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Land of Rainbows Egg Hunt 

Oh my look at all that stuff ~ and it is all what is inside the eggs that you are looking for at the Land of Rainbows Easter hunt ~ the cute egg sphere lights in Yellow & Pink Bows are from “sources” and yes they light up, from Consignment is the Egg Chair with lights that has both single and couples poses, the Welcome Easter Bunny is from Chez Moi and it will be gracing the front of my house to say welcome to friends as well as the neon Happy Easter sign that [Kres] has in their egg, ~ASW~ egg has that gorgeous The Ostara Painting Cart, the Spring Blooms chair with the tulips is from DUVET DAY ~ the Spring Brunch cuddle blanket and the basket of tulips with wine is from uKindness and yes the blanket also has some nice single and couple poses in it for you to enjoy your Easter picnic…The Artist Shed’s prize when you crack open that egg you will find the most adorable bird house and sitting next to it with the animated chick and basket of flowers is from TLC *so cute huh* ~ IronCraft egg is hiding that bunny helmet you see sitting on the blanket and the clock with the tulips is from Granola ~ fantastic prizes and all yours when you find those eggs ~ as you walk around the sim and yes the eggs are ALL OVER the sim as you must hike along the paths, hop over water to find the eggs ~ they are in plain sight so don’t worry as there are not hints given.  The sim is gorgeous so your walkabout will be an enjoyable one.  Over 60+ designers some well known some are new that I will be giving the main store LM’s below so you can hop over there as well and check what else they offer…Again many thanks to Land of Rainbows for giving me the opportunity to blog this event ~ hugzz ♥

Easter egg hunt advertisement full size
Land of Rainbows 

Rides to Main Stores 

sources“, [Con.], Granola, IronCraft, uK, TLC, The Artist Shed, Chez Moi, [DD], [Kres], ~ASW~ 

Please remember to respect other hunters and if you do not like something please just keep it to yourself ~ thanks hugzz and stick around for more stuff ♥♥

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