feeling pretty 

hey am back and yes I am feeling pretty ~ and yes am sure each of you will agree when you put on a certain hair combine it with a favorite or new skin and take a look in the mirror and its like “oh wow I do feel pretty” ~ am I right or what…am wearing one of 7 Deadly s{K}ins latest skins “Rosabel” in Browless/Butter ~ loving the fact that Izara gives choices of browless now because I do have a favorite that I like to wear by Lurid ~ I will have to say the only thing that I added with this skin is my mole and just a touch of lip gloss ~ editing was a breeze as I just shined a little spotlight to enhance how gorgeous this skin and that is it…sometimes things just fall into place ~ if you are looking for this skin it will be at the eBENTO event that just opened today till the end of the month and remember to please try on a demo so you know how this looks on your specific shape & body…Rides will be listed below ~ lot of shopping going on and 7 Deadly s{K}ins are in most of them with different skins at each ~ oh yes forget to mention most are with Omega appliers so no matter if you have Catwa or Laq you can wear these gorgeous skins…again I truly suggest to try the demo and if you would like Izara as started including shapes for purchase too ~ that’s it for me this weekend so for now gonna kick my shoes off, put my feet up and just relax ~ remember a little kindness goes a long way♥

Body facts ~ Maitreya, Catwa/catya ~ hair by Sintiklia, Rosabel in butter and browless

Rides to 7 Deadly s{K}ins MAIN, eBENTO event ~

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