new stuff…

Relaxing with wife & brews

It is always nice to come in and find wife sitting there looking sexy holding 2 cold bottles of beer ~ as well as seeing our Sunroom have a nice set of furniture set out too.  As always Vic owner/creator of Nerenzo has provided us this set of furniture to review and my opinion is that we both really like it.  There is a lot to this set “Atlanta” the couch, 2 cat statues, decorative vase, plant, lamp, rug and the steampunk clock.  You can copy and mod each piece, which you can see wife already did copy the plants and they are 1LI a piece.  She loves modifying and made each cat bigger as well.

Wife feeding me berries

Yes, am getting fed nice red strawberries that is one of the activities on the couch.  There are other activities that will keep you amused and entertained along with all the animations that are included with the “Adult” version.  The actions are smooth and poses are fresh along with being new.  You can either take the RIDE to his mainstore so you can check this out for yourself or look on Marketplace ~ while you are there wander around as he has some great furniture along with some vehicles like the boat we showed you.  I better go and let wifey finished feeding me those berries and then well…


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