save the girls…


Did you know that 1 in 8 females Breast Cancer is the leading health issue and now even more men are being also affected by Breast Cancer ~ sadly there is no cure and THE ONLY way is early detection…did you know that? Early detection can save so many lives with have a mammogram done…oh yes it might feel your girls are being squashed into pancakes yet those brief moments could save your life…This year I am honored to be chosen as a blogger for the Rock Your Rack event ~ I feel so passionate about this cause and all the work that the National Breast Cancer Foundation does to educate and assist ~ SL has always been gracious with this event and this year is one that I deeply wish each of you whether by attending, donating or by purchasing an item that will be EXCLUSIVE to Rock Your Rack…The event will open on Saturday, September 29th with a fantastic team of 72 designers that are generously donating one item for 100% of the sales to go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation…each year SL has topped their donations to this and YOU can make a difference…there will be not only shopping but hunts, music, art, fashion shows and a lot of great entertainment…Want to know more please click HERE for the website…Let’s all try to get the word out about what we can do to assist in finding a cure for Breast Cancer♥♥ thank you so much ~ big big hugzz

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