Am looking…

looking at you

Yes looking at all my fellow bloggers that day after day work hard on their blogs and some amaze me, delight me and give me food for thought…Yes I do have favorites that I will make time to read, to comment and like them…So many of them I am in awe of their talents as decorators, photographers and text masters ~  Sadystika Sabretooth  is one that I have to remember not to be taking a sip of my coffee or a drink when reading her blog because she truly makes me laugh out loud ~ another fave is Moz Loordes gives me such pleasure looking how he puts together rooms ~ his talent to me is amazing along with his photographs that he takes…There are many more bloggers that I do admire for their talent in putting together eye catching posts that make you just stop to admire and these are flickr bloggers that as they say a picture is a thousand words ~ Brookie Rascon is one that her images at times make me grab my Lindens and go grab the hair she is wearing as I will admit am a hair addict hehehe…oh I could go on and on with lists of names and please know there are so many out there that deserve recognition ~ there are so many talented bloggers, photographers that do it because they love showing off clothes, items or their photography talent ~ today I just wanted to say to all of the Second Life bloggers thank you for your inspiration, your talent and for sharing it with everyone ~ Never far from my mind is my supporters and followers who truly make my day by your kind comments on my blog and my flickr ~ thank you bunches ♥

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