking .

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