wilds of Africa…


Today was all about exploring somewhere I have never been so I chose “Island of Trust” ~ this is a very gorgeous sim and owner Krystal Iridescent is gracious enough to open this sim to everyone ~ as well as photogenic, there are several places just to relax and watch the animals below ~

Zebras in the wild

From the herd of Zebras that you can see grazing in the hot African sun, to the Wildebeest that are heading to the waterhole just be careful and not get too close as there are huge gators just waiting patiently for the dinner…the entire sim is very photogenic and I did take a lot of pics for my own memories of this expedition ~ you can spend a whole day just wandering around looking at all the animals, watch the vultures soar into the sky looking for prey and when you get tired there are high treehouses to climb and just sit like I am doing taking it all in…
If you are so wanting to please donate some Lindens to help with the cost of the tiers as we all know they are a tad spendy…again I truly thank Krystal for this gorgeous Sim ♥ Hop on and travel to The Island of Trust ~ ENJOY ♥♥

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