taking a breather…

Dena and I had some down time to just sit and catch up since we both have been missing each other plus gave me this excuse to use my latest prop/pose from [LA BAGUETTE] that is at Uber until the 22nd ~ Dena is my bestie in all definition of the word ~ we can tell each other anything and lately we spend our time together just doing that filling each other with what is truly happening in the RL along with little things from SL like the newest hair, or places that I think she will enjoy.  Having a friend especially a female that lets you whine, vent, etc is for me important in here ~ she made a little comment about at times she doesn’t want to bother me am like woah if you are a friend and someone I have none for years in here there is never a time that you are bothering ~ don’t you agree?  Ooops, well I do know a time but *giggling* and we won’t get into that aspect♥♥ Just happy to always spend time with Dena as she has lent me such good advice with things like needing something xtra like a darker color lippy, or maybe an outfit needs a necklace as she is very good with those things ~ as we sit enjoying our milkshakes and catching up I was telling her about the newest hair from Truth that is also at Uber ~ was great spending time and the milkshakes were so yummy ♥ She was off to enjoy her tea *our supper for those in the States* and I was ready for lunchtime ~ and before you wonder why I did not include what we were wearing welp all my fault seems again when going back to an older version of FS somethings just got lost so please accept my apology for this ♥

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

John Powell

This was shot at my home using the following:

[DDD] Fluffy Grass – Gridular
~*GOD*~ Bellis – Blue – Single Bush
~AB~ Flower Bush ~ Lavender
~AB~ Rose Bush- Red
HEARTFly Honeysuckle Bush- Blue
L&E Window spring Backdrop
[La Baguette] Milkshake Strawberry found at Uber
Pewpew! Bagel & Fries – Blue

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