Major changes…

Lately, I have been very disillusioned with blogging and SL and I spoke to a couple of friends about this ~ several just told me to step back and re-evaluate what makes me happy and go from there ~ thanks to them I am doing just that for several reasons that will remain with me ~ I do love SL and  think if I truly left I would regret it maybe not today but months from now ~ the decision I have made is to go back to what I started blogging about travels in SL ~ the places where you can wear all those fabulous clothes ~ events to attend that could be hunts, dances or just fun things to do ~ I want to be more a destination person as truly those that might be new SL is not just about shopping 24/7 ~ yes I am aware SL does have its own destination guide but some never make it in there due to various reasons ♥  There are some great places to explore, to take pics, to interact with that is what I want to show you…my wish for all those that have supported this blog by clicking on the follow me either by email or just bookmark me that you will continue to read this blog and just maybe I will give you places to explore, to have fun and realize there is more to SL than just shopping♥  As well I appreciate each designer that gave me the opportunity to blog their items and say thank you for understanding my decision ~ means a lot with the kind words I received back ♥

thank you ♥

always me

2 thoughts on “Major changes…

  1. Yes, I know how you feel, my friend. Some while back now, I completely went off Fashion blogging and got into Home & Garden blogging. It helped that my SL job was also H&G and I had good folks I could learn from. The main reason was that H&G was much more creatively satisfying to me.

    Fashion was interesting when we had layers and sculpts. Yes, it wasn’t so super duper as it is now with the Mesh stuff BUT you could really be that little bit different not least because you could make original outfits up (there was much more scope), but also because there were endless permutations of the avatar shape and face that made you stand out – if you wanted to. Back then, the modelling scene was vibrant and alive and you could have some real fun with that… both making stuff for it and taking part in it. I did both and it was exciting and theatrical.

    I find Fashion all so samey nowadays with much less scope for individuality. And… I don’t know if I should say this but I’m going to – Women’s Fashion seems overly tarty without many viable style alternatives. Men’s Fashion is frankly vapid and boring with a few notable exceptions.

    The minute H&G becomes samey, I’ll have to find something else and that’ll be a great shame. So why not go with what you really love, and try another route maybe – how about vlog your journeys even if it takes more learning, at least it’ll be interesting for you. Maybe Destinations will become the new blogging trend, who knows, but at least you’ll find a difference in your degree of enthusiasm and you won’t feel like leaving altogether. Best of good fortune, my friend ❤

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    1. You hit one reason about stopping to blog fashion is without being too condensing towards designers it is October and yet still they design for summer and way to much umm tartwear was gonna use a different word but will remain polite ~ used to be change of seasons in SL where we wore sweaters and coats now its how much skin can we show ~ plus a store that I won’t name on here upped their blog requirements to the point of double duty taking screenshots and blog items ~ nope I showed off the items I think very well closeups when called for ~ but for me this decision was time and yes I do need to learn how to vlog that seems a tad complicated I will ♥ thank you Moz hugzz


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