Newest Chaise

Oooh are you looking for a really nice chaise that is filled with some interesting poses ~ the chair in that above pic is one of Nerenzo’s latest that is being featured at Cosmopolitan for the next 2 weeks ~ Nerenzo’s items that I have blogged before are really fantastic items and he pays special attention to detail along with keeping it fresh and up to date ♥  From the choices of fabrics and leathers to all the poses for singles and couples, which btw there are a lot of unique animations that you can enjoy~ the lamp 6 LI, table 1 LI,  and magazines 1 LI ea. are included with this as well with the chair being 5 LI ~  I will mention there is a super discounted price if you get it at Cosmopolitan plus the demo is out so you and your special someone can come and try it out ♥ There are 2 versions a cuddle one and the adult version ~ both are nice and here is your Ride to Cosmopolitan ~ enjoy ♥♥

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