♥Hair Fair♥

Tomorrow is the opening of the annual Hair Fair where hair designers put out their latest creations as well as raise money for Wigs for Kids  ~ if you have taken my advice and joined the Hair Fair Demo group you should have gotten a lot of demos to try on ♥ Here are some hair pics to satisfy your curiosity ~ will be picking out my faves that I have on my shopping list but lets get started…

._CHEVEUX_.M119 Hair

This hair will be on my shopping list ~ once I buy it will show you how it looks on moi. Next up is

LiquidMoon Designs

This is a new LiquidMoon Designs for me that just had to TP and check out their main store ~ WOW creative, affordable and fresh ~ putting this on my shopping list ♥ One more then I will be back later with more pics of demos ~

[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Sanna AD
Kokolores ~ another great addition to the Hair Fair 
Remember to try on demos as each Hair designer at the Hair Fair is providing demos plus some even have dollarbees ~ also around the sims are the Bandanna outlets that you can choose and purchase to help “Wigs for Kids” a great charity organization that provides exactly what it says Wigs for Kids that either are going through chemo or have an autoimmune disease like Alopecia Areata ♥  Either way children get uncomfortable with the loss of hair growing up and Wigs For Kids is a nonprofit organization that helps and SL has been raising money for this charity approximately 10 years ♥ Lets try to make this another year that SL raises a lot of money as every hair creator is giving portions of their profits to this great charity ~ please take time to check each of those hairs ♥ thank you ♥♥

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” anonymous

Rides to various sections will be given out tomorrow when the event opens ♥




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