Captains Quarters

Captains Quarters

Looking for some manly man furniture that fits perfectly in a man cave or just looking for the unique and interesting pieces that have some cute surprises in it♥ No I will not give away the surprise just gonna say it is unique…what you are seeing is a full set called A Captain’s Memoirs by Elizabet Savira creator/owner of BtD *Beyond the Dark*, which if you buy the full set it will include the portal and the 2 bulkhead lamps that light up when touched…the details on each piece for me is AMAZING ~ the deep sea diver helmet holds memories of all the dives with the tiny scratches to the tinge of ocean mold to it ~ when you touch the top of the cabinet to the right you get a menu to bring up all the other items and same for the one on the left ~ psssst that is where the surprise is hidden…the chair has male & female single poses for you ~ my fascination was the portal with that shark coming in and out of view, which got me to wonder “wow how is that done”  oooh are you wondering too well you need to jump over to the LOVEFEST as it will be opening later today and see this for yourself.  This event is all about celebrating one of the great horror authors that ever lived ~ surrounding around H.P. Lovecraft’s RL 128th birthday, with the unique, the creepy and live music, live entertainment ~ need more information just click on this LINK ~  enjoy and leaving you with another quote for you ♥♥

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.H.P. Lovecraft

Credits/Kudos to the designers/creators of LoveFest that are giving me the opportunity to blog their items ~ this was shot at Backdrop city @Green Screen area ~ Rides to Lovefest, and Beyond the Dark

Full Set includes the followings: Portal and Bulkhead Lamps, Legend Cabinet that holds inside Spyglass, Wheel, Poseidon, Divers Helmet, Cigar Box, Legend Side Table that holds Author Frame, Ashtray, Lamp and SURPRISE, Legend chair w/male & female single poses. 

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