Circle of Friends w/ me, Delcinea and Shari

Today I ask how big is your circle of SL friends ~ are you one of those that have a ton of friends that your barely speak to or someone like myself as my circle of friends is on the small side yet still we talk or say hello at least either once a month or more.  I also will admit that a lot of friends I do have are when I first started back in 2008 with those friends exchanging RL cards during the holidays and special occasions.  We know each others RL names, where we live and other facts.  Skipping to the present my close friends we really sit and chat ~ bestie and I have spent a lot of times just sitting around for hours laughing, listening to each other either whine, rant or even cry.  Friends support each other and I truly have some truly good friends like the ones in the above pic that I asked almost basically at the last minute to assist me with this newest pose from Image Essentials called “Circle of Friends” ~ what was nice was no hesitation and they were right there for me ~ that is truly a sign of a good friend and I sincerely thank both of them…This pose can fit up to 5 friends and is exclusive to the Designer Showcase  now till the end of the month ~ have not wandered over there yet as am waiting for the crowds to die down a little but I will ~ till next time remember just a little kindness goes a long way ♥♥♥

Credits & Kudos to Kay Weston of Image Essentials for creating this interesting set of Poses “Circle of Friends, to my good friends Delcinea Sapphire and Shari Cortes for jumping up to help me out ~ hugzz to both ♥  Rides to Image Essentials & Designer Showcase

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw

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