Double delight…

Am wearing LiquidMoon Amy Wants More ~ Dena is wearing Pr!tty Kammi

Grabbed my bestie Dena and it was trying on Demos from the Hair Fair ~ its good to have someone like a bestie when you start trying on different hair ~ one its fun and O M G did we have fun ~ her and I usually voice and we could not help but laugh till tears running and tummy were hurting ♥ Both of these hairs are ones we could agree on being Keepers and that we put on our shopping list ~ I mentioned before that LiquidMoon was a new store for me and really becoming a fan of their designs ~ Pr!tty has been around and also I do love their hair as well so much that it goes into my shopping cart hehehe ~ did you notice we are wearing a dress by Addams that is a freebie ~ oh yes a free gift from Les Fest and  will provide rides below ~ We changed up and went to Zibska who is always providing unique and interesting items ~

Dena and I are both wearing Demos from Zibska 

I chose Anake to wear as Dena choice was Harpalyke as well we both are wearing makeup from Zibska also ~ Both of us want to remind you there is still time to receive all the demos from Hair Fair by joining the Hair Fair Demo group *Free* ~ then you and friends can throw a demo party or just enjoy a lag-free area to try and make up your shopping list ~ Please remember the designers have graciously set up certain portions of their proceeds to go to the Wigs For Kids Charity ~ so many children are being helped by our donations as we all know how important it was growing up that hair played in a huge factor of our appearance ~ now imagine you were slowly losing all your hair to an autoimmune disease or to rounds and rounds of chemotherapy ~ devastating to even think that some may never have that luxury of ever having hair again ~ yet Wigs for Kids provides that options ~ “Wigs for Kids is a cooperative effort among Certified Cosmetic Therapists throughout North America who share a common goal. “Children shouldn’t have to worry about how they look, especially when they’re in the middle of a health crisis,” says Jeffrey Paul. “We want to give these kids the opportunity to feel good about themselves again.” Second Life has always come through by holding this annual event “Hair Fair” even letting residents design Bandanas and putting them around each of the sims ♥  Lets try to make this year one that helps tons of children to look and feel good about themselves ♥♥ Rides will be below sign



Rides to LiquidMoon Designs, Pr!tty, and Zibska  ~ The Hair Fair website has a huge list of all the URLS and listing each hair what Sim its listed on ~ please click HERE 

The Hair Fair is open now and will close on October 7th ~ again just a reminder that all Designers are giving at least 15% of their profits and the bandanas are 100% ~ Dena and I will be back to show off those and more hair ~ hugzz and thank you for those that will partake in purchasing a Bandana ♥ This was shot at my land using poses from Polished by Image Essentials and An Lar Tara ~ both Dena and me wore  Zibska Pila Blush, Kina Eyemakeup and Tina Lips from PP Nov 2017 ~ ♥♥

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