Do you…

7 deadly s{K}ins ~ Valentyna 

Today is a dreary day and got me to thinking ummm ok I actually do think at times about things ~ like how many actually read profiles and not just look at them but take the time to read whats in their picks ~ some are quite entertaining, some express who they are and what they want in SL ~ some well sadly some are just blank and that makes me at times wonder behind the reasons ~ is it because they never know what to put in or is it because they are just not caring if anyone reads theirs or something else…if I am somewhere with Dena and waiting on her I will glance around and starting reading people’s profiles and yes I do that a lot in groups as well ~ I at times learn so much about that person that maybe I might even send them an IM commenting on something I read…if they have a blog or flickr I will go check them out and follow them if the blog is interesting and the images are good ~ SL has truly some great writers and photographers that truly am in awe of ~ so much that I can spend hours looking at images and reading blogs and that to me is a huge compliment on all ~ oh there are some that I do chuckle at going hey I know exactly how you are feeling, or I can sympathize on the pain that are feeling too ~ and Flickr is amazing in itself all those images that am like going WOW how did they do that or some that stack multiple images in one post that I just rather not take the time to open and yes makes me lazy but for me give me one good image and I will go check out your page and either follow you or I won’t but multiple images on the main flickr site just doesn’t work for me ~ again that is my own feelings ~ also at times in their profiles you just might find something new ~ possibly a store, or a place that they give the LM and you go excited to check it out ~ profiles are so interesting, which could be due to the fact that am curious and nosy…kind of makes you wonder what would their RL profile say about them or even myself and do you think everyone would take time to make one ~ doubt it as RL is hectic and for the most part 75% would never go for it…but its SL so stop ~ take a moment ~ and be a little curious about who you might be standing next to you just might learn something new ♥♥

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