TheMan, TheLegend

H.P. Lovecraft is still being remembered after 128 years as SL proves that with the LoveFest in honor of his birth…Simply Shelby items that you see are specifically geared towards this man who was rated one of the great horror authors ~ the silhouette of H.P. Lovecraft is for those that enjoy having great men as decor on their walls ~ the Dia de Muertos Bench has both male/female poses along with combining cuddle poses, next to the right is the party table that is holding one of the Lovecraft cakes *rare*, truly creepy with the eyeballs that move making you feel they got their eyes on you ♥  Want some punch to go with the cake then you are in luck with the Purple People Eater punch ~ the table, the cake and the punch are part of Simply Shelby’s gacha items ~ last is the Lovecraft Cthulhu Tub that you can actually take a bath in ~ the tub fills, you can add rose petals and relax with the 2 sets of candles burning ~ and yes this tub creepy as it looks does have some really nice poses for both male/female♥ Below is a glimpse of the Simply Shelby gacha items that you can try your luck on ~

simply shelby Lovecraft Party Gacha
Simply Shelby 

All of this can be found at the LoveFest that started yesterday and will continue till August 28th ~ need more information about entertainment and such click HERE ~ I urge you to at least go and explore as the creators of the event along with all the designers have done an amazing job ~ Ride to LOVEFEST & Simply Shelby ~ ENJOY


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