oh no…

what do I say

Standing here beneath this sigh “ouch” am like hmmm now what as I just raise my hands trying to come up with something witty and entertaining and I just reach a blank ~ at least I do have to thank Ludi Taurus for sharing with me this backdrop idea ~ she had taken a pic of it and was sharing it in the group click here to see ~ not wanting to copy the exactly I looked around inside and saw this as well so now am back to wondering how to proceed…Least the outfit Droxene White Outfit by AnaSTyles gives me something to say ~ this is exclusive to Designer Showcase and for me screams SEXY ~ ok maybe it is not screaming but you do gotta admit it is sexy ~ smack me that I did forget to turn around so you could see the back lace up and the mini skirt that gives a peek at the bottom of your cheeks ~ fit is heavenly yet I still advice to try on a demo if you are a size worrier…oh and yes the boots do come with the outfit as well ~ a great look for those nights spent out on a dance floor somewhere ~ I will let you see a close up of my face wearing 7 Deadly’s newest skin ♥

7 deadly s{K}ins Persia in Apricot & Browless

Besides me an official blogger I truly do love Izara’s skins ~ especially now that she gives the choice of browless that I can wear my fave ones ~ the only thing I did add as well is the mole ~ my apologies that I did not take that off before the close up shot ~ biggest thing for my appeal when looking at skins is the mouth ~ am truly a fan of fuller pouty lips ~ this gorgeous skin will be at the Lost & Found event starting on the 22nd ~ truly one that you should go and try on a demo to see how this will look on you ~ am showing you wearing my Catwa/Catya head ~ for those that do like to also coordinate shapes there is a shape as well that you can purchase ~ Rides will be below ~ looks like I found more than enough to talk about huh *giggling* thank you to all that do take time to read my blog, to send me such nice comments and those that click on to follow me as I might not say it enough but truly appreciate each of you ~ sending hugzz to each ♥♥

Rides to Designer Showcase, AnaSTyles, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Lost & Found, Backdrop City using anxiety %ouch (where this was shot), Image Essentials for the Stand pose I used ~

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
Celtic Myst”Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
.Shi : Eirene
AnaSTyle – Droxene White – High Boots @Designer Showcase
AnaSTyle – Droxene White – Skirt @Designer Showcase
AnaSTyle – Droxene White – Top @Designer Showcase
Cae :: Papillon :: Necklace
Cae :: Sea Star :: Necklace
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
*YS&YS catya shape tweaked
7 deadly s[k]ins Persia Apricot/Browless @Lost & Found

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