it’s not…


Nope, this is not your cute Wizard of Oz scarecrow ~ this is a scary one that truly looks like he is ready to pounce on you once you walk by ~ not having a cornfield or need my veggies guarded I kind of stuck in closer to the woods as maybe he will scare off Jason or Michael when they coming hunting…His name is Pumpkin Jack and he is a limited item for the Rock Your Rack event that is open TODAY ♥  If you are a tad confused to limited and exclusive like I was till I finally after being told probably 20 times is the Limited item is just for this event and all proceeds will go to The National Breast Cancer Foundation ~ once the event is over this item goes poof ~ Exclusive items were created especially for RYR and the designers can designate a portion of their sales from this or not am also told this is set at a lower price and if they bring it back into their store it will be up to the designer/owner to determine if the price stays the same or higher ♥  The creator of Pumpkin Jack is KhaleesiShinn owner/creator of The Olde Attic ~ lot of detail that you have to see up close to appreciate and really makes a nice fall and Halloween decoration for your home ♥ There is also a hunt item at The Olde Attic’s booth so make sure you wander over there ~ Rides to all will be below…On a side note, which finds me a bit annoyed that I had to recreate a new FB page as either my account was hacked since none of my passwords worked so please if you could and had me as a friend on FB either send me a new friend request or let me know and I will send a new one out ♥  thanks bunches…


Remember this is for something I truly believe in as it has touched my life as well as friends and family ~ Rides to Rock Your Rack, and The Olde Attic ~ this was shot at my home ♥

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