Moving day…


Took a small break to move again as I found out am not really an island person and would rather live back in the woods and grassland area still keeping with the same great people at Luxory Estates ~ packing up is a breeze just hit the return and whoosh it all goes back in the inventory its the unpacking that is a total bitch LOL ~ but after moving several times in RL there is no comparison as I will always taking moving in SL over RL any day.  Finding the land was easy peasy as I knew exactly what I was looking for and with the help of Dykoda Desmoulins one of the Estate Managers I found the perfect place, plenty of room, nuff prims and was affordable for both myself & hubby.  Both of us are pretty much homebodies that when we are together we play Greedy or On a Roll and just enjoy each other’s company ~ between Brutus my long long time friend and bestie Dena we got it all setup, and decorated ~ so to both of them I give them huge thanks and big hugzz ♥♥

Credits for Props used ~
Simply Shelby Easter Flowers – Pink Daffodil
[Cb] Metal Flowers SLB15 Gift from ChiC buildings
Di’Cor Harriet Candles
{what next} Boathouse Cottage Cut Flowers
8f8Granny’s Winter Cottage – Armchair ~ Gacha
.:revival:. elegant rug ~ Deco(c)rate Jan 2017
ARIA Eirwen Sofa Deco(c)rate Dec 2017
Trompe Loeil Pomeroy Glen Cabin

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