To us…


Yes Sten and I are enjoying a glass of champagne just cuz of his crazy RL work schedule we don’t get to spend a lot of time together and when he comes in am in the midst of taking pics for the blog or getting ready to go RL ~ today was a good day that we had more than a few moments and why not celebrate ♥  Especially since we are coming up on another year together, which for SL relationships is somewhat magical ~ Sten and I are heading to the 3 year mark if my memory is right ~ just thinking we have been together longer at least 4 years ♥  shrugging and saying the point is so many SL relationships barely make it past 3 or 6 month mark let alone years ~ did you notice that we are sitting outside instead of inside ~ I do love taking a piece of nice furniture and putting it outside to enjoy and yes might seem a bit weird for some ♥  This couch is Kay’s newest piece is called “To Us” featuring a nice bottle of the bubbly and 2 filled glasses along with a red rose ~ great piece for taking a nice couple’s portrait ♥  This is out at Twe12ve till the end of the month so you need to hustle there and grab this up before its back in the store at a higher price ♥  Rides will be below…

“Never chase anyone.

A person who appreciates you will walk with you” anonymous 

Shot at our home with hubby ~ Rides to Image Essentials and Twe12ve ~ Enjoy♥♥

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