Attention guys…


yes, this is to all the males in SL looking for mesh clothing that is affordable yet well made with options for several different body types.  a lot of males or at least 90% of males in SL want to look nice for themselves, for their mates and partners.  since the evolution of mesh bodies mesh clothing for males is slowly catching up.  Hoorenbeek is one of those clothing stores that truly produces high-quality clothing for male & female.  my friend Brutus is one that I will say is a very well dressed male in SL.  Hoorenbeek is probably is go to store for everything and was so excited they have started to make clothes for “Signature” the mesh body he has.  everything he is wearing is from that store and I had to take a look.  this store is huge and when you walk in the first thing I noticed was all the signage.  Very explanatory that you need to take time to read.  The layout is clean and simple.

hat, shirt, jeans, sneakers by Hoorenbeek

The creator/owner makes sure each item has a demo so you can try for fit.  And the best thing my friend is so excited about is the owner/creator Ansor Hoorenbeek of Hoorenbeek is in the process of redesigning his clothes to fit specific bodies like Signature, Slink and Belleza along with the Classic *non-mesh* ~ it’s like for us females mesh clothing for most will fit my Maitreya with some adjustments now when I see clothes that are made for Maitreya I know it is going to fit perfectly.  This is how the male population feels too they want their specific mesh bodies to fit just as perfect and Hoorenbeek has stepped up to fill this need.  Guys and females too you truly need to check this store out especially if you are looking for quality, quality and quality clothing.  oooh, what I noticed the owner/creator really gives a lot of options in each item like the crew shirt.  there is a tucked, untucked plus a “chest only” to wear with jackets.  jeans also have various options and come with belts that have options for changes too.   a lot of thought goes into each of these items and as my friend says over and over worth every linden.  The ride is below in credits…♥♥

Credits~first I really have to thank my friend Brutus who time out of his busy day to model and talk about why he loves Hoorenbeek clothing.  btw if males out there know of other places that have stepped up and started making mesh clothing for a variety of mesh bodies please let me know so we can spread the word.  Here is your RIDE to Hoorenbeek ~ take your time to look around ♥ This was all shot on Brutus home with the tractor from hive that he recently purchased at 6th Republic that is closed so check out the main store for hive 

Brutus is wearing:
Legal Insanity – Silver cross Necklace *Fameshed* gift
MESANGE – Mesh Eyes
[ h ] Crew Neck Tee – Signature Gianni – Tucked
[ h ] Slim Fit Jeans – Signature Gianni – Belt Classic
[ h ] Slim Fit Jeans – Signature Gianni – Regular
[ hoorenbeek ] Bruin Sneakers – Signature Gianni
[ hoorenbeek ] Cowboy Hat – Men – Detailed
[Signature] Gianni Body – Body – v4.6
Nivaro Adam skin style 10
CORE Brows – Novus Studios

One thought on “Attention guys…

  1. I do like Hoorenbeek – I wear their classic mesh versions because it fits the Adam Mesh Body fairly well. Not many designers include Adam in their list of versions for Mesh bodies but when they do, I really appreciate it 🙂

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