more hair…


Still trying on hair and making my shopping list but the ones will be wearing are some of my faves ~ yikes it is going to be rough looking to narrow down to purchase just a couple *ha ha* as last year I went all crazy am trying not to…the first one is from Vanity “Back to School” great detail on the ends of the hair and a good variety of color choices ~ YES this is on my shopping list ~

{KokoloReS] Signe 

A great hair that its short, sassy and the color selection is spot on ~ love the way the hair strands stick out in various parts ~ also on my shopping list ~ and the final one I will be showing is from [BMS] that is new for me as it is always great to find new hair stores as I have admitted several times am a huge hair addict & yes verified LOL

I chose this one has it is on the wilder side ~ as you can see  how the strands of hair are all over the place especially the back ~ might be a little harder to choose for color packs as am leaning with a couple of choices ♥  Will be back later with more of my favorite hairs that either I already have purchased or on my shopping list ~ Just to remind all of you Hair Fair is a charity event with at least 15% of each Designers hairs profits going to Wigs For Kids ~ If you are not purchasing hair there are donation boxes all over the sims yet there are so many great hairs with fantastic prices due to the event cannot see too many not at least go look ~ here is the Hair Fair Website that will have all the Sim LMs and the Massive list of each hair and what sim it is located on ♥ Before I take go back to RL wanted to say a huge thank you to Matheus Khalim for the great assistance in finding where Vanity was located ♥♥ it is always nice to ask in a group and someone eithers helps or like Matheus gives you a TP to the exact spot ~ that was a major time saver for me so huge hugzz to you Matheus ♥♥

Shot on my home using “Women Stand” pose by Image Essentials ~ Rides to Redhead Sim where [BMS] & [Kokolores] are located ~ Blonde Sim where Vanity is located ♥

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Aesop

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