what have I…

Where is

Standing here with a torch in hand wondering what I got myself into again ~ its that time again at Calas where masterminds Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith unleash their sim of Horrors and this year is no exception ~ if you are a fan or follower of Calas you know the month of October is special because Ty & Truck spend the weeks before creating something special for Halloween ~ its name this year is “Maze” ~ the images below are just a teeny tiny peek at what you will experience but remember you are WARNED so visit at your own risk ~

Who is he oh btw you just might run into other visitors that might not be of this world or they got changed once they entered…think that dude can stop dieting he is all bones♥ Where

YES turn on your sounds so you can hear how close those monsters are to you when you travel on the boat tour ~ eyes wide open and look around surely you do not want to miss a thing and remember to DUCK…

Where is

by now you might be feeling the heat but don’t get too close or you might just get sucked into that vortex ~ am leaving you with these thoughts BE WARNED you might not come back BWAHAAAAAAA …here is your RIDE

Shot at various location in the Maze and huge thanks and kudos to all the hard work Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith have put in at this build ~ if you can spare some lindens please try to make a donation to this they work so hard keeping it free and depending on group members and visitors to help support Calas ~

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